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    Lenny Kravitz Cancels F1 After Race Performance!

    After the cancelation of the FMFA15, sadly, another performance has been nixed – Lenny Kravitz.

    It has been confirmed by Kravitz’s management team that Lenny Kravitz will not be performing at the after-race concert for the 2015 Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix on 29th of March 2015.

    Kravitz stated the following in an official statement,

    “Unfortunately, due to contractual scheduling conflicts beyond my control I will not be able to come to Kuala Lumpur to perform. I have been looking forward to coming to play for my fans and I’m deeply sorry that my concert had to be cancelled. My ability to come play for you all is a huge concern to me and I’m looking forward to rescheduling so I can perform for you as soon as possible.”

    Ticket holders have been assured that the post-race concert at the Sepang International Circuit will still proceed as scheduled.

    If you purchased tickets for the Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix, you are allowed entrance to the after-race concert plus the F1 Carnival and other selected activities at no additional cost. There are also One Ticket Unlimited benefits, discounts and other promotions available at selected retail outlets in Kuala Lumpur.

    For those who would like more information about tickets or on their ticket status, please contact the SIC Ticket Hotline at 03-8778 2222 or log on to their website for more details.

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    Top 5 Wholesome Online Grocery Stores in Malaysia

    Being healthy has never gone out of style but of late, people have generally been more in tuned with their health and wanting to have a better, healthier life.

    If you’re one who is in the “healthy food mode”, Healthworks.my have come up with a great list for wholesome online grocery stores in Malaysia. And if you’re too tired to cook, we have that covered too. Check out our Top 7 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Klang Valley as they will change the way you order your next take out. So now, you’ve best of both choices – eating in by cooking the good healthy produce you’ve bought online or eating in the take out way via healthy food deliveries. Eating healthily has never gotten so easy!

    Being busy is something a lot of us are accustomed to. And if you find that you don’t have the time to shop for groceries, don’t worry as there is a solution here.

    Healthworks have listed the Top 5 Wholesome Online Grocery Stores in Malaysia:

    Grocery shopping. Some people adore it, some people abhor it.

    Like it or not, there’s no doubt that it’s time consuming. Driving to the shop, finding parking, going through the aisles to pick out the stuff you need, then proceeding to the long line at the cashier, packing things into your car, then back home again. That easily takes up more than two hours.

    When we talk about organic, free range produce, that’s even more difficult to attain. You will be hopping around town trying to find free range chickens, organic veg, and have no time left to kick back and relax.

    For those of you who love cooking but dislike the whole grocery shopping process, you’ll be happy to know that there are efficient and wholesome grocery delivery services here in Malaysia. And these are but a few of our favourite online grocery stores which focuses on health:

    1.  Little Green Planet

    Little Green Planet supplies fresh veggies and fruits from their very own organic farm as well as several other groceries you need in your daily life like oat and soy products, sauces and seasonings, noodles and pasta etc. They also do veggie boxes where you’ll get freshly harvested veggies delivered to your doorstep weekly for a rather affordable rate (from RM35 a week).

    • Delivery area coverage: RM12 within the Klang Valley, free delivery if you order the veggie boxes (in the Klang Valley only).
    • Website: Little Green Planet

    2. Green Chicken

    As the name probably explains, these chickens get to enjoy running around open fields of green, feeding off fresh organically grown veggies. They’re allowed to grow into adult size without artificial growth enhancers or antibiotics, which makes them much happier chickens compared to the industrial broiler farm chickens. These guilt-free chickens aren’t all that unaffordable either! You get a whole free range chicken for RM28, and a whole free range duck for RM36. These are deep frozen to preserve quality and shipped to you in a specially-designed box which keeps it frozen for at least 6 hours.

    • Delivery area coverage: free delivery to PJ, Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Damansara Heights, and Bangsar, other areas in the Klang Valley are charged RM5.
    • Website: Green Chicken

    3. TM Organic Farms

    These awesome guys harvest organic veggies from their farm and deliver them to you in a box. They also deliver organic fruits, free range chicken and eggs, as well as fresh, no-preservative milk. What you’re getting each week is a surprise, because TM Organic Farms chooses what’s fresh and seasonal at the moment, but don’t worry as they have a well-updated Facebook page explaining what these veggies are, along with cooking tips! Prices range from RM25 (for a month of free range eggs) to RM480 for a month of large veggie boxes (that will feed up to 6 people each week).

