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    10 Signs That He’s Falling For You

    Falling in love is a wonderful thing that everyone should hopefully get to experience at some point in their lives. However, love can also be a rather complicated thing and one can get mixed signals at times.

    So, to make it hopefully less complicated, we came up with 10 signs that show he’s falling for you:

    1. He goes out of his way for you

    Men in general like things simple and uncomplicated and they also like to take shortcuts to things.

    So does your guy go out of his way for you? Go that extra mile just to make you happy or goes to get you something you wanted but you didn’t have time to get it? If so, it’s a good sign that he cares for you and is starting to have deeper feelings for you.

    2. He makes time for you

    If you’re dating someone, it’s only natural that you’d want to be with them as often as possible because you enjoy spending time with them.

    So instead of going out with his friends and when he chooses instead to go out with you, especially if it means he’s missing out on doing one of his hobbies (missing that football match is a big deal, ladies) or that he’s carving time out specially for you in his busy schedule, it shows he’s giving you first priority and that he may very well be falling for you.

    3. He smiles at you

    Yes, everyone smiles but when a man likes someone, the smile is a little different. You can tell if it’s a flirty smile or if it’s a cheeky smile. And you can also tell if it’s a caring type of smile. Does his eyes light up when he smiles at you? Because if he does, that definitely is a very good sign.

    4. He can talk to you for a long time

    Men do not like to “talk things through” when they are upset. Some men don’t even like to talk at all, and when faced with that notion of having to talk, some run a mile!

    However, when they do find someone they like and enjoy spending time with them, things change. They open up and talk more. So if you notice that special someone you’re dating has longer chats with you, it’s a tell-tale sign that he’s into you.

    5. He gives you gifts

    Ok, so quite a lot of people give gifts to other people and it may not be anything to take special note of. However, if a man gives you a gift and he also shows a number of the signs mentioned here, it’s very likely that you may have found yourself a significant other. And the more special or symbolic the gift, the more you mean to him.

    6. He takes you out on a date and often asks you to choose the type of date to go on

    Going out for a date is one thing. But if he not only takes you out for a meal but asks if there is anywhere specific you’d like to go to or what you’d like to do (especially if it also means watching a chick flick or going to some musical which he has no interest in), it means that he wants you to have a good time with him and that your comfort and enjoyment matters to him.

    And frankly, if he is willing to sit through things which are of no interest to him but is doing it for you anyway, it really shows that you’ve got a special place in his heart.

    7. He sends you messages for no reason other than to say hi

    Not every man likes sending messages to people to say hi. It’s not really a done thing with most men. In fact, most men are quite straight to the point types and thus, they don’t message anyone just to say hi but rather, if they do message someone, it is specifically for a purpose.

    So if he’s sending you a message just to say hi, just to see how you’re doing or just to wish you goodnight, you can be sure that you’re on the right track to something special.

    8. He trusts you and you trust him in return

    Trust your gut instinct when it comes to your feelings, especially who you can trust and who you cannot trust. Trust is essential in any relationship and friendship.

    If both of you trust each other and start to share important details of your life with each other, it shows that the person is willing to invest in you and that the person trusts you enough to share part of their life with you. Trust is a must-have in every relationship.

    9. He doesn’t act like he owns or controls you

    When a man starts to dictate on what he wants you to do, how he wants you to dress or that he wants to control things in your life, that my friends, is NOT love. That is a clear sign of trouble because it shows obsession. Being in a controlling relationship never has happy endings so be careful not to fall into this trap as some people fall into it easily without them realising it.

    If the man acts that he does not control you, and tells you to do what you want except dating other men, it means that he wants exclusivity with you.

    10. You can just tell

    When a man is starting to fall in love with you, ladies, you can just tell! The way he looks at you, the way he speaks with and to you, the way he walks with you, the small gestures of affection shown to you, just about everything is different when he’s with you compared to other people.

    And when you start to see these signs, it’s quite definite that he’s starting to fall for you.

