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    Halloween 2013: Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright – Festival of Fear

    Want to be spooked silly this Halloween? Get your buddies together and dress up in the wackiest costumes and brave Sunway Lagoon’s spooky attraction!

    Be afraid..be very afraid when night falls and darkness descends this October, as the air will ring with terrified screams as visitors experience Nights of Fright – Festival of Fear, an all-new event set to ramp up the terror factor for five nights, only at Sunway Lagoon!

    Over the years, Lynton V. Harris’ Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon has established itself as the pre-eminent live scare attraction in Malaysia and now, for five selected nights in the run up to (and including) Halloween night itself, the terror will be unconfined as the amusement park at Sunway Lagoon will be transformed into one giant landscape of horror in this Festival of Fear.

    Imagine Sunway Lagoon being populated with all manner of terrifying creatures roaming at will through a series of themed scare zones such as the Wild West Ghost Town, FunFear and All Hallows Cemetery!

    In addition, there will be a brand new horror maze “The Mummy’s Revenge – Tomb Of Terror”; a photo opportunity with a giant alien Queen; a seasonal pumpkin display featuring ingenious carvings of some of the most iconic characters in horror film history, a Jack O’ lantern river ride and a specially erected stage on which performers will include magicians, dancers and an undead fashion show.

    And of course at the centre of it all will be Lynton V. Harris’ Scream Park featuring three floors of fear including Horrorwood Studios 1 and 2, ‘Rumah Hantu 3DX’, World War Z live and, especially for Halloween, screenings of a seasonal chiller entitled Freakshow, featuring the voice of rock legend Alice Cooper.

    And as if all that isn’t enough to get your chill on, the rides in the amusement park will be operating throughout the nights but with a spooky twist.

    Due to the intense nature of the event it is only open to those aged 12 and above. Nights of Fright – Festival of Fear at Sunway Lagoon invites you to come feel the fear on October 18, 19, 25, 26 and 31 from 7.30pm till 10.30pm. Tickets are priced at RM48 per pax and entitle guests to unlimited entries to all the attractions inside Nights of Fright. In addition to that the first 1,000 walk in guests each night will receive a complimentary drink.

    For more information, visit the Sunway Lagoon websiteFacebook page, or call 603- 5639 0000.

    ..Whatever it is, do not go alone – you’ll never know what’ll be following you back! *evil laugh

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    What’s Up With The Giant Rubber Duck?

    By now, you would’ve seen or heard of the Giant Rubber Duck. Though, aside for ooh-ing and ahh-ing at its adorableness — do you know exactly what this humongous inflated bird is?

    Part of an art initiative, the Giant Rubber Duck is essentially a series of several oversized floating rubber duck sculptures that are seen afloat around the waters of the world. The creative genius behind this is none other than Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman; an artist who aims to amaze audiences by giving them a new perspective on public spaces, and who also has a penchant for larger-than-life art pieces. Literally.

    In an interview with wesa.fm, Hofman shares that his vision for the friendly Giant Rubber Duck was to join people together, make spectators happy and to hopefully remind one of his or her childhood.

    Visibly large in nature, these sculptures are typically 25 meters tall and 25 meters wide. However, sizes vary as the Giant Duck needs to accommodate to their port of call. Subsequently, the giant rubber ducks are constructed with more than 200 pieces of PVC with an electric fan in its body so that it can be inflated at any time and weather.

    Although receiving a lot of buzz lately, the beginnings of this project is not current – it actually started in the year of 2007 in the artist’s own city, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    As of current, the monumental bird sculpture has been quacking up on shores of:

    • Saint-Nazaire, France (2007)
    • São Paulo, Brazil (2008)
    • Osaka, Japan (2010)
    • Auckland, New Zealand (2011)
    • Onomichi, Japan (2012)
    • Hasselt, Belgium (2012)
    • Sydney, Australia (2012)
    • Hong Kong, (2013)
    • Pittsburgh, USA (2013)
    • Beijing, China (2013)
    • Baku, Azerbaijian (2013)
    • Taiwan (2013)

    Sadly, no news of the adorable giant Rubber Duck gracing our Malaysian waters is heard yet. Though, that might soon change with a certain Facebook page and movement named as ‘Welcome Rubber Duck to Penang 歡迎黃色小鴨來檳城’. The team running the aforementioned account aims to get as many likes as possible in hopes of catching the attention of the Giant Duck Project; so that the oversized floating structure will make a pit stop in Penang!

