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    6 Cool Things That You Can Buy at DESIGNation.Co

    Beautifully pieces by local talent all in one place! What more if you could peruse and shop these items online. Well now you can with DESIGNation.Co!Here are 6 cool things you can buy at DESIGNation.Co

    1. Leather Watch Roll by Convoy Co

    Convoy Co is all about durable goods made ith integrity. This leather watch roll made with high quality leather form New Zealand, can fit up to 4 watches and added accessories. It’s also available in Black and Grey.

    2. Random Bean’s Baymax Coffee Table

    This intriguing coffee table is a beautiful center piece for any room. Made with high quality materials, the Baymax Coffee table by Random Bean is a definite cool buy.

    3. Repleat Co’s Large Origami Bag

    A beautiful and interesting bag by Repleat Co. The Origami bag bridges the gap between functionality and design.  Design to be powerful to wear and allow the world to see you.

    4. Cuts Studio’s Dr. Seuss Engraved Quote Block

    A fun and unique item to have, this block is engraved by a really cool quote by Dr. Seuss, and who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss. Hang it on the wall and smile every time you see it.

    5. Riumz Biosphere Terrarium Steps

    An incredible amount of work and craft when into making this beautiful terrarium. And it looks amazing.

    6. Vertical Sphere’s 3-Legged Pipe Desk Lamp

    Industrial styling are always cool and this little pipe desk lamp is perfect to add that little bit of style to you desk space.

    ABOUT DESIGNation.Co

    DESIGNation.Co is a retail store with a great concept. They support only local designers and want to help these talented people to reach their audience. But not just any designer is picked up by DESIGNation.Co, they carefully curate from only the best artistry and craftsmanship to offer the best to the public.

    Carrying items for Home Decor, Furniture, Stationary and Accessories. The retail brand has some well crafted products to offer.

    Founder and Curator of DESIGNation.Co Michelle Alice Tan tells us that there are certain key points that they look for when curation for the retail outlet. She says that they must be “Malaysia, the designs need to be original, and the products must be of high quality.”

    “DESIGNation is an incubation and retail platform for local independent designers. What sets us apart is that we are the pioneers in Malaysia to promote only local designers. Our main aim is to create high-level international standard products. So essentially, we don’t just curate and sell local products but we also invest in local designers to create new products.” – Michelle Alice Tan, Founder and Curator of DESIGNation.Co

    The list of designers that they carry is nothing short of superb. With high quality products that truly showcase the highly skilled and talented designers and speaks to the uniqueness of DESIGNation.Co

    Michelle Alice Tan also shares with us that DESIGNation.Co hopes to “uplift and improve the quality of design in Malaysia to meet international standards”, and “to encourage the public to value good design”. Taking a step further in doing their part for the local economy they also hope to “enable the local creative economy to flourish. To tackle creative brain drain in Malaysia”.

    DESIGNation.Co’s vision of uplifting and improving the quality of local designs is already well on its way being backed by designers such as Wood&Steel, Nala Designs, Kedai Bikin, HWA and many more, already producing amazing quality pieces.

    They also just celebrated the 1st year Anniversary of DESIGNation.Co this past 16th September 2015 (on Malaysia Day!). And is currently having a sale that you simply have to check out, here.

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    Family Bonding Is Top Priority During Ramadan

    Ramadan is upon us and a recent poll taken by Rakuten Malaysia found that bonding with the family is the biggest priority for Malaysian Muslims during Ramadan.

    The poll was conducted on 100 Malaysian Muslims which had some interesting findings. The poll found that 28% of the respondents listed “family bonding” as the most important element of Ramadan for them. This was followed by growing spiritually (24%) and having enough energy for their work or school activities (21%).

    However, the poll also found that respondents did not see certain things as a priority. For example, getting enough exercise (1%), getting adequate sleep (4%) and getting sufficient nutrition and hydration (9%) did not seem to be as important to the respondents. This is not necessarily good because a lack of all these things can have a significant impact on one’s physical well-being during Ramadan and even thereafter.

