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    NEW: Apple Unveils The iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus

    The wait is over. The new iPhones will come in two different sizes, it was announced on Tuesday, 9th September during an an event in Cupertino, California.

    The two new iPhones will have a 4.7-inch screen and the other with a 5.5-inch display. The iPhones will go on sale in America from 19th September. With these two new devices, Apple hopes to be able to entice customers all over the world and to convince Google Android users to switch. As stated in Time, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new devices were “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.”

    The larger phone will have additional features with higher resolution displays. Built-in software will allow the phone to be used horizontally, similar to using an Apple table. It is the thinnest phone Apple has created thus far.

    The phones will also have longer lasting battery life compared to the iPhone 5S. Both will feature an 8-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture and 1.5µ pixels. However, there is a difference between the cameras on the iPhone6 and the iPhone6 Plus. For e.g. the iPhone 6 has digital image stabilisation whereas the iPhone6 Plus has far better improved optical image stabilisation, which will allow you to take photos even in low light.

    Video features on both phones have also been improved. The phones can shoot 1090p video in 30 or 60 frames per second, and it also has a cool 240fps slow-mo video mode.

    If you’re a selfie addict/fan, you’ll love the front-facing camera iSight, which has improved face detection plus a new “burst” selfie mode to help you get the best shot possible!

    There are no details as to when it will arrive in Malaysia but we can bet that there will be eager Apple fans waiting to get their hands on it.

    Source: ZDNet & Time

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    Australian Women’s Weekly Honours Burn Victim Turia Pitt In Iconic Magazine Cover

    Congratulations Turia Pitt for covering Australian Women’s Magazine!

    Some time ago, the very beautiful Laverne Cox was featured as the cover for Time Magazine, marking a positive step forward for magazines and transgender individuals all around the world. Today, we see yet another great move in the magazine world.

    For the July 2014 issue of Australian Women’s Weekly, burn victim Turia Pitt was chosen as the cover — a move that is boldly breaking conventional fashion standards in the best possible way.

    Pictured in her natural, beautiful and not retouched state on the cover of the magazine, Pitt sustained burns to 65% of her body in the year 2011 when she was caught in a brushfire while running an ultra-marathon in Australia. The 26-year-old had to undergo about 100 surgeries and spent more than 864 days in the hospital fighting for her life.

    Three years after her accident, Pitt says that she is the “luckiest girl alive” and has become a motivational speaker, author and as of late, the newest cover model for Australian Women’s Weekly.

    As mentioned by the inspirational individual herself:

    “Being on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly is a huge honour. I feel very humbled. For me, it sends the message that confidence equals beauty. There are a lot of women out there who are so beautiful but don’t have the confidence, and that’s what gets you over the line.”

    Spoken like a true kindred spirit!

    We are absolutely in love and applaud that Women’s Weekly had chosen Turia Pitt to grace their cover. Here’s to more positive moves as such in the near future.

    Information and Photo Sources: The Globe And Mail, Daily Life, Huff Post

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    Donate Clean Water To Children By Not Using Your Phone

    Help give clean water to those in need while detoxing yourself from phone usage.

    Whether you admit to doing it or not, checking your phone all the time is not cool. But what’s cool is that you can curb that habit of yours by doing something that would benefit those in need – all with the help of UNICEF, some time and your phone.

    Named as the UNICEF Tap Project, clean water and sanitation will be donated children around the world in exchange for time on your phone.

    The mechanics of the global program simple – launch your phone’s browser, head on over to UNICEF Tap Project site and leave it open.

    For every ten minutes you go without touching your phone and exiting the page, Giorgio Armani Fragrances and several other generous donors will fund one day of clean water for a child in need. The longer you can go without your phone, the more clean water you’d be providing for children in need.

    The nationwide campaign is currently ongoing and will end on March 31, 2014. For more information, visit the official program website at UNICEF.