    • Delivery area coverage: Free delivery to most areas in the Klang Valley
    • Website: TM Organic Farms

    4.  Freshcart

    If you don’t like veggie / fruit boxes and prefer mixing and matching your own fresh produce, Freshcart is the answer. To the Freshcart crew, the freshness of the produce is the number 1 priority. They offer a different selection of fruits and veggies each week as they pick out only the crème de la crème of the fresh produce world. You can be sure you won’t be getting any rotten apples when you order from them! Freshcart is fairly new to the scene, but so far they’ve been getting raving reviews for the tip top condition of their deliveries, as well as their affordable prices.

    • Delivery area coverage: Most areas in the Klang Valley. Refer to their FB info page. Deliveries are free for orders above RM70. RM7 fee applies for orders below.
    • Website: Their website Freshcart.com.my is slated to go up in January 2015, and for now the business runs on their pretty Facebook page.

    5. Organic4u.com.my

    This is an online store that caters to all your organic dry grocery needs. They sell everything from bread and biscuits, baby products, to body and skincare items. They used to do veggie boxes as well, but the service has been put on hold for the moment.

    • Delivery area coverage: Both West and East Malaysia.
    • Website: Organic4u.com.my

    This article was brought to you by www.healthworks.my, Malaysia’s leading health community.

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    Top 7 Healthy Food Delivery Services In Klang Valley

    For those of us who strive to eat well but somehow, fail a little in this department because of all the glorious food choices we have abundantly in our city, we totally understand how that feels like.

    Well, we may have just the answer for you because recently, the healthy food delivery scene has taken our city by storm! These meal delivery services listed here have done the hard work for you by taking out the hassle of grocery shopping, the chore of preparing the ingredients and cooking.

    We’ve rounded up some meal delivery services that help you eat healthy, whether you’re a busy mum, busy at work, working from home or just want something different for a change.

    Whatever it is, congratulate yourself on taking the first conscious step in making a lifestyle change when you choose to order from one of these food delivery services. In choosing to eat well, you’re on the way to being a better, healthier you.

    1. The Naked Lunch Box

    The Naked Lunch Box is a food delivery service that offers a variety of vegan, paleo and raw meals delivered to office during your lunch hour. The Naked Lunch Box changes its menu on a monthly basis so you won’t be stuck with the same old choices. There is a small catch though – there has to be a minimum order of three lunchboxes /dates per customer. Besides, catering to your lunch needs, you’ll be happy to know that they can also cater for small meetings and other office events too.

    Price Range: RM10 – RM15
    Facebook: The Naked Lunch Box
    Delivery Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
    Delivery Areas: PJ and KL
    Contact them at: thenakedlb@gmail.com

    2. EatClean KL

    EatClean KL has a mantra that advocates healthy living by encouraging healthy diets “one meal at a time”. The preparation of the meals are halal and they only use fresh produce, organic products, olive oil and minimal salt is added to their food. It is available only for lunch times though. EatClean KL’s menu includes pastas, salads, wraps and more.

    Price Range: Available upon request
    Facebook: EatClean KL
    Delivery Days:
    Monday – Friday
    Delivery Areas:
    Damansara Heights, Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara & Bangsar
    Contact them at: eatcleanKL@gmail.com, Mobile no: 013-257 6988

    3. The Rebellious Chickpea Delivery Service

    The Rebellious Chickpea is known for offering healthy and delicious food to those who want food that taste great but that is also good for their body. Pricing their meals at RM15 each (or it could be below RM15, depending on what’s available) and with all their items made with fresh ingredients, it’s a good deal. Their menu varies each week, which is great for those of us who like variety. Best thing is, delivery is free of charge to those living in the Klang Valley (now, there’s really no excuse not the eat healthily!).

    Price Range: RM15 and below
    Facebook: The Rebellious Chickpea
    Delivery Days: Monday – Friday (except public holidays)
    Delivery Areas:
    Klang Valley
    Contact them at: therebelliouschickpea@gmail.com, Mobile no: 012 695 3803

    4. The Lean Canteen

    The Lean Canteen team likes to liven up their food. Not just with taste notes but they also have a sense of humour when naming their dishes. Names like ‘Don Aglio’, ‘Salmon Khan’, ‘Bangkok Beef'(as pictured above) are just a taste of what there is on offer. They deliver only to their allocated collection points, which is slightly different compared to the rest but there are no complaints from us. Their cuisine includes anything from the favourite of almost everyone we know- fried rice, to those in favour for some tex-mex cuisine like burritos and they have pastas covered too. The Lean Canteen works with a nutritionist so that the food they serve average to about 500 calories per meal.