    1) Exercise can be made easier by doing it at home

    The poll found that 42% of respondents exercised less or less often during the fasting month compared with other periods, while 29% said they do not exercise at all – either during Ramadan or any other months.

    According to a review study published in the Journal of Fasting and Health by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, the optimal time for exercise during Ramadan is in the evening, about two to three hours after the breaking of fast. A separate study published in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine said there might be benefits to exercising in the evening, since iftar (the sunset meal) would partially compensate for the fluid and calorie deficits accumulated during fasting.

    To get more exercise, try exercising at home and at Rakuten, you’ll be able to check out their ample list of exercise and fitness equipment available online.
    2) Enhance the quality and quantity of sleep

    Sleep is as important as food and drink intake during fasting, as it helps reduce fatigue and restlessness. Recently, The World-Wide Sleep Index study showed that Malaysians have the shortest sleep durations, which isn’t doing any of us any favours long term. Almost half (48%) of respondents said they got less sleep during the fasting month compared to other days, with 55% of them sleeping five or fewer hours per day during Ramadan, versus just 22% during non-Ramadan months. This is far lower than the National Sleep Foundation’s average recommended duration of seven to nine hours for adults.

    It is important to improve sleep quality, you can get some tips here on how to get better sleep. If you would like to try sleep aids, then visit Rakuten and get aids such as the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband which monitors sleep quality and has a silent wake alarm for “sahur”.

    3) A family that eats (and cooks) together stays together

    We Malaysians enjoy eating together and a lot of the time, communal eating is something that we all do almost on a daily basis. With 42% of respondents preferring to have their iftar at home – in line with their priority on family bonding – staying close to loved ones while getting the right nutrition can be easily combined into one. Taking time to cook together and catching up with one another during “sahur” (pre-dawn meal) and “iftar” will provide ample opportunities for the family bond to grow stronger

    Cooking together, as well as baking together is a great bonding activity. Bond with your family and friends by making some cookies for Raya. If you don’t have any baking equipment, you’ll be able to get some easily with these endless choices, available online at Rakuten.

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    Best 5 Hiking Spots Around Klang Valley

    Sometimes when the weekend comes along, you just don’t know what to do and are just itching to do something. 

    The thing is, you’re fed up of malls, cafe hopping, cinemas and well, just had enough of what the city has to offer. This calls for a short weekend getaway. Perhaps an overnight trip is not suitable as you’ve too much to do and also, don’t have the time to plan an overnight trip.

    So, a day trip is the answer such as going to Sekinchan or even to Gopeng for something more adventurous. Both aren’t too far away and frankly, a great day out for you and the family or with a bunch of friends.

    Besides those day trip suggestions, here’s one which will get you active and get you out in the great outdoors. Getting fit is a great way to bond with your family and friends, but another fantastic bonus is that it’s a way improve your health and fitness.

    Check out these amazing locations around and outside the Klang Valley. They’ll also give you some awesome photos to post up on Instagram

    1. Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil

    Paya Indah Wetlands is ideal for those who don’t want to drive out too far. It’s located in Dengkil, just on the outskirts of Putrajaya. It’s known for its wonderland of flora and fauna. You can do a run or if you have a bike, you can cycle too. And if you don’t have a bike, the great thing is that there are bikes for rent. Perfect if you’re not up for lugging your bike around. There’s a 30km of trail through swamplands and bamboo forests – great for photo ops! If you’re into fishing, you can also try your hand at fishing there. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to grab a glimpse of the hippos and crocodiles! PS- don’t miss out on the crocodile feeding sessions.

    Fitness level: Beginners

    For more information, see the site here.

