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    World’s First Ice Cream Cleanse Now Available

    Presenting possibly the word’s tastiest detox – the ice cream cleanse.

    Days and days of eating absolutely nothing but ice cream… and all for positive health purposes? What sorcery is this! As shared by this article in Gizmodo, the magical detox is offered by an ice cream parlor at California named Kippy’s!

    Heavily intrigued by the cleanse, Gizmodo writer Brent Rose decided that he and his girlfriend should try out the tasty ordeal.

    Before you happily venture out to buy tubs of ice creams from grocery stores, do note that the ice cream involved in this cleanse isn’t any ordinary ice cream. Kippy’s! specializes in non-dairy ice cream that’s entirely raw, organic, and coconut-based. The frozen treat is basically organic coconut cream that’s sweetened with honey, and other raw, natural flavors (e.g. orange and vanilla).

    In terms of the cleanse, Kippy’s! explains this: “Raw saturated fat from the meat of organic coconuts pressed in-house is the main ingredient of Kippy’s! Ice Cream, and the magic behind our first ever Ice Cream Cleanse. Raw saturated fat is nothing short of a miracle worker in the human body. It helps us digest, repairs the gut, feeds the brain, boosts the metabolism and is a powerful agent of detoxification.”

    Going into further details, the cleanse promises you to lose weight and feel good by feeding your body raw saturated fat from the coconuts, as well as living nutrients from the ingredients  present in the ice cream. Your body, in the course of the cleanse will also release heavy metals, plastics and other toxins, and the raw saturated fat will increase your metabolism and help you to actually burn fat.

    The four-day long ordeal requires you to have five ice cream meals per day – one pint per meal. The five ingenious Kippy’s creations that are supposed to keep you full are:

    • Morning – Coconut Yogurt
    • Mid-Morning – Orange Crème
    • Lunch – Dark Chocolate With Himalayan Fire Salt
    • Late Afternoon – Master Cleanse (Lemon and Cayenne combo)
    • Dinner – Superfood Ice Cream (Bee Pollen, Cinnamon, Raw Honey)

    Sounds tasty right! But the main question is, does it work? According to the Gizmodo writer’s diary – yes it does!

    After the cleanse, the writer claimed that both of them lost approximately 6 pounds! In addition to that, they felt much more energized, satisfied, admitted that the cleanse is more manageable that other detox plans. Plus, according to his girlfriend, her skin looked and felt great! To read the whole ordeal of the cleanse, click here.

    However, as gnarly as the cleanse sound like, do note there are negative setbacks. Even if the ice cream is made from raw, organic coconut fat, you’d be taking in 820% of your recommended daily saturated fat – which is not exactly good for your body. The writer also notes that you’d be taking in 360grams of sugar per day, and that he and his girlfriend suffered from digestive problems.

    But hey, we won’t deny that this is one cleanse we’d still eagerly want to try! Calling all ice cream makers and health enthusiasts in Malaysia – we think some time at the lab and drawing board is due!

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    REVIEW: Fruit & Vege Juice Detox with Lifestyle Juicery (Part 1)

    You can undo the effects of this CNY’s many ‘lou sangs’ and food-focused family gatherings…by reading this.

    “This is not my first rodeo,” I said… “it’ll be easier this time,” I said. Hunger doesn’t really get easier.

    Hi, my name is Deborah, and I’m a food-holic.

    A year ago I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary about an Australian man who decided he would only drink vegetable juices (with a little fruit) for 60 days. What witchcraft is this, you ask? He was desperate, he had a rare skin condition, was prescribed a tone of pills and steroids but it wasn’t getting any better. He figured, if he flushed his body with enough micronutrients it just might hit the restart button and start healing itself. He was right.

    Inspired by the film I did a 4 day juice fast without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I bought a ton of fruit and vegetables, downloaded the recipe for the Mean Green juice featured in the movie, set my juicer up and off I went. The first day was horrible. The second day, I was tormented by the mere smell of toast. The third day was good. The fourth day was amazing.