    While the VenusBuzz.com team is unsure of how far this Malaysian initiative has gone or will go, it’s good to know that there might be a slight chance to personally witness this loveable yellow monument of bathtub fun on our shores!

    In the meantime, we guess us Malaysians would have to settle for this rubber duck alternative:

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    Using Your Money To Make More Money (With A Bank)

    Would you believe us if we said that there’s an easy way for you to use your money to make more money? And no, we’re not scamming you!

    The answer to this curious money making technique is simply through investing in your bank.

    Contrary to what many think, banks are more than just a place for you to place your money at or to apply loans from. Truth is, banks are actually a good place for you to boost your personal financial savings, while going about your daily jobs. This is done by allocating a small amount of money into bank investments, in hopes that they will grow in value. When done right, one is able to wind up with more money than he or she started with.

    Below are some banking investment options that might possibly help you stretch your dollar.

    Savings Plan

    One of the most basic forms of investment, savings plan are guaranteed by banks and carries very little risk. Basically, the banks will require you to place a certain amount of money in an account every month for a period of time. The said period of time is usually 10 to 30 years. At the end of the tenure, you will get back a lump sum of money, which is much more than the total sum of money that you have deposited. Also note that the longer the tenure that you choose, the higher will be the amount of returns you get at the end.

    Fixed Deposits

    As with a savings plan, fixed deposits are deemed as one of the safest and most secure type of investment saving options. However, returns are low.

    Fixed deposit gives you returns based on the amount of money you bank in and its interest rates. With that in mind, interest rates depend on the bank and also the duration of time that you wish to place in your deposits. The longer you place your deposits, the higher will be the interest rates that are offered to you. Also, take into account that withdrawing your fixed deposit before its due maturity date will result in you losing all the interest income that you’re supposed to get.

    Stock Market Investment

    Some people regard stock market investments better than placing your money in fixed deposits or an insurance investment plan. This is because you are able to take back your money any time you wish to do so by selling the stock.

    However, in all honesty, this can be quite a risky form of investment and one would require a certain amount of money to start investing in the stock market. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to only invest in blue chip stocks in the stock exchange because they are regarded as stocks that have a record of paying a stable stream of dividends. In simple terms – blue chip stocks are stocks of companies that are financially safe and always pay out dividends. The dividends will be the income that you receive from investing in the stocks.

    Unit Trusts

    Usually sold by investment banks, a unit trust is generally low-risk and low-return open-ended investment. Alongside the fact that trained individuals are more often than not hired to monitor and select the best investments out there, this type of investment offers you access to a wide range of securities. Thus, making it a more secure type of investment.

    However, do note that there is a risk of you losing money in this form of investment. This is why it is important to properly go through the bank’s past investment. Fret not though, the investment banks would usually show you records of their past investments and notify you to a certain degree of accuracy the dividend yield that you will get yearly.

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    McDonald’s Malaysia Releases Statement on Pork Fat Found in Sauces

    McDonald’s Malaysia has come under fire for apparently using a non-Halal ingredient, ‘LM10′ in their restaurants. 

    McDonald’s have been under fire lately admist rumours that traces of LM 10 which is pork fat that have been found in their sauces. They’ve since released a statement to clarify and say that there is no truth to allegations suggesting otherwise as this ingredient has never been used in any of the products served by McDonald’s Malaysia.

    “We wish to reassure our customers that all products, including all imported sauces, served by McDonald’s Malaysia are certified 100% Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and Halal Authorities that are approved by Jakim. Furthermore, Jakim has also issued an official statement confirming the Halal status of McDonald’s Malaysia, as featured in local dailies and television news recently. As such, our customers can enjoy our food with absolute confidence that they are fully sourced and prepared in accordance to the requirements set by the relevant ministries and authorities.”

    It goes on to say that McDonald’s Malaysia is the first Quick-Service Restaurant chain to be awarded the Halal certificate in Malaysia, which is a testament to their commitment in being a leader in serving quality Halal food in Malaysia.

