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    Top 5 Wholesome Online Grocery Stores in Malaysia

    Being healthy has never gone out of style but of late, people have generally been more in tuned with their health and wanting to have a better, healthier life.

    If you’re one who is in the “healthy food mode”, Healthworks.my have come up with a great list for wholesome online grocery stores in Malaysia. And if you’re too tired to cook, we have that covered too. Check out our Top 7 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Klang Valley as they will change the way you order your next take out. So now, you’ve best of both choices – eating in by cooking the good healthy produce you’ve bought online or eating in the take out way via healthy food deliveries. Eating healthily has never gotten so easy!

    Being busy is something a lot of us are accustomed to. And if you find that you don’t have the time to shop for groceries, don’t worry as there is a solution here.

    Healthworks have listed the Top 5 Wholesome Online Grocery Stores in Malaysia:

    Grocery shopping. Some people adore it, some people abhor it.

    Like it or not, there’s no doubt that it’s time consuming. Driving to the shop, finding parking, going through the aisles to pick out the stuff you need, then proceeding to the long line at the cashier, packing things into your car, then back home again. That easily takes up more than two hours.

    When we talk about organic, free range produce, that’s even more difficult to attain. You will be hopping around town trying to find free range chickens, organic veg, and have no time left to kick back and relax.

    For those of you who love cooking but dislike the whole grocery shopping process, you’ll be happy to know that there are efficient and wholesome grocery delivery services here in Malaysia. And these are but a few of our favourite online grocery stores which focuses on health:

    1.  Little Green Planet

    Little Green Planet supplies fresh veggies and fruits from their very own organic farm as well as several other groceries you need in your daily life like oat and soy products, sauces and seasonings, noodles and pasta etc. They also do veggie boxes where you’ll get freshly harvested veggies delivered to your doorstep weekly for a rather affordable rate (from RM35 a week).

    • Delivery area coverage: RM12 within the Klang Valley, free delivery if you order the veggie boxes (in the Klang Valley only).
    • Website: Little Green Planet

    2. Green Chicken

    As the name probably explains, these chickens get to enjoy running around open fields of green, feeding off fresh organically grown veggies. They’re allowed to grow into adult size without artificial growth enhancers or antibiotics, which makes them much happier chickens compared to the industrial broiler farm chickens. These guilt-free chickens aren’t all that unaffordable either! You get a whole free range chicken for RM28, and a whole free range duck for RM36. These are deep frozen to preserve quality and shipped to you in a specially-designed box which keeps it frozen for at least 6 hours.

    • Delivery area coverage: free delivery to PJ, Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Damansara Heights, and Bangsar, other areas in the Klang Valley are charged RM5.
    • Website: Green Chicken

    3. TM Organic Farms

    These awesome guys harvest organic veggies from their farm and deliver them to you in a box. They also deliver organic fruits, free range chicken and eggs, as well as fresh, no-preservative milk. What you’re getting each week is a surprise, because TM Organic Farms chooses what’s fresh and seasonal at the moment, but don’t worry as they have a well-updated Facebook page explaining what these veggies are, along with cooking tips! Prices range from RM25 (for a month of free range eggs) to RM480 for a month of large veggie boxes (that will feed up to 6 people each week).

    • Delivery area coverage: Free delivery to most areas in the Klang Valley
    • Website: TM Organic Farms

    4.  Freshcart

    If you don’t like veggie / fruit boxes and prefer mixing and matching your own fresh produce, Freshcart is the answer. To the Freshcart crew, the freshness of the produce is the number 1 priority. They offer a different selection of fruits and veggies each week as they pick out only the crème de la crème of the fresh produce world. You can be sure you won’t be getting any rotten apples when you order from them! Freshcart is fairly new to the scene, but so far they’ve been getting raving reviews for the tip top condition of their deliveries, as well as their affordable prices.

    • Delivery area coverage: Most areas in the Klang Valley. Refer to their FB info page. Deliveries are free for orders above RM70. RM7 fee applies for orders below.
    • Website: Their website Freshcart.com.my is slated to go up in January 2015, and for now the business runs on their pretty Facebook page.

    5. Organic4u.com.my

    This is an online store that caters to all your organic dry grocery needs. They sell everything from bread and biscuits, baby products, to body and skincare items. They used to do veggie boxes as well, but the service has been put on hold for the moment.