    Two weeks ago I came across the Lifestyle Juicery booth at the Plaza Mont Kiara Thursday markets. Specializing in making cold, slow-pressed, raw juices, they were handing out samples and leaflets. I poured over the handout when I got home; and thought – finally! I’d heard about companies that facilitate juice fasts in Singapore and was glad that someone had decided to fill the niche in KL.

    I’m going to save you some time and say right now that only if you’d like to feel better about your body, lose a little weight, gain more energy, stop eating your feelings, remember what it’s like to be the kind, happy girl you used to be, should you continue reading. Otherwise, click on that Facebook tab and see what your frenemy just posted, yeah-ha, yet another selfie taken in her bathroom.

    Once I’d made up my mind to do the Lifestyle Juicery 6 day juice cleanse, friends and family responded to my crazy with:

    What? No solid food for 6 days?

    Yes, that is correct. Instead I got to drink as much water and green tea as I’d like and I had 6 500ml bottles of slow, cold-pressed, raw juices to last me throughout the day. One for breakfast, one for mid-morning, one for lunch, one for mid-afternoon, one for dinner and even one for after dinner. Was I hungry? Not as much as I thought I would be; if I was, I’d have a mouthful of juice or water and I’d get through the hunger pangs.

    I don’t believe starving is the way to go. I like to look at it this way. If your body knows you’re going to feed it, it’s not going to stock-up (like a supermarket that knows a new shipment of goods is coming, why stockpile?) but if you then starve yourself one day and then binge the next, your body doesn’t know what to expect…so to save you from kicking the bucket, it does the one thing that guarantees you won’t die, stock up on fat…Seals can survive through the worse winters because of their blubber…but alas, you are not a seal.

    Why should I drink my fruit and vegetables when I can eat them?

    Go watch the documentary! That’s exactly what I asked! The short answer is: there’s just too much to eat. The long answer is: Unless you are part rabbit, you won’t be able to consume that much fruit and vege EVERYDAY but by juicing it, you can down your 5-a-day and then some in one or two glasses.

    Plus, in this liquid form, you’ve already harvested all the micronutrients from your fruit and vege, now it’s never been easier for your body to absorb all that green goodness. (If you want to argue with me about how our body needs fibre, I will stop you right there. But which do you think your body would prefer right now, more nutrients or fibre? I rest my case.)

    How bad is it really going to taste?

    On a scale of 1 to 10? A 3. Honestly. This is an area I have to take my hat off to the Lifestyle Juicery. They got the fruit to vege ratio SPOT ON (I’ve tried to do this with my homemade juices people, it is no walk in the park). There’s just enough sweetness from fruits like apple, pineapple or lemon to help the (sometimes) bitter greens go down. On top of that, their juices aren’t thick and gluggy like a smoothie so it doesn’t stay on your tongue, torturing you on its way down so I didn’t experience any weird flavours that linger in your mouth afterwards. (I’ll tell you more about the 6 flavours I drank every day in a minute. Don’t worry, I won’t forget!)

    Why can’t I just juice fruit and vege up myself?

    I’ve done both (juiced at home and had slow, cold-pressed juices from the Lifestyle Juicery delivered to my home) so trust me when I say, all vege juices are not created equal. Juicing with a regular home juicer means:

    – You will have to have plenty (and I mean plenty) of fresh produce on-hand, ready for juicing

    – You will probably use a masticating juicer (this is the really noisy one) but they tend to bruise your fruit and vege so the juice you end up with must be consumed in 20 minutes or less because it will oxidise quickly (after which, it will not look appetizing in the slightest). Plus, these types of juicers aren’t always able to squeeze out every last drop of juice from the pulp, so you may not be getting your money’s worth!

    Ok then, what’s the difference between juicing and slow-juicing?