    2. Bukit Segar, Cheras

    Bukit Segar, aka Bukit Saga, Bukit Apek, Bukit Putih, is just off from Taman Cheras, or more specifically, Taman Segar Perdana. It’s a hill that’s higher than Bukit Gasing and if you’re looking for more of a challenge in hiking, this hill is the one to check out. The trails are clearly marked from Station One to Station Six. At Station Five, you can choose between hiking up to the peak at Station Six, or, if you’re up for it, you can try to conquer the steep descent to the Bukit Segar’s waterfall.

    For those who are wanting to climb Mount Kota Kinabalu, Bukit Segar is the perfect training ground for you. It’s not too far away from the city so the distance getting there won’t take up too much time. Ideal for city dwellers

    Fitness Level: Intermediate to advance

    For more information, see the site here.

    3. Broga Hills, Semenyih

    Now, if you’ve yet to hear about Broga Hills, it’s located in an oil palm plantation in Semenyih. Famed for the ‘lalang’ that lines the trails (as seen in the photo above), it is the ideal place for hike and even do some sprint training, if you’re into that sort of thing. It has clear paths and three peaks and once you reach the highest peak (which is approximately 400m), you’ll be rewarded by breath-taking views of plantations, the rainforest, nearby communities, and mountains. If you can wake up to catch the sunrise here, you’ll be able to snap some beautiful photos.

    Fitness Level: Beginners to intermediate

    For more information, see the site here.

    4. Jeram Perius, Sungai Gabai Waterfalls, Hulu Langat

    JeramPerius is known for its waterfall and to get there, you’ll have to hike along a rather challenging trail. It is situated mildly deep into the jungles of Hulu Langat and it takes approximately 2.5 hours of trekking to get there. It’s also one of the tallest waterfalls in the area.For first-timers, it is advisable to engage an Orang Asli guide to get there. The last you want is to get lost in the many sidetracks in the trail. If you’re looking for a day out trekking enjoying the jungle followed by a picnic and then, having the waterfall all to yourself, Jeram Perius is highly recommended.

    Fitness level: Beginners to intermediate.

    For more information, see the site here.

    5. Bukit Kutu, Kampung Peretak, Kuala Kubu Bahru

    Bukit Kutu is well known to many hikers. It’s located in Kuala Kubu Bharu, approximately 80km away from Kuala Lumpur. So, not too far away for a day trip. You’ll pass through an Orang Asli settlement, and the trail continues with some streams, a huge overhanging rock, a former British colonial hill station and terrific panoramic views of the Titiwangsa range.

    Fitness level: Beginners to intermediate

    For more information, see the site here.

    So the next time you find yourself or someone close to you moaning about having nothing to do, hit up one of these trails and find yourself a waterfall or hiking trail to explore. It’s definitely a sure way to perk up your weekend!

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    Huawei Launches The New P8!!

    This is the era for mobile smartphones. Yesterday, the Chinese multinational electronics company, Huawei, has launched the P8 flagship smartphone in Singapore.

    The new Huawei P8 is set to take the mobile smartphone world by storm with the launch of the new flagship mobile phone. Innovative, creative, sleek, smart all rolled in one, it’s truly a beauty to behold.

    Along with the launch of the P8, Huawei also showcased a portfolio of their wearable devices which will be release later this year. From what we saw at the preview of thes wearable products such as the TalkBand N2, which also can work as a bluetooth headset and the TalkBand N1, bluetooth earphones and activity tracker. Excellent gadgets for fitness fans.

    We are particularly keen on the Huawei Watch, as from what we saw, it’s going to be an amazing piece with hopefully, a good price point. Richard Yu, the Chief Executive of Huawei consumer business group said that the Huawei Watch will be launched later this year, hopefully within the next 3 months.

    Yu also said that Southern Pacific is key part of their strategy to deepen and expand our presence in high growth potential markets. Huawei strives for excellence and to bring value to their customers. Thus, they’ll continue to invest more energies and resources into engaging their consumers.