    • Delivery area coverage: Both West and East Malaysia.
    • Website: Organic4u.com.my

    This article was brought to you by www.healthworks.my, Malaysia’s leading health community.

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    World’s Weirdest Festivals

    You know what? We are fun. We humans, that is. And sometimes, we can be just that bit weird.

    The world can be incredibly interesting if you really think about it. Sure, there are several issues if not countless things that are wrong and yes, things can always be better. Instead of worrying about things, let’s check out the fun weird side of our world for a change.

    Here are the World’s Weirdest Festivals:

    January – Europe’s Largest Fire Festival

    Up Helly Aa, St Ninian’s Isle, Scotland: On the last Tuesday of January, St Ninian’s Isle is host to Europe’s largest  fire festival. People come weearing full Viking regalia. And they don’t do things by halves here. Men will light torches and march through the towns because Winter is bleak and there just isn’t enough rampaging these days.

    February – Nudists and Oranges

    Battle Of Oranges, Ivrea, Italy: This is a massive fruit-based food fight then the Battle Of Oranges. If you’re into food fights, this one will be a revelation to you!

    Hadaka Matsuri, Okayama, Japan: Fancy joining 9,000 naked blokes and being purified in temple waters for luck? Why not.

    March – Sheep Shearing

    Golden Shears, Masterton, New Zealand: Wool is the pride of New Zealand, and to celebrate this, they have divided a competition out of sheep shearing. It’s a shear-abration.

    April – Water Guns and Baby Tears

    Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand: Between the 13th and 15th of April, the Thais have a huge water festival. If you like things wet, wander the streets in Thailand and you can spray each other with water as much as you want. And get away with it.

    Naki Sumo, Tokyo, Japan: In this competition, two sumo wrestlers stand dancing each other holding new born children. The goal is to make your competitor’s child cry. Didn’t think that they needed to dance to do so as we thought the sight of them would be enough to make these babies cry!

    May – Skulls and Cheese

    Day Of Skulls, La Paz, Bolivia: In Bolivia, May 5th is the official day for clearing out all of your deceased relatives’ skulls because these items bring a totally different vibe to your home.

    Cheese Rolling, Cooper’s Hill, England: Nothing like a nice summer day rolling cheese down a hill. Right?!

    June – Jumping Over Babies As The Devil

    El Colacho, Castrillo De Murcia, Spain: Since the 15th Century, a man has dressed up as the devil at some point during June and has then jumped over babies to cleanse them of evil spirits. True story.

    July – Mud and Wife-Carrying

    Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong, South Korea: Bathing in mud. That is all the festival is about but who can say no to a mud face and body pack?

    Wife-Carrying Championship, Sonkajarvi, Finland: Participants must carry a wife (not even necessarily their own) around an obstacle course in the fastest possible time. Romantic much?

    August – Tomato Fight!

    La Tomitina, Bunol, Spain: It seems that us humans like our food fights so much so that it’s become an annual festival. In this annual festival, an estimated 40 metric tons of tomatoes are squashed and then thrown about in Bunol, Spain.

    September – Frogs

    Rayne Frog Festival, Louisiana, USA: A frog-based festival held on Labour Day in Louisiana.

    November – Monkey Buffet

    Monkey Buffet Festival, Lopburi, Thailand: Thankfully, the monkeys aren’t actually part of the buffet, just in case you were about to report them to PETA. It’s about us humans preparing a feast for these creatures and letting them feast on it!

    December – Night Of The Radishes

    Noche De Rabanos, Oaxaco, Mexico: Carving radishes is the aim of the game in this festival, the prize is a picture in the local paper. And it’s life long recognition. What more could one possibly want.

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    5 Ways To Flirt Better

    We already know you know how to flirt. But these tips will help turn your seductive ways up a notch and hopefully, get you to that next stage with your special someone.

    According to Wikipedia, the explanation of flirting is this: Flirting or coquetry is a social and sometimes sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another, suggesting an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person.

    What is it about flirting? What is it that makes the beginnings of getting to know someone you like even more special? Well, for one thing, flirting clearly shows interest in the other person and if the flirting is reciprocated, that’s even better and it also shows you that he’s clearly keen on taking it a little further.