    At the end of the video, pay special attention to the amount of juice each appliance gets as well as the QUALITY of said juice. Consider your mind, blown.

    In a nutshell, slow juicers are better at getting juice out of vegetables (have you tried to get juice out of a kai-lan leaf? It is not easy!) but because it doesn’t bruise the fruit or vege, a lot of the vitamins and enzymes are preserved which means, oxidation or separation doesn’t happen as quickly. Slow-juicers and cold-presses do as their name suggest, slowly juice and then press, or just press. Let me put it to you this way…it’s the difference between me dicing up an orange before squeezing the chopped pulp versus cutting it in half and gently squeezing the fruit to get a glass of orange juice.

    So why don’t you just get a slow juicer? They are pretty pricey. I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of cash on something that only performs one function, until I was 100% sure that it would change my life.

    Why should I bother with a 4 or 6 day juice fast, I’ll just be hungry and cranky the whole time? How good can I feel at the end, seriously?

    I’m not going to lie to you, there will be headaches initially (especially if you are a coffee drinker but you are allowed to have green tea), you’ll feel tired, you may even experience constipation or diarrhea, you’ll be thinking about food, you’ll probably even be dreaming about food (yes, I woke up one night and I swear I could taste pizza on my tongue, sigh!). But this is what I gained:

    It transformed my relationship with food. It changed my mind and my body. And if you’re like me, often stressed and angry at the world, that angst will disappear. I even learnt to muffle that negative internal dialogue that tells you, ‘you aren’t good enough’ or that ‘you are going to fail’.

    By the 4th day, it was like a dark cloud had lifted, I was thinking really clearly, my ideas were flowing, I didn’t hate my body (who hasn’t broken down in a clothing store changing room, am I right?), instead I really appreciated what it could do; I had so much energy that it wiped out the ‘I-can’t-be-bothered’ attitude that so often kept me company while I lay in front of the TV, I became more respectful of food and the luxury of getting to decide what to put into my body (I vowed to never take that for granted ever again). But what really surprised me? I was a nicer person to be around, I felt like myself again….content, happy and giggling!

    If you don’t believe me, here’s a little something I lifted from my progress journal (yes, I am that much of a geek…I was trying to capture my feelings at the time):

    “Today’s realisation is that not only do I feel good in my body, I feel like a better person. It feels like my relationships are good…i am more patient and loving, less negative. You expect only physical changes to happen when your body is on a detox regime but I guess the mind comes around too. I’m a lot less stressed by matters, I am a lot more open and aware of what’s going on around me and not my usual angry self.”

    After a 4 or 6 day juice fast, aren’t I just going to go back to my old habits anyway?

    Au contraire, my lovely. If you devote yourself to the cleanse (that means no cheating! Even if you are alone at home with that jar of cookies!), the seed will be planted. And when you know just how good your body functions and of course, how good you feel when you’ve pumped it with all those micronutrients, you will find it a lot easier to resist that greasy burger or fizzy drink. Quite simply, you’ll know better.

    The lovely people at Lifestyle Juicery will walk you through the post-cleanse process and recommend which foods to add back into your diet and when, like obviously you’d try fish before meat and on your first day back, you’d have plenty of salads or clear vegetable broths but no grains or seeds. Remember, after so many days of light digesting work, your tummy is like you after a long holiday, willing but a little sluggish. So go easy.

    This time around, I realized the importance of the post-cleanse diet (it’s almost as important as the cleanse!). You can fully-utilize your 4 or 6 day juice fast if you know where to go after it ends. I’ve decided to focus on a nutrient-dense diet, rather than a life of counting calories. I aim to give my body foods that are high in nutrients so it can keep me disease-free (there’s even a score that’s been given to certain foods so you know who has more). BUT, that is a story for another day. (If you’re curious, cabbage has a score of 434 on the ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) while something like french fries, has a score of 12; what?!)

    I’m going to be running to the toilet the whole time right?