    These are good signs that your man is starting to be serious about you. Chances are high if he fits into some, if not all the signs mentioned here. It shows that he may be starting to fall in love with you. Hopefully, he’ll be in it with you for the long haul too.

    For earlier signs on whether he’s interested in you, we’ve got some good tips here.

    And if you’re not sure if your man is falling for you, here are 10 signs to show you that he’s into you.

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    5 Ways To Help Make Love Last

    We all love someone and truly, that is one of the best feelings of all. But how do we continue to ensure that we make that love last? It take two to tango as some say. But in order for things to work and to continue to grow in love, it takes a conscious effort.

    What is love? People have different definitions of it. Love can be a variety of feelings, state of minds and attitudes that can range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.  It can also be a strong emotional connection and a personal attachment to someone.

    Whatever it is, all of us have experienced love in some way and frankly, to us, it’s one of the best things in life – to be loved by someone.

    Here are 5 Ways To Help Make Love Last :

    1. Fondness and admiration – don’t let romance die out because a little can go a long way.

    A happy couple stays together. And they exude their happiness in different ways. They share their lives with each other and do it with warmth, mutual respect and deep affection for each other.

    They also pay attention to each other, never neglecting the other. And in paying attention to their partner, fondness and admiration comes in naturally.

    2. There is no “I” in “Team” – in unity, couples can go the long distance.

    Happy couples tend to do everything together and often refer to themselves as “we”, not really focusing on the “I” factor in the relationship. That partnership that they have is quite palpable. It can be a little irritating if you’re one of those couples that do everything together but there’s something to be said of that. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t say “we” a lot means that your relationship sucks.  Because there are all kinds of relationships and many find various ways to make things work.

    Every relationship is different. The couples that do stay together are focused on the “we” and not the “I” part. And in doing so, they make it work together as a team.

    3. Knowing your partner – it shows love in more than ways than one by knowing them better.

    How well do you know your partner? And do we care enough to get to really know them well? So you don’t know what type of hair conditioner she uses or what kind of razors he likes to get and that’s not that big a deal. But it does goes to show the attention that you pay to little details in your partner’s life. Love is not all a bed of roses and champagne, it’s also about the little practical things in life. Pay attention or you’ll get the “You don’t even know me” complaint!

    Knowing what makes each other tick, what matters to your partner, what saddens him or her or what really makes them happy can make a big difference in your relationship. Couples who don’t get to know their partners will eventually lose sight of their partner and of their lives together, making them drift apart. So take the time to get to know each other. You’ll see that it’s worth the effort.

    4. Strength comes from adversity – don’t allow things to breakdown that relationship.

    Couples who don’t pull together in times of hardship or don’t learn together from negative experiences will find it hard for their relationship to go the long haul. There’s no sense of unity and without unity in any relationship, there won’t be a happy ending. People go through all sorts of life experiences, good and bad. In love, we share the good and bad together. Hence, why strength comes from adversity.

    Happy couples will find strength and also a sense of pride of making it through together (not in the snobbish sense but it’s sense of achievement we’re talking about). They’ll be able to steer their own course together with better direction and continue to aim and aspire for better things together. How one turns a tough situation into a positive lesson is key in relationship health. It’s not easy but that’s also part of the love journey, to be in it together through the good times and the bad.

    5. Disappointment vs. satisfaction – learn to recognise the signs before it’s too late

    When couples go through rocky times and are at the danger of separating, at least one of them, if not both of them will have multiple complaints and disappointments about the relationship. When disappointments are not expressed to the other, there is a major communication breakdown in the relationship.

    Open communication between partners is vital to maintain a healthy relationship. Reviewing disappointments should not be seen as a criticism but rather, look at it as a check point in seeing what one can learn from it so it can progress forward. Through that, disappointment can be resolved more easily and hopefully, satisfaction will come through. Open the door for communication. True love stands the test of time and disappointments.

    Relationships are a complicated thing. But it also can be a beautiful thing. Rifts can be undone but it takes work. Early intervention can help work things out. Don’t be afraid to talk it out.

