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    10 English Words Only Malaysians Will Understand

    Malaysian English or Manglish is sometimes known as Rojak or Bahasa Rojak. We Malaysians can get really creative with our word choices. Forget about proper vocabulary or grammar, it’s all good as long as we understand each other, right? 1. Whack You are at a restaurant with friends waiting for food. Ah, it’s finally here! Without hesitation, someone will officiate the dinner by saying “So hungry! Let’s whack all the food.” 2. Tackle Your buddy comes up to you and tells you that he met this beautiful lady who he really likes.  You’ll probably tell him to “Go and tackle her!”  3. Chop You were about to submit an urgent document…

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    7 Characteristics and Qualities Men Are Attracted To

    All of us look for different things in our partners, whether from a physical standpoint or otherwise. But with all the technology that was design to aid modern day courtship, such as tinder and social media platforms. How far beyond the physical do we really get? Though, some may say that attraction is a science (maybe it is), there are certain things both men and women look for that goes beyond the physical. Men just like women want certain things in a partner. Here are some qualities and characteristics that Men and attracted to. 1. A Sense of Humour Just like women, men too want to be able to have…

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    Iconic Dishes From Around The World

    The unifying qualities that good food can have is something that should never be underestimated. Here is an infographic on ‘Iconic Dishes From Around The World’. This article was brought to you by www.perfectstays.co.uk. We Malaysian love our food. And there are so many Malaysian Food Classics that no infographic can do it all justice! Here are some Malaysian food articles you may be interested in: The 8 Different Kinds Of Laksa And Where To Get Them In Malaysia Top 5 Nyonya Kuih Finds Best 10 Must-Eats On Jalan Alor

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    Gadget Review: UE Boom Speaker

    Is this the best Portable/ Wireless speaker? Read more to find out: Recently Ultimate Ears (a brand of Logitect) released the UE Boom to the market. A portable/wireless speaker offering 360-degree sounds and features a 15-hour rechargeable battery life. It also allows users to connect two speakers together through the UE Boom app – available for both iOS and Android. Review I have tried portable/ wireless speakers before. Most of them worked sufficiently well but nothing that really impressed me. The UE Boom is something different altogether. This thing works on a whole different level. I received the Wireless device about a week ago and began testing it. The speaker does…

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    10 Characteristics of A Low-Maintenance Girl

    We believe many guys out there love to lead simple, drama-free lives.  This is the reason why they are attracted to women who are simple, chilled out and down to earth.  A low-maintenance girl doesn’t take things too seriously, and doesn’t put too much thought into things that don’t matter much. Here are the 10 low-maintenance characteristics all guys want in a woman. 1. She tends to use her boyfriend’s cloths as her pyjamas. One of the reasons girl uses her boyfriend’s clothes as her pyjamas is because it is comfortable and it gives her a sense of security. It also means that she doesn’t need to spend unnecessarily for…

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    Where To Rent Halloween Costumes in KL and PJ

    Don’t want to buy or make a costume for Halloween? Here are some places for Halloween Costume Rentals: Halloween is just around the corner and that means parties, costumes and a night of fun. If you are stumped on where to rent one, here are some places in KL that you could visit: 1. Costumes ‘N’ Parties This shop is literally located in the center of KL. They have costumes for adults and children ranging from 1920’s themed and Cosplay and Video Games inspired. You can also buy special effect/ stage makeup to complete your look. With over 20,000 costumes, Costumes ‘N’ Parties is one of the largest costumes boutiques in…

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    NESCAFE’s New Mountain Wash Decaffeinated Coffee

    NESCAFE has launched a decaffeinated coffee to join their ever popular coffee range. It’s called NESCAFE Mountain Wash  and we in Malaysia are the first to get our hands on it. The coffee was inspired by the traditions of a hidden village in Vietnam named Tri-An, where the beans are soaked for long hours to gently remove the caffeine. Here is a video overview on the story of NESCAFE Mountain Wash. The Review The Name The name strikes me as slightly odd. When you say “mountain wash” fast, it sounds like “mouth wash”. However, since the coffee range draws inspiration from the village in the mountains, I can understand the origins of…

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    7 Phrases That Are Harmful To A Relationship

    The words we choose can have a lasting effect on us, especially if it comes from someone we care about. Here’s some relationship advise on phrases that are harmful to your relationship: 1. “Why?” “Why” is a very powerful word and is very useful in many situations, but you should avoid using it towards your partner. Asking your partner “Why this?” or “Why that?” can create a feeling of defensiveness in the one being asked. Try a little experiment and ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” the next time you get the chance. You will feel that it provokes anxiety, and this is the feeling other’s will feel with…

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    Root Cellar KL x Seven Cups Café: A Delicious Collaboration

    These two wonderful companies come together for a collaboration of Gastronomical Magic. The Collaboration The local culinary scene has had an increasing number of cafes with artisanal qualities popping up like mushrooms. This October (2015) a month long pop up, Root Cellar KL teams up Seven Cups Café in Empire Damansara to provide some delicious meals to be had with great coffee. We ordered the “Tender Me Brisket” which happens to be one of Root Cellar’s signature dishes. The dish consists of a 6-hour braised beef brisket, topped with jalapenos, pickled onions and cheese in a toasted roll, and served with season greens and hand cut potato crisp. And of…

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    5 Delicous Detox Juice Recipes

    Take some time to cleanse yourself with these delicious juice recipes: We live in a fast pace society, as such many things are designed for convenience. From instant coffee to fast food, you name it. Though conveniences have their place in helping us on a daily basis, we’ve to remember that all the things we put in our bodies have an effect on our general. With that in mind, it’s always best to take a break from all that, and detox from all the toxins. Here are some awesome recipes that you can try out at home. The Turbo Express This juice recipe is rich in Potassium, Vitamin C and…