    Price Range: RM13 – RM19
    Facebook: The Lean Canteen
    Delivery Days: Monday – Sunday
    Delivery Areas:
    Various collection points in Klang Valley
    Contact them at: theleancanteen@gmail.com, Whatsapp Aina 012-2086440

    5. Delicious Detox Delivery

    Delicious Detox Delivery takes their food to another level. They specialise in raw, organic and vegan meals that are also dairy-free and gluten-free, a very rare find in our city. The thing we like about them is that apart from offering a weekly lunch menu (main dish, dessert and a smoothie), they also have three delicious detox programs to choose from. A great way to get into the healthy detox mode by not starving yourself but by ensuring that you eat well whilst on your detox programme.

    Price Range: Individual meals RM10 – RM25, Detox packages range from RM250 – RM650
    Website: www.deliciousdetoxdelivery.com
    Facebook: Delicious Detox Delivery
    Delivery Days:
    See here for delivery details
    Delivery Areas:
    KL, Ampang, PJ, Desa Park City, Bangsar, Subang, Shah Alam & Puchong
    Contact them at: office@deliciousdetoxdelivery.com, Tel no: 03-7962 0046

    6. Dah Makan

    Eating well everyday doesn’t have to be complicated with Dah Makan. They pride themselves in creating healthy gourmet lunchboxes, crafted with the freshest ingredients and delivered straight to your doorstep. They believe in their food so much that they actually offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed on their website or they say that they’ll give your money back (and that they’ll even throw in a ukelele for free!).

    Price Range: RM16 – RM18
    Facebook: Dah Makan
    Delivery Days: Monday – Sunday
    Delivery Areas: 
    Please refer to the website for delivery areas
    Contact them at:  jessica@dahmakan.com, Mobile no: 014-327-9972

    7. My.Foodmatters.me

    Foodmatters Malaysia started on a simple principle – to banish negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating. But not just that. They had a vision to make it more accessible, delicious and more importantly, affordable. They aim to make good food that matters to your body and that makes you a healthier you. Led by a certified nutritionist, you can be rest assured that your food is not being taken lightly in terms on nutrition. They take nutrition seriously and hope to help people attain a healthier lifestyle with what they eat. The only difference with this food deliver service is that they do not cater to singular orders at present. They operate on a monthly subscription system.

    Price Range: Upon request
    Facebook: Foodmatters Malaysia
    Delivery Days: Monday – Sunday
    Delivery Areas: 
    Please refer to the website for delivery areas
    Contact them at:  Contact them here.

    We researched quite a number of various healthy food delivery options there are in our city. We actually came across a few more who also offer healthy food delivery services. However, the reason they are not mentioned in this list is because they could not provide us with enough nutritional information. They were also unable to give us in-depth information about their dishes offered. For example, they were unable to provide specifics on all the ingredients used and some were not as willing to share how the way the food is prepared.

    The writer for this article has very specific dietary requirements and is on a special diet for medical reasons. Thus, the writer needs to know literally everything that goes into the meal offered in order to ensure that she eats the right foods.

    Healthy food delivery services is an excellent idea and in fact, we celebrate that there is so much more healthier options available these days. Unfortunately, not everyone understands food allergies or intolerances when it comes to food. There are some people who suffer from certain medical conditions. Hence, why it is important that if a healthy food delivery service claims to be gluten-free or even nut-free for example, it ought to be prepared in the kitchen environment where it is completely gluten-free or nut-free.

    This is avoid unnecessary medical emergencies and of course, the brand is true for what it stands for. To us, being honest and accountable as to what is being offered to customers is also extremely important. Knowing what goes into your food and what that meal is about nutritional wise all adds up to being a better, healthier you. So, don’t discount what’s in your food because it does make a difference.

    Here’s to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle for those of you who are deciding to eat a little healthier. And for those of you who are already on this wonderful food journey, discover on and enjoy these scrumptious meals on offer!

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    World’s Weirdest Festivals

    You know what? We are fun. We humans, that is. And sometimes, we can be just that bit weird.