    Most of us know how to flirt but how to flirt better? That is an art. Flirting is a combination of things where body language is combined with wit, humour and niceties are wrapped up all into one.

    Here are 5 Ways To Flirt Better:

    1. Put Away Your Phone
    Self-explanatory. Actually, look up at the world and at the person in front of you—it’s kind of pretty sometimes. Give your full attention to the person you’re with. That in itself is a turn on as it shows you’re really interested in them and in you giving them your full attention, it says that they matter and the time you are spending with that person is exclusive. So, put away the tablet, phone or computer once in a while.

    2. Speak Up
    Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation face-to-face. One of the best things that a lot of men like is confidence. Brave up and be aware of people around you instead of your what’s going on your phone. A lot of people have terrible table manners and even basic communication etiquette these days. It is rude to be on your phone or check your phone often when you’re with someone or with friends, even worse when it’s with a date!

    To avoid being rude or looking like you are rude, leave the social media updates for later and concentrate on the conversation at hand with your date. Talk to each other. Get to know each other. Through proper conversation, it really connects you with that person and flirting will just come naturally.

    3. Smile
    There’s nothing better than a genuine smile. A smile that goes right to your eyes. A real smile will go a long way in keeping your outlook positive, and it can have the ripple effect on the people around you. Happy people want to connect with other happy people. It’s only natural as there is a pull that you’ll have with each other.

    And you know what? Just because you smiled at someone who happens to already have a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean your smile was wasted. You could have just made someone’s day. Your face is a lot prettier when it’s got a smile on it. Trust us.

    4. Hold Their Gaze
    “I love looking into people’s eyes, but you don’t want to stare—that can make people uncomfortable or give a false sense of intimacy,” she says. “Trust me, I’ve done it and plenty of people have asked me, ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ [Instead, master] the art of the glance. Three times is a charm if you want to let someone know you are interested.”

    5. Practice Makes Perfect
    Be your confident, sexy, smiley self around everyone. We promote smiling and connecting with everyone. It will make it easier if you have gotten out of your comfort zone with the people you are not interested in romantically when you meet someone you really want to flirt with. Or with someone whom you really like and want to take it further.

    Don’t you scoff at this list! Because let us tell you that these tips do work and although not everyone will find that these will work for you, it is definitely a helping hand when you’re next with someone you’re keen on.

    Do the things you need to do to feel good, and pass along the good vibes to as many people as you can. Misery begets misery, so leave that at the door. Happiness and positiveness is the way to go. Exude these positive vibes and hopefully, love will come. Happy flirting!

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    10 Signs That He’s Falling For You

    Falling in love is a wonderful thing that everyone should hopefully get to experience at some point in their lives. However, love can also be a rather complicated thing and one can get mixed signals at times.

    So, to make it hopefully less complicated, we came up with 10 signs that show he’s falling for you:

    1. He goes out of his way for you

    Men in general like things simple and uncomplicated and they also like to take shortcuts to things.

    So does your guy go out of his way for you? Go that extra mile just to make you happy or goes to get you something you wanted but you didn’t have time to get it? If so, it’s a good sign that he cares for you and is starting to have deeper feelings for you.

    2. He makes time for you

    If you’re dating someone, it’s only natural that you’d want to be with them as often as possible because you enjoy spending time with them.

    So instead of going out with his friends and when he chooses instead to go out with you, especially if it means he’s missing out on doing one of his hobbies (missing that football match is a big deal, ladies) or that he’s carving time out specially for you in his busy schedule, it shows he’s giving you first priority and that he may very well be falling for you.

    3. He smiles at you

    Yes, everyone smiles but when a man likes someone, the smile is a little different. You can tell if it’s a flirty smile or if it’s a cheeky smile. And you can also tell if it’s a caring type of smile. Does his eyes light up when he smiles at you? Because if he does, that definitely is a very good sign.

    4. He can talk to you for a long time

    Men do not like to “talk things through” when they are upset. Some men don’t even like to talk at all, and when faced with that notion of having to talk, some run a mile!

    However, when they do find someone they like and enjoy spending time with them, things change. They open up and talk more. So if you notice that special someone you’re dating has longer chats with you, it’s a tell-tale sign that he’s into you.

