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    Ugly Models: The Alternative Modelling Agency

    Fashion models are often referred to as clothes horses or glorified hangers thanks to their often unattainable ‘flawless’ physiques – but it’s the 21st century..aren’t we all past that shallow hogwash?

    I mean, we’ve all seen enough Top Model franchises to know that the pretty girl is always deemed “too commercial” anyway, so that in itself is a testament to how personality and edge is what will make or break a model in the industry.

    Realising this need in a relatively untapped market, Ugly Models is a modelling agency that markets “cool” instead of just plain ol’ boring pretty – we mean alternative beauties (boys and girls) with tattoos, coloured hair, varying body sizes and loud personalities that shine through, making these models highly relatable and aspirational to the Gen Y market.

    They philosophy is simple – “Any beauty can be airbrushed but we want our look to have true character.”

    “We like our women fat and our men geeky, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small. No one is too abstract for our books! We are Ugly. And we are the leaders in character modelling.“

    With over 1,000 models to their name ranging from 18-100 years old, sizes 6-30, Ugly Models has the most individual, wacky and peculiar looks in the industry; from trannies to grannies, burlesque to bikers, little people to rock blokes!

    The tallest guy in the world Sultan Kosen at 8ft1, and Elaine Davidson who has an astounding 2,520 piercings are among the impressive list of ‘Specials‘ in their portfolio.

    But they don’t just represent colourful characters; the more conventional models are signed under Rage. Both agencies have been so successful that they’ve only advertised once in 1969 and have not had to do so since having provided models for Vogue and even designer names such as Calvin Klein.

    We’re all for the extreme and not the mainstream, and believe that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes (take that, Salt N Pepa reference). What are your thoughts – are you for or against character models?

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    Tutorial: Shu Uemura x PaperSelf for Valentine’s Day

    Add a dash of romance with these gorgeous delicate paperlashes and let your eyes do the talking 

    When you think Valentine’s Day, you typically think pink and all that girly goodness but Shu Uemura’s take on romance with the Calligraph: Ink Spring 2014 eyeshadows and PaperSelf collaboration will set you apart from the rest.

    In this romantic look done by Shu Uemura’s elite makeup artist Lisa Yap, she played with shades of tangerine and shimmery golds as the backdrop to the striking black paperlashes which evokes a feeling of a beautiful sunset or the flutter of wings from a Monarch butterfly.

    Now, Shu Uemura is famous for its Tokyo lash bar and unrivalled eyelash curlers, so let’s talk about the lastest collaboration: the Shu Uemura x PaperSelf lashes. There are two designs, Cupid Angel and Love Lasts Forever. Intricately laser cut paper designs, one features three cupids ready at the aim on a single eyelash, and the other features the word ‘Love’ on one eye and ‘Forever’ on the other eye, with rose and heart motifs.

    The important thing to note is that with all false lashes, you will need to trim them down to fit your eye shape. However, I would recommend using only 1/3 of each lash to be placed on the end of your lash line for a more wearable look. That’s not to say these lashes won’t look great used in its entirety, but it will look more theatrical.

    For this tutorial, Lisa used the Cupid Angel paperlashes on me, and let’s see how easy it is to get this Spring-fresh look:

    Step 1: Lisa first shaped my eyebrows by tweezing away stray hairs (which can be done in store for RM35), and filled it the eyebrow in a modern shape using the Hard 9 pencil in Acorn.

    Step 2: Using the Medium Brown (S 853) shade, Lisa applied this shade on the socket and half of the outer eyelid to create the illusion of bigger, deep set eyes

    Step 3: She applied Vermillion (ME 252) which is a nice warm orange eyeshadow, and dabbed that all over the remaining part of the lid starting from the inner corner. Do not apply above the eye socket.

    Step 4: Using the darkest shade which is Dark Brown (S 884) and a smaller tipped brush, she used this to shade in the outer ‘V’ shape and blended it in.

    Step 5: Using the same dark brown shade, line the outer edge of your lower lash line one third of the way from the outer corner. This will give you the illusion of wider eyes.

    Step 6: Next, use the shimmery beige (G 821) to highlight the inner corner and the rest of the lower lash line until you reach the dark brown shade.