    Huawei P8 Quick Specs:

    • 5.2 inch full-HD screen, 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • 144.9 x 72.1 x 6.4 mm
    • 13 MP rear and 8 MP front camera
    • 2680 mAh battery
    • Kirin 930 Octa-core 64-bit, 2 GHz chipset
    • 3 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM
    • Dual sim
    • Android 5.0 lollipop, Huawei EMUI 3.1
    • 3G, LTE connectivity

    The P8 has also some rather cool features. From the “Wake Up Plus” to help you locate your phone when you’ve misplaced it, to it being “spill resistant” which means your phone won’t get damaged should be you get caught with it in the rain – super handy for us living in tropical countries.

    It also has a feature where you can reduce the noise from the wind when you’re on the phone speaking with someone. Again, a useful feature in line with the brand’s philosophy about adding and bringing more value to the consumer.

    To celebrate the launch of the P8, Huawei has the special service called the P8 VIP Service:

    • One to One exchange (within 12 months)
    • Free delivery service
    • Free protective screen replacement – valid for ONE screen change for a broken screen (within 12 months)
    • warranty of 3 months for LCD screen warranty

    The P8 is priced at RM1,799.00. Competitively priced for what this nifty smartphone can do. You can register for it here.

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    Do You Know How to Pick A Durian And 16 Other Local Fruits?

    Lucky for us, Malaysia sits near the equator so we’re blessed with tropical weather year round. Because of the great weather, our fruit farmers can harvest an abundance of fruits throughout the year too! We all know how to eat our fruits, but do you know what to look out for if you want to pick the freshest and sweetest ones?

    Look and check for these signs when you are buying any of these local fruits so that you can tell whether the fruits are fresh and ripe before purchasing:

    Here’s a guide to help you pick the best fruits:

    1. Check the stem of the fruit, if it has one. You can tell whether the fruit is picked at the right timing from the stem:
      • Green stem with a slightly firm fruit = Ripe
      • Green stem with very hard fruit = Picked too soon and might be a little gritty when ripened
      • Shriveled dry stem = Overripe
    2. Use your senses such as your sight, touch and smell to help you decide. If you have a blocked nose, borrow your shopping buddy’s nose, and both of you can learn to pick fruits together!
    3. Buy fruits that are in season. That way, you know you are getting fruits that are at its peak. Though we have an ample supply of fruit throughout the year, seasonal fruit seasons are between June and August, and between November and February every year.
    4. If there’s mold on the fruit, you can choose to cut the moldy part away and you can still eat the rest, but you can also choose not to pick that fruit.
    5. Bright coloured fruits are a good but colour is not the most reliable way to tell a fruit’s ripeness.
    6. If there are a lot of bruises and spots on the fruit and it feels mushy, it shows that the fruit is roughly handled and might be spoiled.
    7. Hold the fruit near your nose and smell the fruit. If it smells a bit sweet then it is ripe, if it smells overly sweet then it is overripe.
    8. Lightly press on the flesh of the fruit to gauge the texture of the fruit inside. If it is dented at the slightest touch then it is overripe.
    9. Some fruits such as watermelon will feel heavier once it is ripe and it shows how juicy it is too so don’t be afraid to do some arm workouts when you are looking for the heaviest watermelon.

    Also, don’t forget that the recommended serving of fruits daily are 2 cups. You can chop your fruits up and use a measuring cup to measure for 1 cup of fruits or you can refer to this guide. One serving of:

    • Banana – A cup of chopped banana or 1 large whole
    • Mango/Guava/Dragonfruit – Half a fruit
    • Papaya/Pineapple/Watermelon – 1 small wedge (About 1 inch thick) or 1 cup diced
    • Mangosteen/Rambutan/Water Apple (Jambu Air) – 4 medium size
    • Jackfruit/Durian – 2 seeds
    • Duku / Langsat – 10 counts
    Contributed by: The Malaysian Dietitians’ Association

    This article was brought to you by www.healthworks.my, Malaysia’s leading health community.

