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    Risky Vs. Safe Investments

    One of the quickest ways to grow your money is to do some investments, but it is also one of the fastest way to lose it all. However, just like everything else in the world, there are always two parts to it – in this case, there are safe and risky investments. Risky investments are basically investments with a higher risk of losing your money. Safe investments are investments with very low risks, but also low returns. Obvious explanations aside, there is actually more to that. Risky Investments To go into details, risky investments are deemed ‘risky’ because there’s a higher risk of losing money in the investment. Nonetheless, if…

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    4 Ways You Can Save For Retirement

    Lead a comfortable life post-retirement with the right choices. In a sense, we’ll eventually reach a point where we either leave our careers, move into another line, opt for a less intense work life, or finish working altogether. In simple terms, no matter how hardworking or successful your career is, retirement is inevitable – which is exactly why saving up for your retirement is crucial. But is it possible? Can you really save up that much to live comfortably in your later years while you’re still living your life before retirement? Yes, of course it is – but it would be even more possible if you pick the right type…

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    Tax Payer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About Tax In Malaysia

    One word, three alphabets and a united sense of loath felt from all salaried individuals around the world – tax! Although there’s still time, the season of tax is soon too fall upon us; which gives us the perfect reason to share with you a few pointers regarding the tax system in Malaysia. Specifically, how some of you are able to lower your taxable income or even avoid paying it altogether! In this post we did last year, we introduced to you some of the most popular tax reliefs accepted in this lovely country. Today, let us continue our financial lesson with the help of iMoney.my. Presented to us in…

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    How To Deal With Debts Effectively

    If you are struggling with debt, you are not alone. Blame it on lifestyle or just very poor judgment, but debt is one stress that is very damaging to one’s health and life. Debt won’t go away on its own; the sooner you face up to your situation, the better it will be. Here are some tips for those dealing with financial woes. Face Facts The first step is to work out how much you’re in debt and review the extent of your financial problems. List down everything according to importance and track down misplaced paperwork or bills you’ve been ignoring. Let’s get cracking! What are the top-priority risks? –…

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    Limited Edition Hello Kitty Debit Card by Hong Leong Bank

    It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s Hello Kitty, and it’s a limited Winter edition debit card. You have to have it!  Following the success of last year’s first Hello Kitty Debit Card inMalaysia, fans of one of the world’s most famous kitty can now get their paws on a limited Winter edition of the card which features a one-of-a-kind vertical design, unlike the common horizontal layout of other debit cards. Available from 1 December 2012, the limited winter edition Hello Kitty Debit Card is available to all new customers aged 18 years and above who open any Hong Leong Bank Savings or Current Account for individuals, either on a single or joint-name…

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    New Faces of Ringgit Malaysia

    PM Najib Tun Razak launches a new series of Malaysian currency Themed ‘Distinctively Malaysia’, the new series of currency is vibrant and rich in colours. The banknotes feature Malaysian arts and crafts and natural wonders – namely bunga raya the national flower and songket the traditional fabric. If the current notes look like typical currency, the new series coming to circulation in mid 2012 will be distinctive – sporting colours like bright orange and purple.

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    Conwoman On The Run for RM47mil Birkin Bag Case

    When a fashionably clueless soul is conned by a fashion sneak – things get real ugly. This is a story you always hear somewhere else but can’t really be happening at this tech-y age. Sheila duped Nate to invest in a non-existing Birkin business. He lost $15million (aproximately RM47mil) from trusting a good friend cum business partner over years. Sheila is nowhere to be found now, and the case is currently being processed in the Philippines court, where the scam took place. It all started with a meeting through a mutual friend, Jack. Nate knew Sheila, an ex-air stewardess who is taking a break from her job and take up a saleswoman…

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    Credit Card Basics

    Good things come in small packages, usually 3-1/8 inches by 2-1/8 inches and 1mm thick. The first of these nifty little packages was introduced by Diners Club, then American Express. Since then, credit cards have been liberating people from having to carry their cash in their cash-carrying receptacles – for good and for ill. It’s simple enough to use, to simple probably. All you need to do is swipe the card in a magstripe (magnetic stripe) reader, sign your name on the slip and you’ve just bought yourself a new dress you don’t need. Credit cards now come with smart chips that offer more protection as a PIN is required…

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    10 Money Saving Tips for Single Women

    Financial mission: single, having the time of your life, and filling up the piggybank Tod’s loafers, the Lana Del Rey bag, the Marni for H&M collection – the list goes on. As a single woman, the tendency to splurge is stronger, as most of us do not have that much financial commitments. Just look at it this way – while some provide for parents and family members, some others have only themselves to fund. To avoid a remake of ‘Two Broke Girls’ – we tell you how to be a smart single woman who is all ready for rainy days! 1. Be a creative shopper Stack up on staple pieces…

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    Shell is Paying Your Utility Bills

    There are two things we can be sure of in life: death and bills. Well guess what, Shell’s taking most of the burden away from you. Yes, you’ll still have to worry about your inevitable doom, but at least you’ll have a smooth sailing journey up to that point. Dedicated to giving you quality fuel and a quality life, Shell is paying your utility bills for you with the Shell Pays Your Utility Bills contest. 500 winners will receive consolation prizes of RM150 each, enough to treat yourself to a celebrity hairstyle. The blockbuster, however, is the two weekly grand prizes of RM20, 000 each. We’d tell you to spend…