    Step 7: Curl your lashes!

    Step 8: Using the ah-may-zing Calligraph: Ink Liquid Eye Liner (I have this at home, and it is by far the best pen liner I have used), and draw a medium line with a slight flick at the end to elongate your eye shape.

    Step 9: Apply Mascara Length and Waterproof in Jet Black.

    Step 10: Using Light Beige (S 815), apply as a highlighter under your brow bone.

    For the pièce de résistance, apply the Shu Uemura PaperSelf Valentine’s Day lashes. First, you’ll want to snip the lashes to fit onto your eyes. For this look, Lisa snapped off one third of the lash – so in this case, we will be using one Cupid on each eye.

    Next, apply a thin layer of the Shu Uemura lash glue, and using tweezers, place it as close to the lash line as possible at the outer corner of your eye. Adjust accordingly until it looks perfect, and gently press the lashes upward so you can see the pattern clearly. Et voilà! Pretty, fluttery eyes! Blink blink away!

    For the rest of the look, finish off with a Coral blusher (P 560), lipstick (M 944) and gloss ( CR 10S).

    The Calligraph: Ink collection is currently available in stores. The pressed eyeshadows are priced at RM60 each, the Liquid Eye Liner (RM130) and refills (RM65), and the Paperlashes are RM90 per pair. If you like the look, you can head on to the Shu Uemura store and have a makeup artist do the look for you for RM150 (not including eyelashes which will need to be purchased).  For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Facebook page.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat yourself extra special this Friday  <3

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    Dior Spring 2013 Chérie Bow Makeup Collection: Pinks & Houndstooth

    Christian Dior’s love affair with all things romantic like the bows and ribbons worn by the Duchesse de Fontanges has resulted in the Spring 2013 Chérie Bow collection!

    This gorgeous makeup look by Tyen creates a uniquely fresh fusion of the House of Dior’s iconic codes; pink, black, and grey.

    We love the ultimate Dior signature houndstooth, which makes its mark on the eyeshadows, turning these beauty accessories into the couture must-haves of the season.

    Palette Chérie Bow (001 Rose Poudre/002 Rose Perle), RM230

    The star palette hides colours created by Tyen: a trio of velvety eyeshadows available in two harmonies, one around vintage powder pink, contrasting with grey and anthracite, the other in poppy pinks frosted with luminous white.
A black eyeliner and a fresh pink gloss complete this pop-up edition that sets the season’s tone.

    Twin Set Eyeshadow (060 Grey Sigh/090 Fishnet Black/530 Beige Ribbon/840 Ballerina Pink), RM112

    Inspired by backstage makeup artists, who apply a grease shadow set with powder for a long-lasting effect, the new Twin Set eyeshadow pen is the must-have for eyes. At one end, a smooth texture spreads a lush satin or pearly veil. At the other, a sponge-pad dusted with shiny powder brings a mirrored sheen. One shade and twin effects for a twin-set makeup that beholds endless possibilities…

    Illuminated, smoky or sophisticated to the hilt, the eyes recover the twinkle of spring.

    3 and 5 Couleurs Chérie Bow Edition (724 Rose Ballerine/854 Rose Charmeuse), RM158 and RM210

    A first for makeup. The legendary houndstooth that Christian Dior adored appears in eyeshadow palettes for the very first time. The 5 Couleurs and 3 Couleurs Smoky palettes revisit a play on grey and pink for the eyes. Variations on shadows and light, playing on textures and consistencies…

    Diorblush Chérie Bow Edition (659 Tender Coral/729 Pink Happiness), RM143

    Diorblush also adopts a houndstooth attire. Beneath the puff, two original harmonies – peach and “real” pink – give the complexion a burst of freshness. Pink flushes to the cheeks, for an instant “fresh air” look.

    Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Gloss, RM95

    For those who love a discreet rosy effect, an expert innovation for the lips: the gloss Dior Addict Lip Glow. It reacts to the level of humidity in the lips to diffuse its active colour effect and reveal their glow. Plumped with nourishing oils, it deeply hydrates the lips and transforms the smile with glistening sex appeal.