    Actually no. That only happened to me on the night of day four. TMI coming at ‘cha but I definitely visited the porcelain goddess a few times that night. There wasn’t any tummy pain though, it really felt like my body was doing a pre-CNY clean…getting all the old ‘cobwebs’ out of the way.

    I workout a lot, can I still do the Lifestyle Juicery 4 or 6 day juice cleanse?

    I am no doctor but the good people at the Lifestyle Juicery recommend getting in 30 minutes of light exercise while you’re doing your cleanse. You’re even allowed a massage or two!! What better way to help all those nutrients circulate around your body. I dialed back my exercise regime for the first three days, but I had so much energy by the fourth day, you couldn’t keep me from jumping into swimming pool!

    Do I have to be so hardcore and go all out for 4 or 6 days?

    No, you don’t. I would say you’ll see the results sooner if you do but there are plenty of people who have incorporated vege juices into their everyday diet slowly instead of doing a fast. The Lifestyle Juicery have recently launched a new package on the website where you can order a 12 pack of your fave juices so if you’re not game for a fast just yet, this is a great way to dip your toe in, figuratively speaking of course.

    Did you lose any weight or see any difference in your body after the 6 days?

    I can’t tell you how many times I got asked this. So here’s the 411, yes and yes. But can I just say for the record that the juice fast did so much more for me than the physical stuff? Thank you, disclaimer over.

    I went from 59.4kgs to 57.8kgs, that’s a lost of 2.4kgs in 6 days! I also dropped 4 inches off my waist. Oh by the way, by the end of it, my skin was looking pretty good too.

    Ready to give it a go? Find out what to expect, when you embark on your Lifestyle Juicery Cleanse!

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    Coca-Cola Life: A Greener, Healthier Alternative?

    We’re all becoming more aware of how soft drinks are bad for ya, deemed nothing more than carbonated sugar water – so it comes as no surprise that cola makers are now trying to come up with a “healthier” alternative to keep us buying their products!

    Indeed, anything ‘green’, ‘organic’, and ‘natural’ are keywords most of us health-conscious look for when considering what to pump into our bodies, and understanding that, Coca-Cola is the latest to jump on the ‘Living Green’ bandwagon with their latest product, Coca-Cola Life.

    It looks convincing enough; the green label and the use of recyclable materials such as the award-winning Plant Bottle, aluminum cans and lighter plastic than the usual PET plastic. Which makes us believe this is all part of the plan to contribute to your psyche because let’s face it, we all want to believe so badly that there is a product out there that can actually taste good, as well as be good for your body!

    Naturally sweetened with sugar and stevia, Coca-Cola Life contains only 108 calories per 600ml, as opposed to the 250 calories in a classic Coke – so maybe it is better for you! But hey, what about Coke Zero then?

    Perhaps Coca-Cola Life is meant to have a closer flavour to the classic Coke and we won’t lie, we’ll probably be one of the first few people in line to try it out!

    Unfortunately, it is currently only available in Argentina – but we have a feeling it won’t be long until the craze sweeps over the rest of the world! The guys at Coca-Cola are definitely marketing Life as a lifestyle change, associating the ad with themes of love and feeling good, to the tune of Sixpence None The Richer’s Kiss Me.

    For more information, visit the website.

    Source: TreeHugger.comGreener Ideal

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    Yonanas Healthy Ice-Cream Maker

    Now you can have ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Having a sweet tooth isn’t the problem. In fact, a level teaspoon of white sugar has only 16 calories. The problem is we don’t eat sugar on its own. If you’ve ever tried to bake a decent cake or cookie, you’ll know it’s virtually impossible without flour, fat and sugar.  So, when you eliminate sugar-laden foods, you’re actually removing calories from fat and refined starches as well. That doesn’t leave any options to appease your sweet tooth though does it? Until now!