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    Bruce Jenner Reveals Caitlyn To The World!

    Bruce Jenner first announced to the world of her transition to becoming a woman to Diane Sawyer in April this year.

    To say that it went viral is an understatement and the topic became the hot topic of just not her town, but around the world. During the time of the announcement, Jenner was still using masculine pronouns. Jenner also did not reveal her chosen name nor did she reveal when she would publicly appear as a woman.

    Today, the reveal has happened. Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner has made her first public appearance and has done so with aplomb. She did it by announcing to the world her new identity by appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair for July 2015. There is truly no better way to make an announcement!

    The cover photo is shot by renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz and she is really beautiful. The cover line says it all: “Call me Caitlyn.” Vanity Fair also launched a hashtag, #CallMeCaitlyn; which has already taken Twitter by storm, with a host of people showing their support for Caitlyn.

    Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner have stated their admiration and support for Caitlyn, along with others on social media.

    Jenner’s story in Vanity Fair is written by none other than Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights. Jenner said that she is finally free and no more living a lie. There are now no more secrets and said that as soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, she said “I’m free.” – strong words for a strong woman.

    Source: Daily Mail

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    Top 5 Trick Art Museums In Malaysia

    Trick art has never become more fun and it has literally brought art to the masses in a fun, interactive way.

    If you don’t know what trick art is all about, it’s also known as the ancient art of “tromple-l’oeil”, which in French means to deceive the eye. According to Wikipedia, it is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

    In some forms of trick art, it is also considered 3D art and the 3D factor is observed in terms of its height, width and depth. Sculpture, for example, is a form of three-dimensional art.

    There are many forms of 3D art and trick art. Some of the more popular trick art pieces can be found on the streets of Ipoh and Penang. Some of which you probably may have seen on your friends’ social media posts.

    Recently, trick art museums have grown in huge popularity. If you’ve not been to one, go pay a visit the nearest one to you and you’ll understand the fun, the hilarity and even, the wonder of it all. It may bring out the child in you! A great bonus is that you’ll get some terrific photos (not to mention conversation starters) out of it.

    Here are the Top 5 Trick Art Museums In Malaysia:

    1. Trick Art Museum, i-City, Shah Alam

    Trompe l’oeil has thrilled many people since this place opened at i-City in Shah Alam. Your eyes play tricks on your mind as the 2D paintings have been skillfully painted to make the art appear three dimensional. The museum boasts 8,000 square feet of space and has 2 floors of delights for you to explore.

    There are varying themes in this museum. The optical illusions are created by the clever painting of shadows and action outside the perimeter of the picture frames. The real fun comes in visitor participation in order for you to enjoy the full effect of the paintings (as shown below).

    Address: Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ, i-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

    Ticket price: RM10 per person

    Opening hours: 11am – 11pm

    Tel. no: 03-5521 8800/8494
    Website: www.i-city.my
    2. Magic Art Museum, Melaka

    One of the latest attractions to hit Melaka is the Magic Art 3 D Museum at the Bayou Lagoon Park Resort. This museum comprises of two floors and the art is well done and there are quite a lot of interesting exhibits to participate in. It’s best to go with two or more friends. The more the merrier when it comes to visiting trick art museums because some pieces look better with more people in it when you take a photo.