    Nail Glow, RM75

    Who has never dreamed of a nail varnish that reveals the nails’ natural beauty and gives a colour-free boost to their glow? Dior invents Nail glow, an all-in-one nailcare, varnish and glow that reveals an instant French manicure effect in one stroke.

    Dior Addict Lipstick (437 Charmante/457 Candide/467 Bow/687 Espegle), RM98

    Like gossamer silk on the lips, Dior Addict Lipstick shapes the smile with light. Its four lush new shades for Spring 2013 reveal an implacable sensuality, shimmering between attitude and grace.

    Rouge Serum (250 Tulle Pink Serum/630 Arabesque Pink Serum), RM113

    A fountain of youth for the lips, a glamour elixir, Rouge Sérum reveals two brand new shades. On the one hand, a delicate candy pink. On the other, a cheeky coral subtly flushed with pearly gold.

    Dior Vernis (155 Tutu/306 Gris Trannon/355 Rosy Bow), RM72

    In soft pale pink, Dior Vernis Tutu evokes the delicacy of a ballerina. Brighter and spiked with coral, the Rosy Bow shade celebrates spring and glowing seduction. Lastly, the Gris Trianon shade styles the nails with soft grey,
a timeless code in the chromatic world of Dior.

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    Backstage@Khoon Hooi: M.A.C Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Trends

    Everyone was calm and collected, and everything had been planned out and was going on schedule – perhaps, this was due to the fact that this was a solo Khoon Hooi show as opposed to a typical collaboration featuring two to three designers at one go.

    VenusBuzz.com were invited backstage by M.A.C who were collaborating with the designer for the first time on a solo show, to get a glimpse of the makeup trends to look forward to this coming Spring/Summer 2013 season.

    We spoke to M.A.C Senior Artist, Haritha Shan on the inspiration behind the look.

    “Spring is really fresh, and the collection is very floral-inspired. So, M.A.C created something with a little more browns and focused on the eyes, leaving the skin very natural.

    This season you’ll be seeing a lot of ‘invisible’ – invisible contouring and invisible brows. Invisible in the sense that we’re just combing the brows and filling in the hair – we don’t want it to look very stapled on to the face.”

    In terms of the lips, they were kept very close to the natural lip colour of the model.

    Key products used to achieve this look were the Strobe Cream to create a glow to the skin, Face & Body Foundation for a natural tinted effect, Paint Pot in Constructive which is a nice chocolate brown for the eyes, and finally Scultping Cream to contour.

    An interesting tip shared by Haritha, was to simply apply the Sculpting Cream to your palms, rub them together, and gently pat onto the top of your cheekbones – with no brush! This  gives a softer, more subtle and natural look as brushes tend to give a harsher look.

    There you have it, a simple natural look for next Spring! To read about the Khoon Hooi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, click here.

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    Dior Spring/Summer 2013 Techno Butterfly Beauty Look

    We love taking a look at new beauty trends on the runway, and with Pat McGrath you know you’re in for a treat!

    Christian Dior’s Spring/Sumer 2013 show was full of bright eyes and multi-coloured bursts of Swarovski crystals to complement each eye colour.

    Called ‘Techno Butterfly’, all attention was brought to the eyes by applying Diorshow eye shadow in bright colours such as fuschia, orange, violet, blue or green across the eyelids. The eyes were then lined along the lashes and Swarovski crystals were applied with a row glued over the liner and further crystals scattered across the lids.

    Keep the rest of the look relatively simple as you want the eyes to do all the talking! Keep your lashes, brows and lips natural which will allow the eyes to stand out.

    If you’re interested in trying out the look for yourself (especially for something different this Halloween!), the key Swarovski crystal colours used were Capri Blue, Jacinth, Indian Pink, Aurore and Chrysolite.

    Source: Vogue.co.uk

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    MAC Halloween Tip or Trick Makeup Ideas & Techniques

    With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your costume (if you haven’t already) and head out to the stores or costume rentals before all the good stuff flies off the shelves!

    But fear not, if you can’t find anything or are not willing to spend that money on items you’ll only wear once – a good trick is to go super out there with your makeup and transform your face using cool makeup techniques whilst keeping the outfit simple.