    5. He gives you gifts

    Ok, so quite a lot of people give gifts to other people and it may not be anything to take special note of. However, if a man gives you a gift and he also shows a number of the signs mentioned here, it’s very likely that you may have found yourself a significant other. And the more special or symbolic the gift, the more you mean to him.

    6. He takes you out on a date and often asks you to choose the type of date to go on

    Going out for a date is one thing. But if he not only takes you out for a meal but asks if there is anywhere specific you’d like to go to or what you’d like to do (especially if it also means watching a chick flick or going to some musical which he has no interest in), it means that he wants you to have a good time with him and that your comfort and enjoyment matters to him.

    And frankly, if he is willing to sit through things which are of no interest to him but is doing it for you anyway, it really shows that you’ve got a special place in his heart.

    7. He sends you messages for no reason other than to say hi

    Not every man likes sending messages to people to say hi. It’s not really a done thing with most men. In fact, most men are quite straight to the point types and thus, they don’t message anyone just to say hi but rather, if they do message someone, it is specifically for a purpose.

    So if he’s sending you a message just to say hi, just to see how you’re doing or just to wish you goodnight, you can be sure that you’re on the right track to something special.

    8. He trusts you and you trust him in return

    Trust your gut instinct when it comes to your feelings, especially who you can trust and who you cannot trust. Trust is essential in any relationship and friendship.

    If both of you trust each other and start to share important details of your life with each other, it shows that the person is willing to invest in you and that the person trusts you enough to share part of their life with you. Trust is a must-have in every relationship.

    9. He doesn’t act like he owns or controls you

    When a man starts to dictate on what he wants you to do, how he wants you to dress or that he wants to control things in your life, that my friends, is NOT love. That is a clear sign of trouble because it shows obsession. Being in a controlling relationship never has happy endings so be careful not to fall into this trap as some people fall into it easily without them realising it.

    If the man acts that he does not control you, and tells you to do what you want except dating other men, it means that he wants exclusivity with you.

    10. You can just tell

    When a man is starting to fall in love with you, ladies, you can just tell! The way he looks at you, the way he speaks with and to you, the way he walks with you, the small gestures of affection shown to you, just about everything is different when he’s with you compared to other people.

    And when you start to see these signs, it’s quite definite that he’s starting to fall for you.

    These are good signs that your man is starting to be serious about you. Chances are high if he fits into some, if not all the signs mentioned here. It shows that he may be starting to fall in love with you. Hopefully, he’ll be in it with you for the long haul too.

    For earlier signs on whether he’s interested in you, we’ve got some good tips here.

    And if you’re not sure if your man is falling for you, here are 10 signs to show you that he’s into you.

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    5 Ways To Help Make Love Last

    We all love someone and truly, that is one of the best feelings of all. But how do we continue to ensure that we make that love last? It take two to tango as some say. But in order for things to work and to continue to grow in love, it takes a conscious effort.

    What is love? People have different definitions of it. Love can be a variety of feelings, state of minds and attitudes that can range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.  It can also be a strong emotional connection and a personal attachment to someone.

    Whatever it is, all of us have experienced love in some way and frankly, to us, it’s one of the best things in life – to be loved by someone.

    Here are 5 Ways To Help Make Love Last :

    1. Fondness and admiration – don’t let romance die out because a little can go a long way.

    A happy couple stays together. And they exude their happiness in different ways. They share their lives with each other and do it with warmth, mutual respect and deep affection for each other.

    They also pay attention to each other, never neglecting the other. And in paying attention to their partner, fondness and admiration comes in naturally.

    2. There is no “I” in “Team” – in unity, couples can go the long distance.

    Happy couples tend to do everything together and often refer to themselves as “we”, not really focusing on the “I” factor in the relationship. That partnership that they have is quite palpable. It can be a little irritating if you’re one of those couples that do everything together but there’s something to be said of that. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t say “we” a lot means that your relationship sucks.  Because there are all kinds of relationships and many find various ways to make things work.

    Every relationship is different. The couples that do stay together are focused on the “we” and not the “I” part. And in doing so, they make it work together as a team.