    The world can be incredibly interesting if you really think about it. Sure, there are several issues if not countless things that are wrong and yes, things can always be better. Instead of worrying about things, let’s check out the fun weird side of our world for a change.

    Here are the World’s Weirdest Festivals:

    January – Europe’s Largest Fire Festival

    Up Helly Aa, St Ninian’s Isle, Scotland: On the last Tuesday of January, St Ninian’s Isle is host to Europe’s largest  fire festival. People come weearing full Viking regalia. And they don’t do things by halves here. Men will light torches and march through the towns because Winter is bleak and there just isn’t enough rampaging these days.

    February – Nudists and Oranges

    Battle Of Oranges, Ivrea, Italy: This is a massive fruit-based food fight then the Battle Of Oranges. If you’re into food fights, this one will be a revelation to you!

    Hadaka Matsuri, Okayama, Japan: Fancy joining 9,000 naked blokes and being purified in temple waters for luck? Why not.

    March – Sheep Shearing

    Golden Shears, Masterton, New Zealand: Wool is the pride of New Zealand, and to celebrate this, they have divided a competition out of sheep shearing. It’s a shear-abration.

    April – Water Guns and Baby Tears

    Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand: Between the 13th and 15th of April, the Thais have a huge water festival. If you like things wet, wander the streets in Thailand and you can spray each other with water as much as you want. And get away with it.

    Naki Sumo, Tokyo, Japan: In this competition, two sumo wrestlers stand dancing each other holding new born children. The goal is to make your competitor’s child cry. Didn’t think that they needed to dance to do so as we thought the sight of them would be enough to make these babies cry!

    May – Skulls and Cheese

    Day Of Skulls, La Paz, Bolivia: In Bolivia, May 5th is the official day for clearing out all of your deceased relatives’ skulls because these items bring a totally different vibe to your home.

    Cheese Rolling, Cooper’s Hill, England: Nothing like a nice summer day rolling cheese down a hill. Right?!

    June – Jumping Over Babies As The Devil

    El Colacho, Castrillo De Murcia, Spain: Since the 15th Century, a man has dressed up as the devil at some point during June and has then jumped over babies to cleanse them of evil spirits. True story.

    July – Mud and Wife-Carrying

    Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong, South Korea: Bathing in mud. That is all the festival is about but who can say no to a mud face and body pack?

    Wife-Carrying Championship, Sonkajarvi, Finland: Participants must carry a wife (not even necessarily their own) around an obstacle course in the fastest possible time. Romantic much?

    August – Tomato Fight!

    La Tomitina, Bunol, Spain: It seems that us humans like our food fights so much so that it’s become an annual festival. In this annual festival, an estimated 40 metric tons of tomatoes are squashed and then thrown about in Bunol, Spain.

    September – Frogs

    Rayne Frog Festival, Louisiana, USA: A frog-based festival held on Labour Day in Louisiana.

    November – Monkey Buffet

    Monkey Buffet Festival, Lopburi, Thailand: Thankfully, the monkeys aren’t actually part of the buffet, just in case you were about to report them to PETA. It’s about us humans preparing a feast for these creatures and letting them feast on it!

    December – Night Of The Radishes

    Noche De Rabanos, Oaxaco, Mexico: Carving radishes is the aim of the game in this festival, the prize is a picture in the local paper. And it’s life long recognition. What more could one possibly want.

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    Top 5 Halloween Events In Kuala Lumpur

    If you’re going to celebrate Halloween (Friday October 31 2014) this year, we suggest you go all out.

    Head down to your local costume shop and prepare to either scare yourself (or someone else) or drink yourself silly at one of these Halloween events. Or, if you prefer a more subdued route, we’ve got that covered too, including something a little unusual that includes your furkid!

    Plan your fancy dress in advance and have fun this Halloween. After all, when is it ever you can wear that Playboy bunny costume and get away with it?

    Here are the Top 5 Halloween Events In Kuala Lumpur :

    1. Shocktoberfest: Mystery Theatre

    Not everything needs to be absolutely horrific and gory for Halloween. If you’re looking to have something fun and different, leave it up to Brian Tan and Prakash Daniel to give classic horror a comedic twist with this mystery theatre show.

    Gnurr and Phang Kuan Hoong will be accompanying the duo to provide chill-inducing music. Shocktoberfest is a series of Halloween events organised by Big Night Out in collaboration with The Wknd. Held at Barlai, you can also be sure to have a jolly night ahead with their fabulous cocktails. A sure win for a great night out!