    They’ll tell you to take off your footwear before you go in, which isn’t too bad as some photos look better without footwear but we’ve never been asked to remove our footwear at other trick art museums so this may be off-putting for some others.
    Address: Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, Jalan Wakaf Utama, Bukit Katil, 75450 Melaka
    Ticket price: Currently, there is a special promotion for the entrance fees at RM15 for an adult and for a child / senior citizen, it’s RM12. The normal price is RM25.
    Opening hours : Mon-Thur : 9am – 7pm.   Fri – Sun, Eve Public & School Holiday : 9am – 9pm
    Tel. no: 06-2311604
    For more details, visit their Facebook page.
    3. 3D Trick Art Museum, Penang
    The museum was set up by six people consisting of interior designers, painters, sculptors and a mass media expert, which created Penang’s first pure hand-drawn 3D museum.
    This one isn’t as large as some of the others listed here, but it’s still a fun place to visit if you’re ever in Penang and looking for something fun to do. Some say that this museum is more suitable for kids but it is still a place which is fun and taking photos will definitely bring a smile to your face.
    Address: 10, Lebuh Penang, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
    Ticket price: Adults – RM15 (With MYKad), Children aged 12 and below / Senior Citizens – RM10. Foreigners – RM25
    Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm, Weekends & public holidays 9am – 9pm.
    Tel. no: 04-263 1628
    4. Kuso Trick Art Gallery, Johor Bahru

    If you’re ever in Johor Bahru and looking for something fun to do with the family, visit Kuso 3D Trick Art and prepare yourself to be entertained. Why is it called KUSO? On their website, they explain that the word “kuso” is a new term that has a double meaning, which can be to make fun of something or of someone or pertaining to anything hilarious and funny.

    It’s the first destination for 3D trick art in Johor Bahru filled with unique 3D paintings and interactive pieces. There’s something for everyone and it’s suitable for all ages.

    Address: 83 & 85 Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2, Taman Mount Austin,  81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.


    Ticket price: Adult / Child – RM18. Children ages 5 and below will not be charged ticket prices.


    Opening hours: Sun-Thu : 11am – 8pm,    Fri-Sat : 11am – 9pm.


    Tel. no: 07-358 7973


    Website: www.kuso3d.com.my


    5. Langkawi Art of Paradise 3D Museum

    This museum is the newest one to surface, opening earlier 31st of January this year. It’s the largest 3D art museum in Malaysia and it’s the second largest 3D art museum in the world. Located in Oriental Village in Langkawi (where the cable cars are), the museum has an exhibition space of nearly 2,000 square metres in a three-storey building. Large much? We think so!
    The museum is divided into nine zones covering optical illusion, aquarium, safari, interactive 1 and 2, fantasy, classic, Egyptian theme zone, ancient palaces and scenery as well as the Malaysian zone. It has more than 100 pieces of 3D paintings produced by 23 Korean artists in collaboration with local artists. Definitely a must-visit!
    Address: Art in Paradise Langkawi, Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Pantai Kok area
    Ticket price: Adult – RM38, Child – RM28. Family ticket for 2 adults & 2 children – RM120. Children of ages 2 or under is free.
    Opening hours: 9am – 6pm
    Tel. no: 016-557 6096
    For more details, visit their Facebook page.
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    12 Relaxing Waterfall Picnic Spots Around West Malaysia

    From Terengganu to Johor, we pinpoint 12 great waterfalls that you could hike to for a picnic this weekend.

    Ah…wouldn’t it be nice to go for a picnic to get away from our daily four-walled life when we get the chance? Even better when there is a waterfall nearby for you to dip your feet or swim in to cool down on a sunny day! It’s a great way to explore more of Malaysia’s nature too.

    The beauty of waterfalls is that not only the rushing sounds of water can calm your mind, it releases negative ions to its surroundings too [1]. Negative ions have been proven to help strengthen your immune system, provide more oxygen to your brain and improve your mood as well [2]. Maybe that’s why everyone’s more happy and relaxed when they are around places with flowing water like waterfalls!

    Of course, checking the weather report would be wise before you head to the waterfall and it’s best not to go after a heavy downpour because there’s a possibility of flash floods. Here are some important safety tips to take note of when you are heading to a waterfall:

    • If you or your child can’t swim then stay at the shallow areas or wear a life jacket or a float. Under the waterfall and certain areas at the waterfall might have strong undercurrents which is very dangerous even if you are an experienced swimmer so tread carefully.
    • The rocks near the waterfalls are slippery so be very careful if when you are climbing on them.
    • Don’t camp near the waterfalls in case a flash flood happens.
    • Do not litter, keep the area clean so that the waterfall stays beautiful for our future generations.