    “Our Internal Halal Committee, which also comprises experienced external Sharia Advisors, partners closely with Jakim to ensure full compliance with all Halal requirements, so that our Muslim customers may be certain that our products are 100% Halal.”

    For further clarification on McDonald’s Malaysia’s Halal status, please refer to Jakim’s official website or contact Jakim’s Halal Hub division at 03 – 8315 0200 and McDonald’s Malaysia’s Customer Service Hotline at 03 – 2726 5600.

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    Nina Davuluri, First Indian-Descent Miss America

    The curtains for the annual Miss America beauty pageant have recently descended, concluding yet another chapter of the annual beauty pageant! While most of us are giving her a huge hip hip hooray, there are those that are not shy of being vocal with their unhappiness.

    A new Miss America has recently been crowned, and the lovely lady goes by the name of Miss Nina Davuluri (Miss New York). Born in Syracuse, the gorgeous New Yorker is a 24-year-old University of Michigan graduate who aspires to be a doctor. She is also a certified nerd, admitting that she loves Star Wars, Star Trek and anything sci-fi in her official Miss America biography video.

    Aside from her great beauty, brains and personality combo, many applauded Davuluri on her lovely classical Bollywood fusion dance performance (for her talent competition) and professional answer to the interview question.

    Davuluri’s crowning truly made headlines in more ways than one. The event is truly a milestone for the prestigious beauty pageant – for the first time in history, a woman of Indian descent was crowned as Miss America. And then there’s the fact that this is also the first time Miss New York has won the Miss America title two years in a row.

    After her victory in Atlantic City, the beauty queen said at that post-show press conference: “I’m so happy this organisation has embraced diversity. I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.”

    Sadly, not everyone shares similar thoughts. Just moments after she was crowned as Miss America 2014, Davuluri became subject to tons of hateful tweets.

    Many have turned to twitter to show their disdain towards the outcome of the beauty pageant. Some accused her of not being American and had left comments of racial and nationality slurs. More alarmingly, a number of tweets contained words such as  “Miss Terrorist,” “Miss Al-Qaeda,” and “Miss 7-11”; they’ve somehow linked Davuluri to terrorism notions.

    We can’t help but feel saddened by the unfortunate backlash against Davuluri. Such negative reactions and comments are uncalled for, especially towards a newly-crowned beauty queen. Truth is, beauty goes beyond physical attributions; it is skin deep.

    The masses, including the judges of Miss America, clearly celebrate and understand that beauty celebrates diversity; is it really that hard for everyone else to do the same?

    It’s a good thing that the current Miss America is a strong and positive lass. When asked about the hateful responses, Davuluri gracefully answered that she has to rise above all that. She added in that she has always viewed herself as an American ultimately.

    Good for you Davuluri!

    Regardless of all the on-going drama and comments, we would like to sincerely congratulate the very lovely Nina Davuluri on her accomplishment – we’re truly happy to see such a talented, beautiful, smart and classy young lady crowned as Miss America 2014!

    Sources: BuzzfeedGossipcop, Sky News HD 

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    Garlic, And All Its Wonderful Benefits!

    Love it or hate it! Wherever your allegiance stands, garlic has a lot of benefits for your wellbeing. The question is whether you’ll embrace this pungent bulb with mouth wide open?

    Grow healthy hair

    Garlic contains high levels of allicin which could end your hair loss problems. It is a sulphur compound similar to that found in onions which were discovered to be effective in treating hair loss. Take a few cloves of garlic slices and rub on your scalp, try to squeeze as you go along for the most benefit. If that’s too much for you, infuse a little essential oil with garlic before massaging into your scalp.

    Treats acne

    Garlic makes a great natural remedy to banish unsightly blemishes, all thanks to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Rub a sliced clove of garlic on the affected area for a few minutes after cleansing face. It works as an effective topical treatment against the dreaded pimples. But watch out, it might sting!

    Prevents and treats colds

    Also, with the level of antioxidants contained in garlic, your immune system could greatly benefit from the regular consumption. It’s also a good source of Vitamin B6 that is essential for healthy immune system and the efficient growth of new cells.

    If you feel a cold coming on, try sipping garlic tea – steep chopped or minced garlic in hot water for several minutes, then strain and drink. To make the taste more bearable, add a bit of honey or ginger.