    We spoke to a few talented M.A.C makeup artists recently and were inspired by the looks and techniques they showed us! Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you too and you can mix and match these various techniques for a look that’s truly personalised!

    1. Beauty Ripper by Haritha Shan, M.A.C Senior Artist

    Haritha’s ‘half-face’ look was great because it showcased one-half of the models gorgeous features which was kept minimal with just a sweep of eyeshadow, some mascara and bright red lips – in contrast to the other half which was done up with creepy teeth showing, a heavily lined eye to mimic a skeleton’s hollow socket, and red tentacles around her face.

    “If you want to create a half-face effect, what you can do is use cellophane tape and tape it down the center of your face. In this way, when you’re colouring one half of the face it doesn’t mess up the other side of the face and you’re left with a clean line which makes it easier to work on the other half,” she said.

    To get the white skeleton face, Haritha used the lightest M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation in NC15, set it with a Mineralize loose powder, and finished it by dabbing a mix of two white eyeshadows (Crystal Avalanche and Gesso) on top.

    2. Tribal Rockstar by Shahrum, M.A.C Special Events Artist

    Shahrum’s sexy tribal rockstar look was both futuristic and stoic at the same time and relied heavily on contouring skills to sculpt the face for a very edgy look.

    “You can use  M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural or Foundation in different tones to build the different layers and use eyeshadows like Wedge  (warm, medium brown) and Carbon (black) with a blending brush to sculpt in the cheekbones and eyes,” he said.

    He drew on some interesting patterns which reminded us of Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan using the M.A.C Penultimate Eye Liner to complete the look.

    3. Mystery Lady by Reyo Lim, M.A.C Special Events Artist

    Reyo’s look was inspired by the Na’vi in Avatar, but he opted to paint the entire face purple for Fall/Winter, instead of blue.

    “I used M.A.C Face and Body Foundation all over her face, and buffed in Beautiful Iris (light purple eyeshadow) into her skin. I then used pigments in Violet and Natural Plum to create depth at her cheekbones and chin. Finish off by dusting Reflects Gold on to the skin for that extra glitter,” he said.

    For a nice contrast, use  Morange (orange) lipstick on her lips and M.A.C Lash in #42.

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    HAIR TREND: Ponytail Fever – The Classic, Modern, & Futuristic

    Gone are the days of long tresses worn down with large curls ala Victoria Beckham and Miley Cyrus during their heavily hair-extensioned days; stripper-chic is out and thankfully, sassy ponytails are in. We say, if it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s good enough for us!

    Recently, coiffeur extraordinaire John Barrett opened up Ponytail Bar, a concept at his luxe salon on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman in New York after the success of his previous braid bar, to venture into the realm of tied-back ‘dos.

    Ranging from USD$50 for a regular ponytail, to over USD$100 for a ponytail with added clip-in extensions, fashionistas can pop in the salon for a quick ponytail fix – after all, we all know that flawless hair (hey, even a messy ponytail requires strategic pulls and tugs for just the right amount of stray hair!) completes the outfit.

    But why, you might ask, would anyone pay such exorbitant prices to merely have your hair slicked up and tied with a band? Surely, a ponytail can’t be that complicated!

    Luckily for you, we at VenusBuzz.com will edu-ma-cate you on the intricacies and variations of the look most of us hated back in high-school (remember how everyone just wanted to take out their hairbands whenever they could?) which has now morphed into one of the most trendy looks of the season.

    Here are a few of our favourite styles ranging from simple to uber-complicated as donned by our favourite celebrities, because nothing says ‘uber trendy’ like a girl who knows how to rock and be confident in a sexy ponytail:

    Beginner: Messy & No-fuss pony

    Start by just experimenting with your parting, the use of bangs, the placement of your ponytail – whether it be high at the top of your head, at the crown, or even at your nape. You could play with it being a low-side pony, curling or straightening your hair for different looks. Use (very little) hair wax and warm it up between your fingers and slowly apply onto your hair to add some texture and grip to your hair – this helps with the sexy, just-got-out-of-bed tousled look.

    The best way to dress up a simple ponytail is to use accessories which instantly lend a whimsical flair to your entire look and dresses up an otherwise understated style.