    For more information, visit their Facebook page.

    2. House Of Horrors @ i-City

    Beware when night falls in this October! The House of Horror@i-City will try to scare the pants off you! Visitors to this scary attraction will burst in scream, fear and perhaps, even have some tears shed as the ghouls, ghosts, mummies, vampires and zombies decide to come alive during the Halloween Fest.

    Starting from 31 October till the 2nd of November 2014, this House of Horrors will feature renowned rock stars such as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Visitors can participate in some fun events such as the Zombie Cupcake Design that allows children to design their own idea of Halloween on their cupcakes; Humpty Pumpkin Contest which dares you to brave the House of Horrors and count the pumpkins located within; Dance from the Dead Rock Stars where you get to watch and participate how these terrifying creatures move their body; Giant Skeleton Ladder Contest and more.

    Get dressed up in your scariest outfits to entitle a special promotion rate for House of Horror at RM10.00 per person while enjoying a myriad of activities that are available. Halloween Fest at i-City is open from 2.00pm to 11.00pm. You can get your tickets online here or call 03 – 5521 8868 for more information.

    3. Zombie ApoKLypse

    If you’re in need of a unique adventure event, this one will definitely have you covered. The Zombie ApoKLypse returns again this year in Publika, Solaris Dutamas this coming Halloween weekend : 31st October and 1st November.

    In the event, participants will go through various obstacles and missions in order to save the world from the Z Virus outbreak. It is guided by actors in full character of a Commando who will help you traverse the route and of course, avoid the zombie attacks.

    It will take place from 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight on both days. Participants need to pre-register to participate in this event. You’ll get your time slots and go off on an approximately 30 minutes experience throughout Publika with various missions and obstacles in order to rescue the Z-virus cure. It ends up finishing at the Decontamination booth where they will be scanned to see if they have been infected by the zombie virus themselves. FYI, the zombies will have this special UV paint that will be then scanned by a UV light.

    You can purchase your tickets on this site and for more information, check out their official website.

    4. Halloween Bus Tour – Part 2

    Bait repeats their Halloween Bus Tour again this year, but, this time, they are partnering with Uber to save everyone the horror of driving back home (by the way, you’ll get free RM30 credit).

    The event starts off at Bait, and the rest of the stops for the night are SIX, The Rabbit Hole and Rootz. Tickets are inclusive of drinks, goodie bags and transport. Early bird tickets are available now at Bait until Oct 24. Get more details here.

    5. My Furry Halloween

    For those who want something a little more subdued but that includes your furkid and to do some charity at the same time, this one’s for you. Hop Hop Café and Sit & Stay Artisan Pet Food are co-organising a charity Halloween dinner for dogs and their owners on the 2nd of Nov 2014.

    The event aims to raise funds to help out their furry friends at Cherishlife Home, a private no-kill animal shelter in Hulu Langat. There will be Halloween-themed buffet spreads and best dressed contests. The folks here have not left out your dogs. For your dogs, Sit & Stay Pet Food Artisan will also be serving dog food of human-grade ingredients such as pork, pumpkin, eggs and flaxseeds with no additional flavourings and additives. Pet owners on the other hand can look forward to dining on a delicious spread of food such as squid ink pasta, puff pastries, chicken bratwurst and more.

    For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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    Top 9 Most In-Demand Villas In Asia

    If you’re looking to book a holiday, these villas are the answer.

    TripAdvisor has just revealed nine of Asia’s most in-demand holiday villas. Note of caution: Don’t look at this if you don’t want to be tempted. But if you do look at it and book a holiday villa, please thank us, not blame us!

    Holidays. Aaahhhh…….bliss. With the sun rays on your skin, wind in your hair, sand under your feet, pristine waters of the sea calling your name, it is truly one of the best ways to unwind when one is in need of some R&R. From beach houses to four bedroom villas, TripAdvisor has revealed the most in-demand villas, making booking your next holiday easy.

    Here are the Top 9 Most In-Demand Villas In Asia:

    1. Kalim Beach House

    Six bedroom beach house in Phuket, Thailand

    Kalim Beach House, comes with a private pool and beach access. It is built over two levels and features beautiful sea views. On the ground level is the kitchen, a king-sized bedroom and living spaces, including a dining area that opens onto the beautiful ocean-facing terrace and private pool with waterfall features.