    How about some healthy ice-cream? Guilt-free, fat-free and dairy free soft serve ice-cream that will not only satisfy your sugar cravings but boost your fruit intake! Imagine if your parents were spared that headache; no kid will say no to ice-cream (they don’t have to know it’s good for them!). And, with the Yonanas healthy dessert maker, you can whip up a million flavour combinations in your very own kitchen.

    Created out of an insatiable love for ice-cream, Eileen McHale often experienced stomach aches and chronic sneezing after indulging. So over a 10 year period, Eileen and her husband started experimenting with frozen fruits as a base for making healthy desserts and Yonanas was born.

    A great money-saver since it uses the sweetness of over-ripe spotted bananas, all you need to do is peel and freeze them beforehand. Then, when you’re jonesing for a fix, let it thaw until you can break it in half and it’s go time!

    But that is just the beginning! You can make Yonanas out of just about any frozen fruit (strawberries, mango, pineapple or combine all three…the options are endless!) Then when you get bored with pure fruit flavours, additions like cookies (mint dark chocolate ones are our fave!) or nuts will spark your creativity all over again.

    Introduced to the Malaysian market through Dole Malaysia, Yonanas is available in selected Cold Storage and Mercato supermarkets at RM289. For more information and recipe ideas, visit the Yonanas website.

    To see how it works in person, catch the demo at the Food and Beverage Expo, from the 23-25 August, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

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    Pop Nutz – Butter So Good You’ll Spread

    Love nutty spreads but not the “extras” that come with it? Pop Nutz is the new name to remember, my friends.

    It’s hard to find a spread in the market today that is not saturated with all the bad stuff that our mothers warned us about. Chances are we’re actually consuming more sugar and oil than desired.

    That’s what prompted Herny Suraya and Anna Chew to start off Pop Nutz. Let’s just say it’s a (healthy) passionate affair with homemade nut butters. The enterprising duo are health freaks who believed that nothing is better than the real thing.

    One day, they chanced upon all natural, imported peanut butter that was retailing at specialty stores and high-end grocers. In a light bulb moment, it was decided that they should start experimenting with peanut butter themselves to really watch what they’re eating. From there, they moved on to almonds culminating in the Arnold Almond spread which has become their star product.

    “It took us a few experimental weeks of blending ourselves nuts before we were happy to release the first product,” explained Anna.

    These are healthier alternatives for those who are crazy about nuts. One bite and you’re as good as hooked. Currently, Pop Nutz carries these flavours:

    Arnold Almond – Made from 100% roasted almonds with a pinch of sea salt.

    Arnold Amaro – A mix of almonds with bitter-sweet dark chocolate (60% cacao).

    Cashew Lily – Made from 100% roasted cashew with a pinch of sea salt.

    Spicy Lily Amaro – A blend of roasted cashews with bitter-sweet dark chocolate and a dash of cayenne pepper.

    Over at Pop Nutz, Herny is the Chief Creator who has the “creative” taste buds while Anna works on the roaster and copywriting aspect of the business.

    What makes the brand different from the usual run of the mill spread you get in the market is the fact that they are 100% pure. Their spreads are all natural with no added sugar or oils. So if you’re diabetic or just on a strict diet and cleaner eating programme, Pop Nutz is the perfect accompaniment to meet your daily requirement.

    If you’re keen to try the flavours for yourself, Pop Nutz will be making their debut at a Jumble Charity Bazaar this Sunday, March 10th from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Besides the spreads, you can also get second hand books, branded clothing, customised T-shirts and lots of food at the bazaar to be held at Women’s Institute of Management in TTDI. More information on the bazaar here.

    The spreads are priced as follow (per 225 grams tub): Cashew Lily – RM25, Arnold Almond – RM26, Spicy Lily Amaro – RM28 and Arnold Amaro – RM30. To find out how to order homemade nut butters from Pop Nutz, be a fan of their FB page or drop them an email at wearepopnutz@gmail.com.