    So, what are you waiting for? Do a good deed and take the challenge at UNICEFTAPPROJECT.ORG

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    LowCostCosplay: Cosplay So Bad, It’s Good

    It’s amazing seeing iconic characters come to life thanks to Cosplayers considering the amount of time and money that goes into this hobby..but what happens when you don’t have the budget to play dress up?

    You improvise. And that’s exactly what Anucha “Cha” Saengchart of Thailand-based Facebook page, Lowcost Cosplay, has done – and we love him for it!

    As if him being a caretaker for the elderly wasn’t already awesome enough, Cha uses items found around the house like toilet paper, lots of flour (that skin isn’t going to whiten itself, dammit), utensils, chairs and what have you to create looks ranging from the Statue of Liberty to Wolverine.

    You need to see it to believe it, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

    You gotta give credit where it’s due, and Cha’s creativity is incredible and he’s definitely skilled at what he does. One thing’s for sure, we’ll never look at bananas the same way again. Keep calm, and Cha on.

    For more pictures, follow Lowcost Cosplay on Facebook.

    Source: Kotaku, RocketNews24

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    MH370: Help Locate Missing Plane With Tomnod

    In the case of missing flight MH370, tomnod by DigitalGlobe gives us civilians a chance to lend in a helping hand to the search efforts.

    The idea is called crowdsourcing, and the aim is to have as many eyes as possible to survey satellite-taken images in an attempt to find clues for the missing aircraft.

    Initiated by DigitalGlobe (a Colorado-based satellite imaging company), tomnod is a website that is enlisting the public to scan and tag images of more than 1,200 square miles of ocean for any visible evidence of Malaysia flight MH370 on the surface of the water.

    Operating on two out of the company’s five private satellites, these publicly accesible images are taken from about 400 miles above the earth on the Gulf of Thailand region, which is where Malaysia flight 370 was last heard from.

    To begin reviewing the images, simply head on over to the tomnod page and click on ‘start tagging.’ Viewers can then search the images and make notes on anything that looks suspicious, namely possible oil spills, wreckage or life rafts

    The gathered information is sorted and DigitalGlobe will use a computer algorithm to determine whether users are tagging certain regions more than others. From there, in-house satellite imaging experts will follow up on leads and the information will forwarded to official channels.

    With thousands of people more helping to search for MH370, we hope that this might contribute to the ongoing SAR efforts. We hope and pray for nothing but the best for the passengers, crew and affected family members of the missing aircraft.


    Source: ABC News, Denver Post

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    Lammily, The New ‘Normal-Sized’ Barbie

    Could we be seeing an anatomically correct Barbie soon?

    For the last 55 years, Barbie has been the iconic doll that gets girl everywhere excited over her multiple choices of clothes and vast career. But one thing that stick out like a sore thumb is her unrealistic body proportions.

    Now the glamour doll might have a competition in “Lammily” – a figurine to be developed by an artist, Nickolay Lamm.

    In his attempt to bring normal-sized Barbie to life, he has launched a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart productions on a doll that has real proportions.

    He first gained attention last year when he showed the world how a normal Barbie would look like. Since then, he has had many enquiries on where to purchase one.

    Hence, the idea for Lammily came about. Rather than wait on Mattel to start producing anatomically correct dolls, he has decided to produce positive influence dolls.

    For his Lammily dolls, the figurines, along from realistic body proportions, will come with natural makeup and casual clothes like jean shorts, running shoes and workout gear.

    The tagline is “Average is beautiful.”

    Source: Time, Pics: Nickolay Lamm

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    Hero-Glyphics: Your Favourite Heros in Ancient Egypt

    How different would our historic literature look like, if superheroes existed in ancient Egypt?

    Self-proclaimed graphic designer/ illustrator/ geek Josh Lane’s play on the word ‘hieroglyphics’ combines favourite heroes of our time, and what they would look like if they were documented in ancient logographics and alphabetic elements.

    The series called Hero-Glyphics features seven different themes ranging from the Power Rangers to the Star Trek, and are available in prints for £20.40 (approx. RM113).