    Reduce cholesterol level

    Cardiovascular disease can be kept at bay by ingesting garlic. The antioxidant in garlic helps to prevent LDL or Low Density Lipo Protein from being oxidised. Thus, the cholesterol build-up that clogs the arteries could be reduced and not to mention, you have a natural defence against free radicals too. The properties of garlic also work to thin the blood to protect against clots, allow better iron flow and open up vessels.

    Natural antibiotic

    Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic (though it’s not a substitute for them!) as the aforementioned allicin can help fight against bacteria and viruses associated with colds and flu. The properties can also be helpful in alleviating fungal and vaginal infections. During WWI, soldiers were known to use crushed garlic on infected wounds.

    Keep mosquitoes away

    It seems the pesky mozzies hate garlic and one study in India found that if you rub a garlicky concoction on arms and legs, the pests would leave you alone. To make your own natural mosquito repellent, mix a solution of garlic oil, petroleum jelly and beeswax in a small bowl. If you’re not too keen on having the solution on you, put a few drops around the house; alternatively you can just place cloves of garlic.

    Source: Natural Blaze, My Health By Nature, Veg Kitchen

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    Where To Go For A Sandwich Fix?

    Everybody loves a good sandwich, but where does one for a good one?

    Ah, sandwiches. A fun and tasty pocket of fillings; a comfort meal where you get your greens, meats and carbs all at a go; something to fill up your tummy on days you don’t feel like having rice or noodles… Be whatever reasons you love a good stack of sandwich is, one this is for sure – a good sandwich can sure make you (and your tummy) happy!

    Nonetheless, we’ve noticed that sandwiches are not really a meal staple here in Malaysia. Well sure, there’s that big green signboard with yellow words that start with an ‘S’ and friendly Irish sandwich joint; but is it really that hard to get a tasty sandwich stack that’s less mainstream?

    The answer is – No. If you’re tired of the usual O’Briens or ‘sub of the day’, why not place one (or all) of these attractive sandwich joints into your ‘to-eat’ list.

    Stacks at Tropicana City Mall

    With a ‘sandwiches built your way’ tagline, Stacks is ready to give you what you want to satisfy your sandwich craves; which is pretty much why this quant little restaurant has become one of the team’s favourite lunch spots! Based on our sandwich experiences here, what we enjoy about Stacks is the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Options are also vast – from white to wholemeal, cold cuts to toasted breads, kimchi to blue cheese (yes!), cranberry jam to pesto; Stacks has got them all! We also like the retro diner vibe the place emits; complete with an old school jukebox player!

    Eat Here If You Like: Turkey and Cranberry, Kimchi and Beef

    Boardriders Café at Mid Valley 

    While we understand that some of you might be scoffing at the pic above and going ‘is that supposed to be a vegetarian sandwich?’, don’t be fooled – the Hawaiian Chicken was one heck of a yummy (and filling) sammie! In our honest opinion, what separates Boardriders Café from others is the fact that they serve their sandwiches with authentic Hawaiian bread; which is soft, dense and slightly sweet to the taste. To top it all off, these specially crafted sandwiches are served in a Hawaiian-like setting! So, if any of you are looking for a taste of Hawaii, you know where to go now.

    Eat Here If You Like: Hawaiian Chicken and beef peperoni sandwiches

    Espressamente at Pavillion

    Ever since taking our first bite out of the sandwiches offered at Espressamente three years ago, we were sold! Although the place offers limited cibattas and paninis, Espressamente has taught us that you don’t need an extensive menu and options to become a great sandwich joint; all you need is great-tasting and warm bread, and a graceful amount of choice ingredients for fillings! Our usual is their chicken Panini – the thick chicken patty pairs up lovely with the mushrooms and sundried tomatoes. Plus point? Espressamente’s coffee and affogato make for great after-meals! Now if only these tasty sammies were less expensive…

    Eat Here If You Like: Chicken Panini and Lamb Mint Cibatta

    Pickle and Fig at TTDI

    Although being one of the newest sandwich shop in town, Pickle and Fig has garnered quite a good reputation that has gotten people far and near travelling to them. Are they really worth the hype? Yes, especially if you like homey sandwiches, in a homey environment with awesome homey triple-fried fries. Yup, key word is homey. Fillings are generous and innovative, breads are above average and their sauces are made from scratch; all these translates well in the taste department. We tried the Rotkraut Pastrami – the beef and saurkraut combo made it a good choice but we would’ve loved it more if portions were a bit bigger.