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    The Health Benefits of Massage

    Looking to unwind from stressful times? Massage is a good way to start.

    Ahh the pleasures of a good massage. No one can deny the joy you get from such a session once in a while. It’s unbelievably calming and soothing, not just for the body but also the mind and soul. More than just pampering, massage is now known to be full of health benefits. Here are five perfect reasons why you should go for more massages:

    Induce Sleep

    Notice how you can easily fall asleep even though the masseuse is working back and forth on a knot on your body? Scientists say that’s because a massage has a great effect on the brain’s delta waves, which is connected to deep sleep. Thus you are more likely to just give in to the deep relaxation.

    Bust Anxiety

    Massage reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and as a result, helps to lift spirits and lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that massage decreases the brain’s activity in the right lobe (which plays a more active role when we’re sad) and increases functioning in the left (which is activated when we’re happy).

    Ease Pain

    Confirming what we’ve known all along, a nice rubdown can be effective in easing low-back pain and body tenderness. In fact a study by the Group Health Centre for Health Studies in Seattle, Washington found that massage works even better than chiropractic therapy and acupuncture. One theory is that massage increase blood flow to the muscles which may help them to heal faster.

    Kick PMS

    The dreaded symptoms during that time of the month can be reduced with a massage where a good rub is known to release muscle cramps and improve circulation, so your painful periods can be a thing of the past. A small study involving 24 women found that symptoms such as pain, water retention and mood swings are reduced considerably.

    Improves Blood Flow

    The simple act of rubbing your face and scalp for a few minutes can make a big difference to your appearance. Massage increases blood flow, releases toxins and adds vitality to dull complexion and lifeless hair. This regular massage can also help reduce headaches and migraine in the long run.

    Source: CNN

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    World’s First Healthy Pizza Anyone?

    A scientist from Glasgow University, UK has created what is dubbed as the world’s first nutritionally balanced pizza – good enough for three meals a day. 

    For most of us pizza lovers, the notion of indulging in pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner all in a single day sounds a bit absurd even though we may secretly love the idea. The worry about extra calories is enough for us to swear them off. But what if, you can have pizza that has all the goodness an adult needs?

    The scientist in question is Mike Lean who claims to have developed a pizza containing 30 percent of an adult’s recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as a third of the recommended intake of calories, protein and carbohydrate. A world’s first, he says.

    The pizza is said to be fortified with seaweed and red peppers as well as extra magnesium, potassium, folate and Vitamin A. The pizza created for Eat Balanced, a company specialising in healthy cheesy slices, has the unusual topping of seaweed as an alternative seasoning and the added benefit of Vitamin B12 and iodine.

    Pizzas bought from the frozen aisle of supermarket or the bakery often contain high levels of salt and saturated fat. This could potentially lead to high blood pressure, hardened arteries and strokes. Thus, this new revolutionary pizza could actually be life-saving.

     So, what’s for lunch later? 

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    Venus Eats: Millesime French Fine Dining Restaurant [Pork-free]

    One can be hard-pressed to find a proper fine-dining restaurant, let alone a French one, in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t get us wrong, there are many restaurants that claim to be fine dining by merely serving small portions on large white plates followed by an equally hefty price tag but more often than not, the quality and service leave much to be desired.

    When we first heard of Millesime, we were expecting more or less the same.

    Located at Solaris Dutamas, what struck us the most was how low-key and unpretentious this restaurant was. Unless you were specifically looking for it, you would probably miss it as it has none of the rah-rah signages as most other food restaurants would typically have – a classy silver Millesime sign in their signature cursive font, greets you at the entrance. Simple, elegant – just the way we like it.

    The signage is an indicator of the minimalistic industrial design of the interior. The idea behind this is so that the food speaks for itself, and patrons will not get distracted with unnecessary frou-frou embellishments that should not affect the quality of the food being served.