    3. Knowing your partner – it shows love in more than ways than one by knowing them better.

    How well do you know your partner? And do we care enough to get to really know them well? So you don’t know what type of hair conditioner she uses or what kind of razors he likes to get and that’s not that big a deal. But it does goes to show the attention that you pay to little details in your partner’s life. Love is not all a bed of roses and champagne, it’s also about the little practical things in life. Pay attention or you’ll get the “You don’t even know me” complaint!

    Knowing what makes each other tick, what matters to your partner, what saddens him or her or what really makes them happy can make a big difference in your relationship. Couples who don’t get to know their partners will eventually lose sight of their partner and of their lives together, making them drift apart. So take the time to get to know each other. You’ll see that it’s worth the effort.

    4. Strength comes from adversity – don’t allow things to breakdown that relationship.

    Couples who don’t pull together in times of hardship or don’t learn together from negative experiences will find it hard for their relationship to go the long haul. There’s no sense of unity and without unity in any relationship, there won’t be a happy ending. People go through all sorts of life experiences, good and bad. In love, we share the good and bad together. Hence, why strength comes from adversity.

    Happy couples will find strength and also a sense of pride of making it through together (not in the snobbish sense but it’s sense of achievement we’re talking about). They’ll be able to steer their own course together with better direction and continue to aim and aspire for better things together. How one turns a tough situation into a positive lesson is key in relationship health. It’s not easy but that’s also part of the love journey, to be in it together through the good times and the bad.

    5. Disappointment vs. satisfaction – learn to recognise the signs before it’s too late

    When couples go through rocky times and are at the danger of separating, at least one of them, if not both of them will have multiple complaints and disappointments about the relationship. When disappointments are not expressed to the other, there is a major communication breakdown in the relationship.

    Open communication between partners is vital to maintain a healthy relationship. Reviewing disappointments should not be seen as a criticism but rather, look at it as a check point in seeing what one can learn from it so it can progress forward. Through that, disappointment can be resolved more easily and hopefully, satisfaction will come through. Open the door for communication. True love stands the test of time and disappointments.

    Relationships are a complicated thing. But it also can be a beautiful thing. Rifts can be undone but it takes work. Early intervention can help work things out. Don’t be afraid to talk it out.

    Ok, so it can be sometimes a pain to “have that talk” but really, if you love someone, you’ll be willing to go the distance. Great things take times and effort. A lot of us do so well at so many things, why not make the success of our relationship the best life achievement we’ve ever done.

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    5 Essential Safety Tips For Drivers

    Have you mastered the most important driving safety tips?

    As sad and devastating as it may be, it can’t be denied that news of accidents on the roads come on a daily basis. What’s even more devastating is the fact that many of these incidences can be avoided – as long as you practice proper safety tips while driving.

    Keep the car, your passengers, and yourself safe with these important safety tips below.

    1. Car Maintenance

    Driving tips are not always about when you’re on the road, it actually starts at home (or in the workshop). When was the last time you changed the oil? How about filling up the tires?

    Keeping your car in top form will reduce your risks on the road, so make sure you send your car in for service maintenance on time.

    2. Know Your Limits

    Before you embark on a drive, especially if it’s a lengthy one, ask yourself these questions:

    • How are you feeling?
    • Have you gotten enough sleep?
    • Did you have something to drink?

    Point is, if there is any indication that your driving might be impaired, think twice before going behind the wheel.

    3. Full Concentration

    No texting, no going on Twitter, don’t put on your make up, etc. Driving is actually not an easy task and requires your full attention; which is why it is important to keep your hands on the wheels and eyes on the road the entire time you’re driving.

    4. Child Safety

    Be it moving around or shouting, don’t allow children to make too much of a commotion in your car. One accidental bump or too much noise can distract you from concentrating on driving.

    Children should be buckled in their seats at all times, and more importantly, dangerous situations like hands sticking out the window should be avoided.

    5. Insure Your Car

    Last but not least, make sure you have the right motor insurance for your car. You can also opt to have additional coverage for windscreen and special perils such as flood to be included into the package.


    This article is brought to you by Etiqa, the Insurance & Takaful arm of Maybank Group

    Etiqa’s Comprehensive Private Car Insurance insures:

    • Windscreen Cover: Protects against breakage of glass in your car’s windscreen or window.
    • Car Accessories Cover: Protects against loss or damage to specific accessories.
    • Public Disorder Cover: Protects against loss or damage to your car caused by strike, riot or civil commotion.