    Eat Here If You Like: Guacamole Chicken and Rotkraut Pastrami

    B’wiched at B.I.G

    With quirky names, a good knowledge of what goes well with what, homemade breads and fresh ingredients; B’wiched is a sandwich bar that’s prepared to be bewitch you! Many have commended that B’wiched’s sandwiches are often filled to the brim with flavoursome fillings. Its wide-reaching offerings, such as Bahn-Mi baguettes and crab meat brioche, are another reason why people keep going back to them.

    Eat Here If You Like: Salmon Hayek (Salmon sandwiches) and Jon Banh Jovi (roasted chicken with chilli and pickles sandwich).

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    Pasembur Stars Around Town!

    For all you pasembur lovers out there, this post is for you!

    Rojak pasembur, or also simply known as pasembur and rojak mamak, is essentially a Malaysian dish with fresh condiments (sengkuang and cucumber), fried condiments (tofu, cucur) and peanut gravy sauce. Other optional add-ins include hard boiled eggs, squid slices and crackers.

    Although it admittedly does not sound (or look) appetizing and pleasing, it is undeniable that a good and warm serving of this interesting Malaysian spicy salad is bound to hit the spot!

    Here are a few spots around town that serves up a satisfying pasembur plate (or pack if you decide to bungkus it).


    Rojak SS15 at Subang Jaya

    Notoriously known for its long queue, the famous rojak stall in ss15 is a heavyweight in this food category; and they have every right to be so. Its gravy is sweet and has a nice hint of nuttiness to it. Moreover, due to its usual high turnover of customers, the rojak essentials are always fresh; no sengkuang, cucur, fried tofu or any other condiment would stay long on that stall! Another advantage of satisfying your pasembur craving at this stall is the cooling shade provided by the trees. Though providing more seats to eaters would be a nice gesture…

    Location: Along Jalan ss15/3B, across KFC


    Rojak Kader at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

    What we enjoyed most about this particular pack of goodness was its prawn fritters and how its gravy had such a prominent nutty aroma. The fact that the gravy contained a gracious amount of crushed nuts was another definite plus point too! However, due to the fact that the spiciness level was slightly above average and because not everyone is a nut freak like yours truly, it may not prove to be everybody’s cup of tea.

    Location: along Jalan Damansara, opposite the Petronas Station


    Restoran Mee Rebus & Pasembur Utara at Kampung Baru

    We understand how some of you might not really fancy eating beside the road, which makes ‘Restoran Mee Rebus & Pasembur Utara’ a pretty safe and yummy choice. Many have commended on the smoothness of the gravy and that it is not overly spicy. However, do not that we’re not saying that this place is the best place to satisfy your pasembur cravings, just that it may be one of the cleanest and most comfortable options out there. Additionally, since it’s a full-fledged restaurant with other delicious dishes (we heard that the nasi ayam is not bad!), this makes for a great place to bring your family to!

    Location: Jalan Raja Uda (Kampung Baru), Kuala Lumpur


    Rojak Mustaffa at Section 17

    If you’re those who like sengkuang in their pasembursthere is none here; bean sprouts are the main deal for Rojak Mustaffa. Nonetheless, this is really not such a big deal as everything tasted great together. From the wholesome gravy to the included sotong slices; this plate of pasembur is easy on the palate, fulfing, and has would easily please even the pickiest of eaters! In fact, it was so good that we personally witnessed a bus driver parked his huge vehicle by the side on the road just to have it!

    Location: Jalan 17/41A (off Jalan 17/21), Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

    Do you have any other awesome pasembur stars to recommend? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below so that other fellow readers (and the VenusBuzz team) can try them out too!

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    The Best Philips HD2139 Pressure Cooker Review..Ever.

    In the ideal world, my dream kitchen (and I suspect most of you out there as well) will be fully kitted out to facilitate every culinary adventure my “closet epicurean” heart can muster. From Le Cruset casserole dishes, a Wolf Range Cooker, right down to a Sous Vide machine; All manner of machinery would raise me to the level of domestic goddess, super mom and wonder woman all in one fell swoop.