    So gather your family and friends and make your way to these waterfall picnic spots during your free time:

    1. Chiling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor

    One of the nicest waterfalls around Selangor and with about 3 waterfalls nearby. The only thing is that you need to cross about 5 rivers to get to the falls so proper footwear (Like Adidas Kampung) is recommended. The river currents will be strong after the rain so if you are bringing kids, then it’s better to wait for a sunny day. Also, it’s only open to public from Friday-Sunday since the Selangor State Fishery conducts research there.

    2. Temir Valley, Raub, Pahang

    Temir Valley is a nice retreat where you can just picnic on the decks which are scattered around the waterfall area. If you are lucky to be there during the durian season, you can even have that as your dessert during your picnic.

    3. Sungai Pisang, Gombak

    Sungai Pisang sits just along Karak Highway. You can drive in from Batu 12 Jalan Gombak Lama, park at a lay by and walk for about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall directly. There will be a steep trail to reach the waterfall area and a campsite but there are ropes to aid you. I know I mentioned picnic spots but you can also choose to take a hiking path to reach the falls instead where you can explore more jungles or try waterfall abseiling.

    4. Lata Bayu, Hutan Lipur Lata Bayu, Kedah

    This cascading waterfall can be packed with people on holidays and weekends but since it has so many tiers, you can explore the upper tiers before having your picnic at the lower pools.

    5. Pulai Falls, Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai, Johor

    Although it’s located in a less well-maintained forest reserve, Pulai Falls is a rare gem to visit during weekdays because you’ll probably have the waterfall to yourself as not many people would venture there. You can picnic near the first cascade of waterfalls then hike to reach the main fall in a gorge (pictured above).

    6. Chamang Falls, Bentong, Pahang

    A popular picnic spot for many but due to the number of accidents that has happened in the waterfall, there are danger zones that are marked so avoid those areas and stick to the lower falls.

    7. Lata Kinjang, Tapah, Perak

    One of the tallest waterfalls in Malaysia that can even be spotted when you are on the North-South Expressway. Head to Chenderiang town to get to the route to Lata Kinjang. There will be a parking fee of RM1 to enter the area which has some stalls and facilities along the road leading up to the waterfall area.

    8. Puteri Waterfall, Gunung Ledang, Johor

    It used to be called Mt Ophir but now it is named so after the legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang. This waterfall is located inside the Gunung Ledang Resort so you need to pay a small fee to enter. There are stairs available to help you reach the waterfall tiers and nice picnic spots to relax at while you ponder about whether the legends are true.

    9. Lata Seru, Kemasik, Terengganu

    Lata Seru is located inside Hutan Lipur Air Menderu, Kemasik where you can find campsites, shelters and some cement stairs that will lead you to the waterfall picnic area. There you can find a small waterfall and a shallow pool to splash in for children and adults alike. There’s a not-so-obvious river trail from the waterfall that would take you 45 minutes to reach a nice waterfall that’s not so populated.

    10. Air Terjun Sungai Pandan, Panching, Kuantan

    You have to pay an entry fee of RM2 before entering the premises which is equipped with plenty of facilities such as toilets, campsites, food stalls, prayer rooms and more. It’s closed on Wednesdays and could be pretty packed on the weekends so come early to enjoy a bit of serenity before the crowd kicks in.

    11. Seri Mahkota Falls, Endau Rompin National Park, Pahang

    You might have to walk a bit to reach these remote cascading waterfalls in the Endau Rompin National Park but it is a nice picnic spot with not too many people on a good day. What’s super cool is that there’s actually a small cave called Gua Kelapa Gading ( Kelapa Gading Cave) right behind the the middle section of the waterfall at 25 meters.