    We love the little details like the pizza offering from Michelangelo to Splinter! Which one’s your favourite?

    Power Rangers

    Web Slinger


    Prime Directive

    Kick Ass



    Now, if only there were a Loki one – we’d be covering our entire wall! For more information, follow Josh Lane on Facebook, or purchase here.

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    Hair Raising Methods to Study in China

    We’ve all had to burn the midnight oil every now and then, with most of us opting for a caffeine fix – but here’s another method that won’t get the heart racing!

    In China, two students from the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in Fuzhou have taken inspiration from historic scholars to stay awake during all-nighters, instead of the usual tried and tested methods.

    Chen Tang, 20 and her roommate Huang Lu, 21, looked to two legendary Chinese scholars of the past who would rely on pain to keep the mind and body alert.

    Are you ready for this? The first method would be to stab oneself with needles every time you started to doze off, and the other (less painful) way would be to tie your hair to a beam in the ceiling so that your head would be pulled back up every time you started to nod away!

    In these pictures of Chen posted up by Huang, she described that Chen was so keen to succeed that she had decided to give the hair trick a try since her hair was more than long enough.

    “As we didn’t have a beam in our dorm, she used the clothes dryer and claims it worked really well.”

    So what did Chen have to say about it?

    ‘The preparation is so boring, but the hanging hair practice makes it interesting and I really feel much more energetic by studying in this way.’ said Chen.

    We think we would get a heart attack walking into a room and seeing this! What do you think? Clever? Or just plain kooky?

    Source: Daily Mail

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    The 20 Most Expensive Cities To Live In 2014

    City living sure is not cheap as this map can tell.

    Map on cost of living in the world; red for more expensive cities to green for cheaper cities.

    If you’re planning on migrating to another city, have a look at this first. The website, Expatistan.com has compiled a list of the 20 most expensive cities in the world.

    It is based on information collected from some 200,000 residents worldwide, taking into account the average prices in 1,600 cities for everyday items such as food, rent and petrol. This site is designed to help expats appreciate the cost of living in their chosen destination.

    Here is the result of the 20 most expensive cities:

    20. Washington

    19. Tokyo – Japan

    18. Melbourne – Australia

    17. Amsterdam – Netherlands

    16. Honolulu – United States

    15. Stockholm – Sweden

    14. The Hague – Netherlands

    13. Brisbane – Australia

    12. Hong Kong

    11. Sydney – Australia

    10. Copenhagen – Denmark

    9. San Francisco – United States

    8. Paris – France

    7. Singapore

    6. Lausanne – Switzerland

    5. New York – United States

    4. Zurich – Switzerland

    3. Geneva – Switzerland

    2. Oslo – Norway

    1. London – United Kingdom

    In case anyone is wondering, Kuala Lumpur came in at 140 out of 193, putting us as one of the slightly more affordable city to live in.

    Do also check out the Top 10 Best Countries For Expats To Live In.

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    The Miss Malaysia 2014 Crown Goes To…

    Time flies by so fast! It seems like just moments ago that we were rooting for Carey Ng to bring home the Miss Universe crown, and now we’re congratulating our homeland’s next beauty pride.

    Miss Malaysia 2014 has just been crowned and she goes by the name of Sabrina Beneett! This attractive young lady will be representing Malaysia in the upcoming Miss Universe 2014 beauty pageant.

    Hailing from Ipoh, the 23-year-old lass is a Psychology and Communication Student with a big smile and an ever bigger personality. Ambitious by nature, the scholarship recipient believes that determination is the key to success, and hopes to one day work with the less fortunate in society.

    If you’d like to know more about this beauty queen, you can check out her official Miss Malaysia Finalist Facebook Page, official Sabrina Beneett Page, or take a look at these clips:

    Such a fun-loving, enchanting and beautiful individual – Malaysia could not have asked for better Miss Universe 2014 representative! Congratulations Sabrina Beneett; we’re all rooting for you!

    For more information on Miss Malaysia 2014, please visit their official Facebook Page or website.