    Millesime, meaning ‘vintage’ or ‘good harvest’ is a modern European, French influenced restaurant, which opened its doors in 2010.  With a visible private kitchen concept, customers savour the chef’s creation of the day using the best and freshest ingredients available. Because of this, the menu varies from day to day and is selected for you – with typically two options for the main course. You can request to switch to different meats if you do not consume what’s recommended on the menu.

    VenusBuzz.com were invited to try out their Wednesday Wine Lunch Menu, and the first thing we thought when we saw the menu was, “This is perfect for people who can never decide what to eat!” This was genius and saved us from having to mull over pages and pages of items with fancy French names and descriptions. The 4-course lunch menu also included matching wines to taste, enabling us to experience complementary sensations. Again, for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, juices and other alternatives are available.

    We were first served the customary fresh breads, both white and wholemeal that were baked fresh and served with Echire butter, which comes exclusively from the Villlage of Echire, in Western France.

    For our starter, we had Green Asparagus, Baby Potato and Orange Salad paired with Penfolds Private Release Chardonnay. The vegetables were sauteed just right, and we enjoyed the addition of artichokes and rocket leaves to the mix. The flavour and sauces complemented each other, and definitely whet our appetite for more. The Chardonnay was light and refreshing, very welcoming to the palate.

    For the fish, we were presented with Halibut Fish Goujons, Avocado and Balsamic. For someone who is quite particular about fish, this was truly delectable. The fish just melts in your mouth, and was slightly seared to give off that grilled taste. Again, the Chardonnay was a perfect companion to wash it all down with.

    For the main course, we tried both the chicken and the duck. The chicken was prepared ala White Coq Au Vin Topf, Gewürztraminer laced Chicken Fricassee and Mushrooms. The spring chicken was succulent and still moist. While, the accompanying sauce was creamy and lush, it wasn’t too rich that you felt overwhelmed.

    The Duck Confit with Green Peppercorn Mustard was the only meal that was paired with Lindeman’s Premier Selection Shiraz Cabernet, and the complexity of the red wine matched the duck, which did not taste at all gamey. The green peppercorn mustard lent the shredded duck a nice, varying texture and the sauce was not overpowering, with just the right amount of truffle oil.

    For our favourite part of the meal, we were served Dessiccated Coconut Fromage Blanc, Salted Caramel Topping for dessert. Topped with a variety of berries, this was a nice mix of sweet and sour, and also offset the guilt trip of having both ice-cream and wine for lunch!

    The compulsory tea and coffee after every meal is provided to wash everything down, and by the end of our 2-hour lunch we felt most satisfied.

    The portions are small, so if you’re used to 12oz. steaks this may not be the lunch menu for you. It is more like a tasting menu, which we enjoyed very much because we weren’t super stuffed that we felt like a python after feeding on a goat, yet we were pleasantly full and managed to try a bit of everything.

    Millesime manages to balance everything for a truly satisfying meal – from the portions, to the combinations, the minimal fuss of selections and even to having the waiter scrape off your crumbs after each course.  You can’t even get this at most 5 Star restaurants in KL, unfortunately. It comes as no surprise how Millesime attracts prominent patrons such as Dato’ Jimmy Choo (check out his cute ‘shoe’ signature on the wall!).

    This is what differentiates Millesime from the rest – what we like is that it keeps things simple and uncomplicated, and most restaurants could learn a thing or two from it.

    It is no wonder that Millesime is nominated as one of Asia’s finest restaurants by the Miele Guide (2012/2013). To vote, register here from now until 25 May.