    For information on the Etiqa Comprehensive Private Car Insurance, please call Etiqa Oneline at 1300 13 8888 or refer to this website.


    The information contained in this article should only be used for general information. Statements and opinions expressed in articles, reviews and other materials herein are those of the authors.

    While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt made to present up-to-date and accurate information, Etiqa Insurance & Takaful cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Etiqa Insurance & Takaful will not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within these pages or any information accessed through this site.

    All copyright and trademarks accessible via the links from venusbuzz.com are owned by the respective website owners, or their licensors.

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    10 Hot Tips To Help You Keep Your Cool In The Heat

    Weather is getting to you? We feel you!

    The fact that El Nino is not really here yet and the current hot spell has left us running for shelter, only means we’ll need to brace ourselves for the full blown effects in the days to come. The intense heat and humidity will make it hard to sit still and not curse away. But let’s keep our cool, shall we?

    Read on for some tried and tested ways to be as cool as cucumber in this heat!

    Choose cotton

    It is without doubt clothing will play an important role in keeping us cool during this heatwave. Forget satin, silk and polyester for a while and go for lightweight cotton that is breathable and good for promoting ventilation plus airflow.

    Freeze it

    You know those face wipes and masks you have lying at home, stick them into the fridge for a few minutes before usage. This won’t keep you cool for long but at least it will provide a brief respite from heat and humidity.

    Take tepid not cold shower

    Although it might sound more tempting to stand under a cold shower, the thing is your body generates heat afterwards to compensate for the heat loss. So take a tepid shower just below body temperature, especially before bedtime.

    Break up your meals

    Ever noticed how you feel hot after a big meal? That’s because the larger the meal, the more metabolic heat your body produces to break down the food. So eat small meals and eat more often. Avoid high protein meals as it increases metabolic heat.

    Cold comfort

    A hot water bottle may be good for cold days but in this hot weather, it can be a portable ice pack. Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes and use it whenever you need to relax. You can also use rice/bean compress for the same purpose.

    Icy fan

    Now, we’re not suggesting freezing the blades of your fan but if you have a standing fan, place a shallow bucket of water with ice in front of it. Instead of blowing hot air around, you’ll get nice chilly breeze and create a good airflow.

    Pamper your pulses

    Want to cool down stat? Apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, groins and behind the knees. This will help you to bring down the core temperature in your body within minutes.

    Cold feet

    Our toes are pretty sensitive to temperature because there are lots of pulse points in the feet and ankles. Cool down the whole body by dipping feet in cold water anytime throughout the day and especially before sleeping.

    Hydrate yourself

    It is important to maintain good hydration throughout the day during this period as you’ll be losing a lot of water through sweat. Drink a glass of water before bed; all those tossing and turning at night can result in dehydration.

    Turn off the lights

    This is pretty obvious – light bulbs give off heat. So use as minimal light as you can in the evening. Cool down a whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window so the breeze blowing in can bring down the room’s temperature.

    via Greatist, Daily Mail UK, MNN

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    7 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts For 7 Kinds Of Dads

    Dad’s a special guy — so it’s best to pamper him during the upcoming Father’s Day!

    But given the fact that time waits for no man, and that you barely even know what day today is, it’s pretty understandable if you missed out on the memo that Father’s Day is this weekend (June 16, 2014).

    Worry not though, the VenusBuzz.com team is here to save you the stress and last minute panicking! If you haven’t gotten dad a gift and think that treating him to a manly meal is not enough, here are a few gifts to consider.

    For The Fun Dad

    For the father figure that’s actually a big kid at heart, consider getting him this bad boy – the BoomCo Blaster.

    Coming in a variety of designs, this cool gizmo has just reached Malaysian shores and is ready to give dull times a blast of fun. Also take into account that this is indirectly a gift for yourself too  The BOOMco.™ blasters can be bought from major toy retailers like Toys R Us and AEON.