    The only problem is, I’m not married, don’t have children and worst of all, don’t have any time to use any such apparatus – making my best friend in the kitchen my laptop and kitchenonwheels.com.

    You know what the worst thing is? I can actually cook a decent meal. I have learned after reading through and experimenting with dishes from cookbooks which lure me with the notion of 30 minute meals that the rarest ingredient in the world is not a black truffle, nor is it sea salt flown in specially from the deepest points of the Dead Sea; rather, it’s time.

    By the time I’m done with work, I just want to plop onto my couch, watch the Fashion Police on E! and have food magically appear in front of me (and hence my choice of friends). If you’re nodding away sadly in between mouthfuls of food from a styrofoam container, let me share with you a secret that I’ve just learned about which lets me ditch that bad company I’ve come to grow accustomed to; The Phillips Electronic Pressure Cooker from the Viva collection.

    I’ve never been one to use pressure cookers because of the extreme hassle that usually ensues when setting one up but when I read the instruction manual for this one, I was inspired. More Taste Less Time, you say? Tenderize Foods in Minutes, really? Ditching the cynical couch cook in me, I decided to fire up the pressure cooker with a time and tested 1 pot recipe which usually takes a few hours to make well – The Good Ol’ Beef Stew.

    I seared the beef off after seasoning and threw it in the pressure cooker. After adding all the other ingredients (I would post the recipe, but If I did, no man would ever find me or my cooking mysterious and alluring ever again) and a tonne of beef stock, I crossed my fingers, locked in the lid, sealed the pressure switch and prepared my laptop to give my gastronomic booty call the “whatcha doin?”.

    Fingers trembling, I pressed the preset for stew, which kind of alarmed me because it was the same preset for steam. When the electronic display blinked 00:20, I was convinced I had a dud. What device could cook my 3-4 hour stew in 20 minutes!

    I decided to leave it to fate and selected which restaurant I wanted to order from and went to watch TV. Granted it didn’t take exactly 20 minutes because of the need to build up pressure but when the pot beeped away signalling the end of the cooking, my heart skipped a beat. Seeing how Suki-ya was still open, there was hope in case it all went Pete Tong.

    I flipped the pressure release switch and up shot a pillar of bovine smelling steam that instantly took my taste buds and gave it the most vicious backhand ever, leaving me salivating. It didn’t help that Good Eats was on TV. When the steam had been released, I unlatched the cover, preparing myself for the worst. The sight that greeted me was a beautiful one. Thick-ish dark brown stew that smelled heavenly was just settling from a rolling boil. In the most traditional of tests, I tried to smush (very technical, I know) the various root vegetables and pieces of meat; To my surprise, it was pretty darn soft for a 20 minute cook. I decided that there was hope and I ran it again for another 20 minutes and the results were impressive.

    The Philips Electronic Pressure Cooker made beef stew, at least 90% of the original quality in just about ¼ of the time needed. By the time I could mop up the last of my stew with crusty bread I had sitting around, FoodPanda was off my favorites list, Fashion Police was on TV and I had a new friend – one that wouldn’t send me email reminders that my favorite store was having a discount. Best of all, I had an Instagrammable meal to share with the world.

    Looking back at my dreams of domestic goddess, super mom and wonder woman-ness, the Philips Electronic Pressure Cooker would’t give me everything on a silver platter, but it sure as hell would make my life easier.

    For the working mom with no household help, having a hearty, healthy meal prepared in an hour is a godsend to both kids and sanity. Even if there are no mini-you’s in your household, a short prep time and shorter cooking time will be all that stand between the tired, post-work you from a hearty meal. For the technologically backward, the cooker is as easy to use as a curling iron and you’re actually less likely to burn yourself.

    Save your delivery charges and judgmental looks by dispatch drivers because the pressure cooker retails for RM499, a steal compared to the money you save eating out, in. Now, all I need is a device that fries me chicken without the oil and I won’t ever have to leave the house. Oh wait.

    For more information, visit the Philips website.

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    Phantom of the Opera Pre-Theatre Menus at Celebrity Chef Restaurants

    So you’re going for a nice night out on the town, and catching the much-talked about Phantom of the Opera – how about perfecting the evening with a delectable pre-theatre meal at a celebrity chef restaurant?