    Verdict: These looks are perfect for everyday use to classes, work, the gym, a quick catch-up with friends – you name it!

    Intermediate: Sleek & Model-esque pony

    Think models on go-sees. Hair slicked back in a tight ponytail means not a hair out of place, and the use of loads of products. This look is perfection, and no visible hairbands here, take a section of your ponytail and wrap it around your hairband and secure with bobby pins.

    If you’re worried about having your hair flat against your head, give it some body by backcombing it at the top and crown for some added height – just be sure to smooth it over lightly with a brush afterwards so it looks polished and not like you just added a birds nest to your head! Add in a strategically placed braid or two for some added interest.

    Verdict: This is just what the doctor ordered for a glam night on the town, for wedding dinners, swanky dinners and for those occasions you know you’ll be bumping into your arch enemy

    Expert: Futuristic & Outrageous pony

    Here’s where you get to go all kinds of crazy and take your ponytail to the next level! For a futuristic look, tie a high ponytail and braid the bottom – whether it be a fishtail braid, four-strand braid, or even just secure a hair-tie every 3inches. It helps if you use clip on extensions for this look as a thick, long braid looks a lot better than a thin, flat one!

    You can also opt for a modern pin-up look by putting your hair in victory curls at the front which will definitely put the spotlight on you. Finally, you could let your hair colour do all the talking by having multi-colour highlights added in and tie your pony high up in an 80s inspired side pony!

    Verdict: Not for the faint of heart – you’re the Party Queen and all eyes need to be on you! Take this look for a spin on a girls night-out, the next music festival, and party the night away!

    And there you have it! Makes senses that there’s Ponytail Bar that specializes in all kinds of ponytails now, doesn’t it? Consider yourself schooled

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    Diorskin Nude Collection 2012 for Flawless Skin

    There’s nothing sexier than nude skin, but even those with perfect skin could benefit from proper application of makeup products for that flawless finish.

    Probably one of the most difficult looks to master, the trick is in using proper products that have been studied and researched such as Diorskin’s Nude collection which technology includes three key elements: the pigments, the binding agent and water, working in perfect harmony to magnify the natural beauty and radiance of the complexion like never before.

    The most important thing  is choosing a foundation colour that is right for your skin tone, and with Diorskin Nude Fluid’s 17 shades of foundation – designed with colour experts from around the world to mimic all complexions with the utmost accuracy and precision, flawless skin can be achieved in three simple steps!


    Step 1: Nude Fluid – the revival of a cult foundation (RM145)

    The star product in the Diorskin Nude range, this cult fluid is the essential item on every backstage makeup artist’s table, and is their secret for creating the enhanced nude look envied by all. This light fluid acquires a new subtle velvet finish that blends into the skin, to deliver just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin’s texture.

    This creates a shine-free, natural glow with an idealised bare skin effect. Women who dream of perfect skin texture and a radiant complexion need look no further: this is the must-have product.

    Step 2: Nude Compact – the most natural compact powder (RM190)

    While classic powder compacts create a matte effect which is artificially lit by visible iridescent particles, the Nude Compact is unique, as it delivers a naturally radiant finish in any light.

    The Nude Compact can be applied using either of the double-sided applicators, sponge or brush. Pad: use the sponge side for perfect foundation coverage, or the velvety side for a lighter glow. This can also be used to finish and touch up your makeup during the day. Brush: use as the finishing touch on a liquid foundation, like a compact powder. Use the dark hairs for a velvet finish; the light hairs for a transparent, non-powdery result, and even more natural glow.

    Step 3: Nude Shimmer (RM160) 

    The quintessential backstage makeup for the spotlight! Nude Shimmer is a magical powder that features a subtle blend of fine micro-pearlisers in a transparent base. Dusted lightly onto the contours of the face, professional style, it captures maximum light, and provides the wet and ‘glowy’ nude effect every woman dreams of having. Nude Shimmer is the ultimate signature product of Nude skin-glow makeup 2012 vibrant, vivid and right on trend.


    Besides having the right products, using the right tools is just as essential in the application of perfect, flawless skin. For your base, there are different brushes to apply liquid and powder products.