    More bedrooms are found upstairs, with the master overlooking the Andaman Sea from its private balcony. Perfect. Just perfect. For booking details, visit this link.

    2. Villa Sitara

    Three bedroom villa in Seminyak, Bali

    Villa Sitara is peacefully located in a garden laneway flanked by rice terraces. The villa, contemporary in style, focuses on stone, terrazzo, granite, glass, concrete, marble and soft furnishings.  The three king-sized bedrooms with Balinese-style ensuite bathrooms are large and feature floor-to-ceiling windows that either face onto the pool or have their own private gardens.

    The villa has beautiful common areas which overlook the private nine-metre pool and lush, tropical gardens. Great for smaller groups who want their own piece of paradise. If this is calling out to you, book the villa here.

    3. Baan Santhiya

    Three bedroom villa in Krabi, Thailand

    Located in the quiet but easily accessible area of Na-Thai, this collection of beautiful, modern villas are a great choice for a Krabi holiday. The villas feature their own private pools and are a short five-minute drive from the beach and three minutes’ drive from the nearest supermarket.

    With extensive indoor and outdoor space including a large terrace, three bedrooms, comfortable living areas and a full-sized kitchen, the villa is well-suited to families and large groups. Did anyone say party?

    4. Ultra-modern homes in Seminyak

    Various sizes in Seminyak, Bali

    Featuring multi-level pools, ensuite bedrooms, butler services, the option of a private cook, in-villa spa treatments and more, these villas are a truly luxurious way to experience Bali and with multiple properties available, they can suit just about any group size.

    The villas are walking distance to many restaurants, bars and shops. A real plus to have everything just around the corner.

    5. Terrazza House

    Three bedroom apartment in Kyoto, Japan

    Ok, so this isn’t a villa nor is it a beach villa. But it made it to the TripAdvisor’s list for a reason. One TripAdvisor reviewer said, “The photos don’t lie, this is a gem on the hill ~50 m above the Philosophers Walk.”

    Terrazza is wonderfully located in a quiet area overlooking the Philosopher’s Path with a superb view over Yoshida Hill. The spacious apartment features contemporary Japanese architecture and décor, including traditional Japanese living spaces. Guests can dine al fresco on the large terrace on fine weathered evenings.

    6. Penthouse on the rocks

    Four bedroom villa, Galle, Sri Lanka

    Penthouse on the Rocks is a grand villa nestled on a cliff face, overlooking the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka. It is constructed in stone, coral, wood and glass, located one-hundred metres from Unawatuna beach and surrounded by jungle, where monkeys and birds abound. Sounds prefect, doesn’t it? It is.

    The landscape gardens include a vast variety of tropical flowers, while guests can enjoy ocean views from the grand balcony.  According to one TripAdvisor traveller, “Arriving at Penthouse on the Rocks is like watching the masterpiece of an avant-garde architect. But we were not visiting a museum; we rented that piece of art for two weeks!”

    7. Villa Sea View Garden

    Various sizes, Koh Tao, Thailand

    Now this place kind of has it all. The Villa Sea View Garden comprises of three lovely separate apartments, all with spectacular views over the neighbouring Koh Nanguan. The beach and town of Mae Haad are just a stone’s throw away from the property.

    The villa also has a large outdoor relaxation area, including a free-form private pool with ocean views. According to one TripAdvisor reviewer, “A totally beautiful penthouse apartment worth every penny. Had an amazing time.”

    8. Villa Oria

    Three bedroom villa in Legian, Bali

    Villa Oria is well-located, just 20 metres from Legian’s main strip. Being right in Legian has its benefits as one will never get bored with everything being almost at your doorstep, but still away from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

    The property is brand new, with modern and Balinese décor including canopy beds, a picturesque outdoor relaxation area and a private pool. Villa Oria comes staffed with a villa manager, as well as housekeeping and gardening services. So, if you’re looking for a mix of both things to do and yet being able to come away from it all, Villa Oria is for you.

    9. SangRia

    Four bedroom villa in Langkawi

    We’re proud to say that Malaysia has made it to this list with none other than SangRia. Something different compared to the private-pool luxury of Seminyak, Villa SangRia is a rustic sanctuary set within a garden near to Langkawi’s picturesque Pantai Tengah.

    Offering easy access to the beach, the villa is also near to many bars, restaurants and shops. Another bonus! The property is peaceful and secluded. It has two verandahs perfect for outdoor relaxation. The beautiful garden is an excellent place to get immersed in a good book and a drink – alcoholic or not, we leave that to you.

    Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, Q1 2014

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    Confirmed! Mariah Carey, Live In Malaysia, Oct 22nd

    It is confirmed! Pop diva Mariah Carey is coming to Malaysia!

    After a couple of weeks of rumours, the news has now been confirmed by concert promoter, IME Productions.

    Get ready fans, Mariah Carey will be performing in Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur this Oct 22.

    As part of the Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse world tour, the songstress has chosen KL as the first Asian stop ahead of Singapore, Philippines, China and Japan.

    Tickets will go on sale from Aug 17th onwards with a special launch at Paradigm Mall, Selangor between 11am and 7pm.

    Tickets are priced at RM680, RM580, RM480, RM380 for numbered seatings while RM250 and RM120 for free seating. There will be an early bird discount of 10%.

    Online ticket sales will be available from Aug 18th via Ticket Charge.

    For more information, call 03-9222 8811 (Ticket Charge hotline) or 011-2316 6198 (IME Productions hotlines).

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    Best 5 Artisan Ice Creams In Klang Valley

    I scream, you scream, we all want ice cream!! And in this hot weather of ours, an iced dessert will go down a treat.

    Ice cream has no age limit. Whether you’re a kid or a grandparent, chances are, you’ll find that they love ice cream. And because we know so many of you love this iced treat, we licked, slurped, scooped and spooned our way through ice creams to find some of the best in town. Such hard work, but someone’s got to do it.

    The best thing about these ice creams are that they are made by Malaysians. So, we’re doing our part to support our local economy, and in that process, we found some fabulous ice creams :

    1) Inside Scoop

    Address: No. 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel. No: 03-2202 0235

    A relative new player in the local artisan ice cream scene, these people use the best ingredients to come up with some amazing flavours. Known for their gelato style ice creams, they have made a bit of a splash since they opened their doors. Some of their best sellers are Valrhona Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Tiramisu, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pistachio and Durian. And lately, they have added a Bandung flavoured one which is pretty cool (pun intended).

    Located in Bangsar since last December, they just recently opened up another outlet in Damansara Jaya, next to the famous Jin Xuan dim sum place, on Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. So hurray for those of us residing in PJ!

    2) The Last Polka

    The Last Polka have been pioneers in the local ice cream scene. Known for their unusual flavours with a local twist, they have flavours such as Salted Gula Melaka, Horlicks, Coconut, Pandan Kaya and Teh Tarik, to name a few. They also have more whackier flavours such as Guinness Stout and Punya Colada.

    The Last Polka do not have an on-site premise but these delicious ice creams can be found at various locations around town –

    The Bee (Publika & Jaya One), Artisan Roast Kuala Lumpur (Bangsar Village 2 & Section 13), Fat Spoon Cafe (Damansara Uptown), WHISK Espresso Bar + Bake Shop (Empire Gallery), The Bearded Lady (SS15), Boska (Centrepoint), Espressolab (Pavilion & NuSentral), Table 23 (Jalan Mesui), Fierce Curry House (Bangsar), Fiercer (Publika), The Tea Republic (BSC),  and Three Little Birds Cafe (D7 Sentul). So hopefully, you’ll find one nearby.

    3) Fat Baby Ice Cream

    Fat Baby Ice Cream has been making waves since coming on board the frozen dessert route. We like their sense of fun and nostalgia when making their ice creams, coming up with flavours like Cornflakes, Coconut Candy, Peanut Butter and Fudge. We however, have a particular favourite which is their Classic Vanilla ice cream, made with Madagascar vanilla beans. That Classic Vanilla ice cream is sheer ambrosia.

    Also another one with no on-site premise, fret not because these ice creams are available at several locations –

    CAFFEine (Setia Walk, Puchong), Podgy & The Banker (Sri Hartamas), Las Vacas (Mont Kiara, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng & Kelana Kaya), Roast Factor (The Village Shops, The Club, Bandar Utama), Standing Theory (SS2), Jac’s on the 8th (Dataran Ara Damansara) and The Red Beanbag (Solaris Dutamas).

    4) The Potong Artisanal Pops

    Ais potong. Something that most of us have grown up with. It has been a staple for most Malaysians, especially for an after school snack. Quite often, you could find that ice cream man aka “ais potong man” waiting outside a school, ringing that bell. For a while, ais potong dropped in popularity and thus, it became quite difficult to find. Thankfully, these artisans at The Potong Artisanal Pops came up with some fantastic ice cream for us. We now chant this mantra, “Long live the ais potong!” because the ice cream is delectable.