    For The Clean Cut Dad

    If papa is a metrosexual and dapper fellow, then getting him something to upgrade his daily regime would be a great idea. We personally recommend L’occitane’s range of skincare as they are all natural and smell great. Plus, we also like the fact that the brand now lets you shop online for their goods – meaning you get to skip the hustle and bustle of malls! Browse through L’occitane’s online catalogue here.

    For The Business Dad

    Give your businessman dad’s wardrobe an upgrade by getting him some nifty cufflinks! He doesn’t have anything to accommodate cufflinks? It’s okay – get him a few shirts too!

    For The Football-Loving Dad

    You’re in luck if dad enjoys the beautiful game — because stores are filled with World Cup merchandises at the moment! Take your pick between his favourite team’s jersey, a replica of the ‘Brazuca’ ball or even something from Adidas Battle Pack collection (if he plays); there’s bound to be something for your football-loving father.

    For The Travelling Dad

    For he who is always on the go, protective gear for his prized possessions will be highly appreciated; which is why we suggest the T-1211 Collection from Targus.

    Whether it’s for his tablet or laptop, this new range is made from comfortable materials and comes with water-resistant exterior, as well as non-scratch interior lining. Thus, making sure that his gadgets are travel ready for work, leisure or even everyday commute.

    The T-1211 Collection is available at Thunder Match Technology, Foto Flash, Gadget Zone and selected retailers nationwide.

    For The Adventurous Dad

    If you have not heard, there’s a new recreational park in town — a place of fun that’s perfect for fathers who need a little bounce in their life!

    Jump Street Trampoline Park at Seksyen 13, PJ is THE place to bring dad and the family for a memorable Father’s Day. Just make sure that he’s fit for all the fun and activities in stored. For more details on this new trampoline playground, click here.

    ‘I Don’t Know What Kind Of Dad Is My Dad!’

    Though this might seem that hardest, it actually isn’t. Truth is, regardless of what kind of personality or hobbies your dad has, he just wants to know that he is on your mind. So make your weekend free, cook or book a nice meal, get ready a good movie or two and spend some quality time with him and the family – we’re sure that this is enough to warm his heart.

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    If Pokemon Were Real…

    What if Nintendo’s cuddly creatures were more than just Gameboy games and anime shows?

    If you’re anything like us, you’d most probably have a profound love for Pokemon. Nonetheless, as much as we’d like to have a first-hand experience with this amusing world (e.g. cuddling a Jigglypuff!), we’ve come to realize that certain things are best left to our imagination…

    Just take a look at these images below and we’re pretty sure that you’d get our point.














    Source: Buzzfeed

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    5 Best Foods For Breakfast

    Nothing like the right food to kickstart the day!

    Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, picking the right kind of food also plays a big role. In case you need some convincing, studies prove that those who take in breakfast as their biggest meal of the day have been shown in having a reduced appetite, successful weight loss, and better cholesterol!

    That in mind, below are some some suggestions on what to have for breakfast.

    Hearty ‘Big Breakfasts’ 

    High-protein food such as eggs and sausages help reduce hunger pangs throughout the morning, as well as the amount of calories we eat for lunch. This is why a typical big breakfast plate with a good amount of protein, some carbohydrates and a little fat makes for a great breakfast choice.

    Cereal and Milk

    A recent study shows that children and teens who have cereal with milk for breakfast take in more of several vitamins and minerals (e.g. vitamins A, D, calcium and iron) compared to those who have other types of breakfasts. However, while loading up on cornflakes is encouraged, it is also recommended that you opt for healthier and non-sugary versions.

    Yogurt, Fruits and other High-Fibre Food

    While high-fibre foods are an integral part of a healthy balanced diet, it is apparent that some of us are not getting enough fibre in our diets. That said, having a cup of yogurt or a few slices of fruit in the morning can help increase the intake of this healthy food component. For more benefits of fibre, click here.


    A warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning is one of the most delicious ways to lowering your blood cholesterol as well as shedding some pounds. Consider combining nuts, fruits or even cocoa powder (milo) into your bowl for added nutritional value and taste.

    Chocolate Cake

    Did you know that having a high-caloric breakfast can help you lose weight? We kid you not — a Tel Aviv study shows that those who consume big breakfast on a regular basis get far fewer sugar cravings throughout the day. Read all about it here as you munch on your favourite dessert.

    Read Also: Simple and Healthy Breakfast Recipes!