    Fans of the worldwide sensation, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ can now enjoy special pre-theatre menus at four celebrity chef restaurants at Marina Bay Sands which features signature dishes of the various restaurants with either a two- or three-course meal available from 5:30pm to 7pm until September 1.

    Cut by Wolfgang Puck (RM168/SGD65 per pax)

    Iconic American steakhouse, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, is serving a two course set dinner with a choice of its signature seasonal starters such as the Heirloom Tomato Salad with Goat Cheese, Shaved Red Onion and Spanish Anchovies or American Blue Crab & Shrimp “Louis,” Spicy Tomato-Horseradish.

    Diners can choose a main course of either the USDA Prime Striploin “Steak Frites”, Norwegian Salmon “En Barigoule” or the Halal Baby Chicken with potato puree and field mushrooms.

    Located right next to the theatre, Cut is also offering dessert top-ups at $18 for a selection that includes the decadent Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé, Crème Fraiche, White Chocolate Ice Cream (for two) and the “Banana Cream Pie”, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Pearls, Caramel Banana Ice Cream. To ensure that diners catch their show on time, the desserts may be enjoyed after the show ends. For the wine lovers, pairings are also available (RM72/SGD28) with a choice of one red and one white wine.

    db Bistro Moderne by Daniel Bouloud (RM150/SGD58 per pax)

    Evoke the passion and grandeur of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ with db Bistro Moderne’s The Phantom of the Orient cocktail (RM57/SGD22). This cocktail combines Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Grand Marnier, lime juice, kaffir lime leaf mixed with sugar syrup, chilli pepper and lemongrass for a truly “spirited” flavour.

    Conveniently located across from the theatre, db Bistro Moderne by Daniel Boulud is also offering a two or three course pre-theatre menu (RM150/SGD58 or RM175/SGD68 with a glass of wine). A good selection is available with the Tuna Tartare, Grilled Wagyu Hanger Steak, Summer Corn Soup and Britanny Cod “En Papillote” with Artichoke Barigoule, Carrot, Cherry Tomatoes, Parsley and Lemon Jus.

    Osteria Mozza by Mario Batali (RM155/SGD60 per pax)

    Right next door, Mario Batali’s award-winning Italian Osteria Mozza beckons with a special three course pre-theatre menu and diners may choose starters such as the fresh Ricotta with Radicchio, Spiced Walnuts, Honey & Fried Rosemary, pastas such as hand- rolled Garganelli with Ragù Bolognese or Orecchiette with Fennel Sausage & Swiss Chard and end on a sweet note with the Rosemary Olive Oil Cakes with olive oil gelato & rosemary brittle.

    For an additional RM77 (SGD30), diners are welcome to upgrade their meal with a tasteful portion of fork-tender Red Wine Braised Wagyu Beef Short Rib with Polenta or fresh market fish of the day prepared alla Livornese with tomato, Arbequina olive, caper & white wine. Complete the experience with a premium red and white Italian wine for RM38 (SGD15) per glass.

    Guy Savoy (RM335/SGD130 per pax)

    For diners looking for a classic French fine dining experience before heading to the theatre, Guy Savoy is offering a three-course menu from 6pm to 7pm and diners will get to have a choice of an appetizer, main course and dessert from the a la carte menu, served “en demi”, the perfect portion for an early indulgence.

    Enjoy in signatures such as the Artichoke Black Truffle Soup and Lobster “raw-cooked” in cold steam, mains such as Crispy Sea Bass with delicate spices and Sauteed Wild Pink Dorade, and desserts including Grapefruit Terrine and Chocolate Orb. In addition, enjoy a complimentary Guy Savoy Martini by presenting the “Phantom of the Opera” show ticket.

    Last orders for the pre-theatre menus are at 7pm. Diners can make reservations at the numbers or email addresses below:

    Cut: +65 6688 8517, cutreservations@marinabaysands.com

    db Bistro Moderne: +65 6688 8525, dbreservations@marinabaysands.com

    Mozza: +65 6688 8522, mozza-reservations@marinabaysands.com

    Guy Savoy: +65 6688 8513, guy.savoy@marinabaysands.com

    Online reservations are now also available through the restaurant pages at Marina Bay Sands.