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    Ways To Play With Your Children To Develop Their Play IQ

    There are so many ways to play with your child these days. So much so that there are perhaps sometimes too many schools of thought. Recently however, Fisher Price had some research that said that babies learn best through play.  From the moment they’re born, babies love to play. But how do you choose the right toy or game for your infant? Here’s what to expect developmentally in your baby’s first year — and the best toys and games for each stage. When babies are playing, they are really developing their Play IQ. They learn about the world around them and develop a wide range of important skills, such as…

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    6 Habits Of Highly Effective Parents

    Parenting is something that every parent knows that there is never one easy answer and that it is something that is ever evolving. Parents find their way with their children and they make it work for their family. It is never as straight forward as one would like it to be because really, there are so many ways and school of thoughts of doing things. Yes, there is no one way of raising children but there are some successful habits that many parents employ to help raise their children and that can help parents connect with their children in a better manner, creating a tighter bond between parent and child.…

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    10 Ways To Create Self-Reliant Learners

    Managing daily routines help children to develop independence and perseverance. Daily routines are very important and are part of everyday family life. They help children to develop skills they need and over time, children gradually learn to manage routines independently, helping develop the children’s independence. It may take many months for children to develop skills for managing routines such as dressing themselves, matching buttons to buttonholes, putting on their shoes, learning to tie shoelaces, tidying up after themselves, keeping toys away or helping to set the table. As they keep trying, children learn to persevere. Practice makes perfect and the children also learn patience as well. Becoming familiar with daily…

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    Why A Music Education Is Good For Your Kid

    A music education can positively affect a child’s development.  From improving verbal skills to personal enrichment, a music and arts education can positively impact a young person’s life. For example, 90% of preschool children showed increased verbal intelligence after just 20 days of music training. This infographic by University of Florida highlights the various benefits of music.

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    20 Fun Things To Do With The Family Without Breaking The Bank

    There are some inexpensive things you can do with the whole family. You just need a bit of a child’s innocence or creativity. With the escalating cost of living today, activities for the children can be affected. But rather than let this put a damper on your day with the kids, you can work around budget issues with some resourcefulness and imagination. Some of the best fun you can have are the ones that involve little money. Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy with your family: 1. Picnic – prepare homemade sandwiches or fried mihun for a day out at the beach, park, waterfall, etc. 2.…

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    Holiday Shopping & Mall Safety Tips For Parents

    The holiday season gives us plenty of time and reason to bring the children and family out for some fun. And whilst malls filled with fun activities and attractions (and storewide sales) make for a good family outing choice, safety should always come first. Over the weekend, the nation mourned the dead of a schoolgirl who fell three storeys inside a popular mall in Kuala Lumpur. The unfortunate event serves as a harsh reminder that anything could happen at any time – which is why it’s always best to be extra cautious while caring for children, especially in crowded public areas. Here are some holiday shopping and mall safety tips to…

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    7 Ways To Get Kids To Eat Their Fruits & Veges

    Getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables does not have to be a fight. Even though some of us might be picky with our food, we all know that having vegetables and fruits in our meals are essential for our health — but young kids don’t really think that way. What’s worst is that some of them might even shun these healthy stuff due their rawness, texture or taste. The good news is that it is not impossible to get them munching. Below are some tips and tricks to get your kids into the habit of eating more fruits and veggies. 1. Set An Example Monkey see, monkey do — meaning that children…

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    Rant About Parenting At ‘Parenting Confessional’

    Remember Secrets Malaysia — the tumblr and twitter account where you can confess your deepest, darkest secrets to the world anonymously? Well, turns out that there’s a parenting version of this ingenious confession platform. Named as Parenting Confessional, the tumblr page is meant to be a haven for those taking care of children to vent frustrations, anxieties and funny anecdotes one has from caring for children. “It’s hard for me to imagine any parent that doesn’t have a moment of doubt or self-scrutiny,” shares the mastermind behind the website, Julia Fierro; which is exactly where Parenting Confessional comes in. Essentially a safe and anonymous space, the website is a place…

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    Want Your Kids To Listen To You? Don’t Shout.

    No matter how frustrated you are at your children, shouting will never work. Take a walk down memory lane, and recall those times when mom or dad was shouting at you for bad grades or to get your chores done. Now, do these memories involve you listening to them happily, or being a sour puss and ignoring them? Chances are that you’d pick the later action. With that in mind, why are you still yelling at your kids? According to a study by the London School of Economics (LSE), raising your voice is the last thing that you want to do when you are cross with your child. “Shouting at…

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    6 Ways To Get The Kids To Help With The Chores

    Getting the little ones to complete their chores need not be a painful task. Chores are a great way of teaching children about life skills, responsibility and discipline. In addition to that, it can also strengthen family bond and take a huge load off your shoulders (in terms of housework)! But how do you get the young ones to pitch in and help out around the house; especially if they’re finding every excuse there is to get out of them? Below are a few crafty ideas to getting children to help with household chores. Make A Game Out Of It Children are generally playful in nature; which is why they…