    Flavours such as Musang King, Cempedak, Cherry Root Beer, Coconut Water, Watermelon Fizz and Coco Banana are some of the favourites. They’ve kept to the true nature of the ais potong and sell them from little carts (albeit much cuter and prettier ones than what we were used to).

    The Potong Artisanal Pops can be found at Publika (UG), Wondermama (Bangsar Village 1), Delectable Treats (LG-72, Paradigm Mall), Frontera (Jaya One) and the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (Setapak Jaya).

    5) Forty Licks

    And finally, we have Forty Licks. These ice creams are the kind of ice creams that are unique, yet playful with flavours like Popcorn, Salted Caramel and Bandung. We love these two genius flavours – The Honey with Chocolate Bits (which has no sugar by the way, so that alone is already awesome!) and The Roasted White Chocolate with Lavender.

    They also have flavours such as Thai Tea, Earl Grey and Bailey’s Irish Coffee. With the luscious combination of ice cream and alcohol, that is indeed a rocking flavour combo which gets our vote! Forty Licks can be found at Stuff Your Face Cafe (BSC).

  • Events,  Lifestyle

    John Legend To Perform Live In Malaysia, Sept 23rd

    he All Of Me Tour is heading to Malaysia!

    John Legend, the crooner who is famous for hit tunes such as Let’s Get Lifted, Ordinary People and So High among others, will be bringing his All Of Me Tour to Malaysia this September 23rd.

    Spend an evening with the Legend and hear him sing live for his Malaysian fans at the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre.

    Tickets will go on sale next Friday, July 18th from TicketPro with prices at RM195, RM295, RM325, RM525 and limited Platinum seats at RM725 each.

  • Lifestyle

    Spotlight Malaysia: Kitchen & Culinary

    Most Malaysians tend to be somewhat enthusiastic about anything to do with food. So having the opportunity to scope out the offerings at the new Cookware, Bakeware and Kitchen department at Spotlight during the exclusive media launch is indeed a dream come true!

    At first glance, the section dedicated to this subject matter did not look that large. It’s located at the end of the store next to the cash register counters and store exit, which is quite convenient for when checking out and paying for items.

    However, upon checking out the space, we gladly discovered that the team at Spotlight did not fall short and cleverly managed to have all areas covered.

    This nifty department does cover just about everything that one would need for the home.

    For couples and young families just setting up a new home, this place would be great to scour through. And for others who already have everything for the kitchen, this place still has much to offer to add that extra spark or fun gadget to your kitchen.

    Though some areas are not as large in selection as we would like, Spotlight will still nonetheless give other home departmental stores a run for its money in terms of choices offered in one space.

    Whilst delving through the many shelves, we found that items are labeled correctly with the name of the item and price clearly stated. It is important to have the right information on hand without having to ask a member of staff about basic information of a product. So thumbs up on getting those basics right!

    As mentioned in our First Look: Spotlight Malaysia feature, Spotlight prides itself in being affordable and accessible to the public. They have stuck to that philosophy in this department.

    Crockery basics like porcelain mugs starting at RM5.99 each and porcelain bowls at RM8.99 each (and in multiple colours too!) are at a decent price.

    Imported bakeware, such as silicone flexible baking sheets starting from RM35.99 and a little ingenious item, the Multi Measure Glass priced at RM9.99 each to measure out teaspoon and tablespoon measurements in a shot glass is priced very reasonably.

    The selection of items offered is vast for the allocated space.

    From saucepans, crockery, cooking utensils to baking tins, wine glasses & decanters, cheese boards, timers, kitchen accessories, baking tools, lunch bags and more, one will be spoilt for choice.

    They also have some great tools & starter kits for children. So for those mums who aspire their offspring to be some sort of junior wonder master chef, this is a great way to get them started young in the kitchen!

    There are countless things on offer. And come to think it, some of the delights offered there may not be a necessity but you’d be tempted to want to buy them anyway! Simply because its just too awesome to pass up.

    It took a lot of self-control for us not to walk away with a truckload of items. But as Spotlight is here to stay, and with more stores to come by the end of this year, we figured that pacing ourselves slowly but surely will be the way to go.