    The Fluid Brushes

    Designed for applying both liquid and cream formulas, they feature new fibres, finely frayed, just like natural hairs.Two options for the desired, finished effect:

    The light coverage brush  Its broad “langue-de-chat” form effortlessly deposits a super-fine film of foundation on the skin.

    The full coverage brush – A denser, bevelled brush for blending in a larger amount of foundation and obtaining more coverage. The finish is thoroughly natural and luminous.

    The Powder Blushes

    Adapted for both compact and loose powder foundations, they are made of high-end natural hair to provide absolute comfort and to guarantee they keep their shape, use after use. Two options available:

    The light coverage brush – Round and supple, its layered, frayed fibres dust the powder lightly onto the face and offer a velvety, translucent, yet non-powdery finish.

    The full coverage brush – To crush the pigments and polish the powder, and to achieve fuller coverage and a perfectly smooth, luminous finish, this is a flat, thick brush.

    There you have it! All the tips and tools of the trade to look alluringly sexy without looking like you have too much on..don’t mind the pun

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    Lash Lovelies by Benefit, Now in Malaysia

    Custom-designed falsies range by Benefit is now available in Malaysia.

    Think pin up girls and ‘perfectly curled hair’, ‘body-hugging outfits’ and ‘dramatic eyes’ would come to mind. One of the luscious ladies’ top beauty secret is over-the-top eyelashes. The falsies. When you have the right falsies on, all you need is the perfect red lips and oh la la – one hot pin up girl coming right up!

    It all sounds perfect until a bump comes up – falsies are tricky! Whilst stars like Katy Perry has a team of makeup artists, and beauty junkies are trained to cut and apply those falsies to perfection, trembling hands are the problem for many. Remember the lash dilemmas we wrote about sometime back?

    The ever-so-retro cosmetic brand Benefit has come up with their first-ever lashes range: Lash Lovelies. Available in nine types, the Lash Lovelies is custom-made to fit like a glove. From natural daily looks to dramatic doll eyes – there is something for everyone. The sweetest sound to our ears, however, is the claim that Lash Lovelies is not only made for the pros – it practicality enables beauty hopefuls to get your pretty on in a matter of minutes.

    Dubbed ‘the collection that has got more lash looks than the number of days’, here are the falsies from Lash Lovelies:

    • Starlet Lash: demi lashes for a glamorous doe-eyed look
    • Big Spender Lash: flared lashes for a temptingly sexy look
    • Prima Donna Lash: finely-crossed lashes for a va-va-voom look
    • Little Flirt Lash: varied length lashes for a playful babydoll look
    • Pin-up Lash: multi-layered lashes for seductive drama
    • Debutante Lash: refined, delicate lashes for natural beauty
    • Angel Lash: curled & precisely separated lashes for a perfectly pretty look
    • Rochette Lash: criss-cross lashes with a hint of sparkle for a show-stopping look
    • Going Solo Lash: individual lashes for custom fullness & length

    Each pair of falsies is priced at RM40 while the lash glue costs RM15. Lash Lovelies are now on sale at Benefit Brows & Boutiques Malaysia at Parkson KLCC (03 – 2164 2187), Parkson Pavilion (03-2141 4601), and Parkson 1 Utama (03 – 7725 3566). For more info, visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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    Easy 5-step Golden Goddess Smoky Eye

    “I walked into the room dripping in gold, Dripping in gold, A wave of heads did turn, or so I’ve been told..

    Gold has always been a symbol of luxury and seduction, and when done right – pushes the element of sophistication, taking your look to the next level.

    This super sexy golden smoky eye look is created by Dior’s international makeup artist Violette, one of the pioneers from Dior Makeup Designer Lab, who’s responsible to develop the latest products and makeup trends for Dior.

    All you will need is five eyeshadow shades to give the eye enough depth for a high-fashion finish; beige, dark brown, copper, taupe, and an iridescent glittery gold. Otherwise, you may opt for the stunning Dior 5 Couleur Eyeshadow kit in Golden Savannah 774 (RM200).

    Here’s how to achieve the ultimate golden Goddess smoky eye in 5 simple steps!

    Now you’re ready smoulder away at your next big occasion and be prepared to have all eyes are on you!