    Wednesday Wine Lunch Menu (4 Course) – RM120nett

    Friday Wine Lunch Menu (5 Course) – RM150nett

    New Dinner Menu

    Petite Menu (3 Course) – RM200++

    Menu Gourmet (4 Course) – RM220++

    Menu Degustation (5 Course) – RM250++


    G1-01-3, Ground Floor,

    Menara Kencana Petroleum,

    Solaris Dutamas, 1,

    Jalan Dutamas 1,

    50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Opening Hours

    Monday – Saturday

    Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm

    Sandwich Hour: 5.00pm – 7.00pm

    Dinner: 7.00pm – 12.00am

    Sundays : Closed

    Dress Code

    Smart Casual (No slippers, sandals, singlets, shorts & bermudas)

    For Reservations

    Please call +603-62110648 or email rsvp@millesime.my

    Find out more about the VenusBuzz.com exclusive Mother’s Day promotion for the whole month of May – Watch this space for more info!

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    New Online Series is a Piece of Cake

    Got a sweet tooth? Love desserts but don’t know how to make them? Well, instead of buying overpriced cupcakes and cakes at your nearest shopping mall, why don’t you make your own and impress your family and friends?

    This coming May, CelebrateTV presents a new online series called Piece of Cake featuring simple and interesting ways of making desserts!

    You no longer have to stay glued to your TV for your favourite baking show to come on, just come online at the CelebrateTV Facebook page or right here at VenusBuzz.com, where we’ll be airing the 10-episodes every Friday starting May 11th.

    The show launches this today (May 4th), and is hosted by Satira Diana who is also the owner of Pearl Cake Couture & Event Styling; a young entrepreneur that started a successful business of cake baking and decorating after being self taught via YouTube. She will show how to make everything from cakes, cupcakes, trifles, and cookies.

    In an exclusive interview with Satira, VenusBuzz.com asked her what her favourite cake was and she said that she’s a simple girl at heart and loves simple flavours.

    “I love a good, moist vanilla cake that’s laced with velvety swiss meringue buttercream. I love cream, lots of it! And the beauty of swiss meringue buttercream is that its so gorgeously creamy yet not too overly sweet,” she said.If you’re already a fan of Pearl Cakes,  you would be familiar with Satira’s unique and chic designs which stand out from the usual crop of cakes you can find in typical bakeries.

    She added, “When it comes to cake design, I see beauty in again simplicity, and asymmetry. I dont like to follow rules and I’m always researching and looking for ways to create designs that are beyond conventional.”

    Piece of Cake will inspire viewers in realising how desserts and snacks are easily made in fun, interesting ways that not only looks good but will taste great too. As a D-I-Y enthusiast herself, Satira will show simple techniques and best tested recipes that will excite viewers to start baking and indulge themselves with delicious looking snacks.

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    Study: Chocolate Makes You Thinner

    Satisfy your sweet cravings, and enjoy a great deal of health benefits after – this is what we call life!

    The recent study conducted by University of California, San Diego reveals that people who consume chocolate regularly are slimmer than those who eat less. This newfound claim lies on top of several other positive effects of chocolate, including lowering heart disease and blood pressure risks. Ah, what an icing on an already delicious cake!

    Dr. Beatrice Golomb and her colleagues who conducted the study affirms that lower BMI found in those who eat chocolate regularly may be due to the fact that it provides metabolic benefits – hence helping to wash the extra calories off.

    “I wasn’t expecting that BMI would be favorable. That was a nice surprise,” says Golomb.

    The study involved 1,000 men and women samples, whose chocolate eating pattern and exercise habit were closely monitored for a week. Consuming five times of chocolate a week is connected to the 1-point BMI lost over the period. It was also monitored that those who ate chocolate do not eat less or exercise more than those who don’t consume as much chocolate.

    However, the result does not mean you should eat chocolate every day just to lose weight. It is still a developing study about the link between chocolate and human’s body weight – as opposed to the individual benefits of chocolate revealed in earlier studies.

    We say, start a chocolate habit if you haven’t developed one, but don’t binge on it. What a better (and more delicious) way to prevent cholesterol and heart diseases than by consuming chocolate? When choosing chocolate products, note that vegetable oil should not be part of the ingredients – good chocolates are those containing only natural chocolate oil. It is also best if you opt for dark chocolate, that is not heavy on sugar nor milk.