    12. Rainbow Falls, Sungai Lembing, Kuantan

    This isn’t a picnic spot but budding photographers who want to take nice shots of rainbows could make a visit to the Rainbow Falls at Sungai Lembing. The catch is that you’ll need a 4-wheel drive to access this spot. There are tours and 4W drive services available around the town so book early to get the good slots. The rainbow usually appears around 9.30- 10.30am and if you are lucky, you may even catch a double rainbow!

    This article was brought to you by www.healthworks.my, Malaysia’s leading health community.

    Sources: Waterfalls of Malaysia, MySabah.com, Round Malaysia Round, Waterfall Survivors Malaysia, Snail Works Waterfall Quest
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    Important Safety Notice: IKEA recalls PATRULL KLÄMMA & PATRULL SMIDIG

    IKEA announced that there is an important safety notice to all customers who have purchased the PATRULL KLÄMMA or the PATRULL SMIDIG pressure mounted safety gate models.

    The PATRULL KLÄMMA or PATRULL SMIDIG pressure mounted safety gates are safe to use in a doorway between rooms or at the bottom of a staircase. However, these items are not suitable to be placed at the top of a staircase.

    IKEA has received reports where the friction between the wall and the pressure mounted safety gate has been insufficient to hold the gate in its intended position. In addition, the lower metal bar could constitute a tripping hazard. If the gate is mounted at the top of a staircase this poses a fall hazard and risk of injury. There have been 3 reports identified where children have been injured as a result of falling downwards on stairs. No incidents of injury reported in Malaysia.

    Customers who wish to keep their PATRULL KLÄMMA or PATRULL SMIDIG safety gate for use in a doorway between rooms or at the bottom of a staircase can contact the IKEA store to receive an updated user instructions and new adhesive warning labels to put on their safety gate, free of charge.

    Customers who wish to return their PATRULL KLÄMMA or PATRULL SMIDIG safety gate with date stamp 1510 (YYWW year-week) or prior, are welcome to the IKEA store to return it for a full refund. Any PATRULL safety gate extension unit may also be returned for a full refund. Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required to obtain the refund.

    Identifying marks and location

    A permanent label is attached to the metal bar at the bottom of the safety gate containing product information. The date stamp (YYWW) is also found on this label as indicated below.

    PATRULL KLÄMMA and PATRULL SMIDIG safety gates have been sold in IKEA Malaysia since the 1st of September 2005. For more information, please contact IKEA Customer Relations at 603-7726 7777.

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    Lucky & Unlucky Numbers Around The World

    Every culture is characterised by a particular numerical symbolism which often differs from that of other regions.

    There are many reasons why some numbers are considered lucky and why some numbers are unlucky. Some of the reasons are due to superstitious and some could be due to folklore, legends, religious traditions, etc.

    The common unlucky number in most countries is the number 13. This is because it could be due to biblical connotations such as 13 people at the last supper and even, thirteen members of a historic witch coven. At some hotels and even apartments and condominiums, the number 13 is completely omitted.

    Some countries such as U.K, U.S.A., France and The Netherlands consider the number 7 to be lucky as again, there is some biblical reference when God created the universe in 7 days, the week also has 7 days. Some believe it is because of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and even because of the 7 ancient planets.

    Norway, on the other hand, considers numbers 9 and 13 to be lucky due to mythology believes. In Sweden, they believe the number 3 is be lucky as all good things come in the group of 3. Russians believe that 000 is lucky and even numbers are unlucky.

    Whatever the reason why numbers are considered to be lucky, in some ways, each person has their own superstitions and quirks. To some people, a certain number may be lucky whilst that same number will be unlucky to others. To each his own, in that sense.

    It is good knowledge to know what are lucky and unlucky numbers as it’s good for general knowledge, especially when you go travelling. It will help you understand the culture of the country you’re visiting better and also help you avoid taboos or offending someone.