    Ok, so it can be sometimes a pain to “have that talk” but really, if you love someone, you’ll be willing to go the distance. Great things take times and effort. A lot of us do so well at so many things, why not make the success of our relationship the best life achievement we’ve ever done.

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    Why Do Couples Fall Out Of Love

    You’ve lost that loving feeling. Why is this happening?

    Love is a very confusing feeling. Falling out of love can be as perplexing as falling in love. Where you once felt deep affection has now turned into dread. You find yourself questioning and reasoning about everything.

    Fact is the love bubble do burst and sometimes people fall out of love. Here are some cold truths why:

    Passion fades

    One of the common reasons why couples fall out of love is because they no longer feel passionate about the person they’re with. When you both get caught up in your protective and controlling habits, it won’t be long before your excitement for each other start to diminish.

    Passion can only stay alive in a relationship when each partner is open to accepting and learning. Meaning you accept the flaws and learn about yourself and each other as it creates aliveness, so your relationship is always fresh and you can maintain a level of intimacy.


    The first time you feel a connection with someone, you operate on an ‘openness’ level where you share “you” at your best – loving, caring, thoughtful, fun to be with, etc. But as time goes by, things happen that trigger fears – of losing your partner and losing yourself.

    Perhaps then, you go into a fear of rejection mode. You become more demanding or clingy and your partner feels the need to withdraw himself to protect against his fear of being controlled or smothered. Fear then takes on as a vicious cycle of protecting rather than learning, growing and sharing your love with each other.

    Controlling behaviour

    When you are stuck in a negative pattern, you tend to adopt a selfish and controlling behaviour. You may feel the need to protect yourself in ways that involve anger, blame, attack, defensiveness, withdrawal, compliance, resistance or indifference.

    No relationship can survive if you are using anger or blame to try to have some degree of control over your partner.

    Unresolved conflicts

    Too much drama can certainly have a negative effect on a couple as love cannot flourish when resentment takes over. When one or both of you are closed and stubborn in your own ways, conflict won’t get solved and the relationship feels exhausting after a while.

    It can’t be stressed how important conflict resolution is to build a steady and understanding relationship. This is when you have your own and your partner’s good at heart, you are willing to take responsibility of your feelings.

    Lack of affection

    It’s normal to get used to the people we’re with or the routine of being with someone. But when you take each other for granted, you can’t assume that love is forever. What you need to realise is that body language plays a significant role and speaks volumes about a relationship.

    Physical intimacy is what keeps the attraction towards each other strong. When emotional and sexual disconnections become the norm, the relationship suddenly feels stale and flat, and you may turn cold towards your partner.

     via: Huffington Post, Canadian Living, YouQueen

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    Do You Have Relationship OCD And Is It Affecting Your Sex Life?

    Who would’ve thought that OCD had a romantic younger sibling, ROCD.

    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder where people would experience unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviours that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions).

    As for Relationship Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (ROCD), it is a subcategory of the disorder where individuals in relationships are constantly questioning whether they love their partner, or vice versa. They would always be worried that their partner is losing interest in them, are easily threatened by their friends, or constantly questioning whether they’ve found Mr/Mrs. Right.

    To put it simply, lovers who have extreme trust and security issues may possibly suffer from ROCD.

    Though not as serious as its elder sibling, ROCD can still affect your lifestyle. Specifically, recent studies show that obsessing over your relationship can adversely affect your sex life.

    According to the study by American Psychiatric Association, people with symptoms of ROCD are less likely to be satisfied with their sex lives than people without said symptoms. This is because as you constantly ponder over your lover and relationship, relationship satisfaction goes down, which in turn affects the level of sexual satisfaction.

    ‘ROCD symptoms may undermine the ability of a couple to bond emotionally, and lead to stress and sadness, all of which may interfere with pleasure during sex,’ researchers further explain.

    So the next time you’re having a lover’s quarrel, consider the fact that ROCD might be a factor.

    Source: LiveScience, Science World Report

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    7 Things You Need To Know About Love, Like, Lust & Obsession

    Is what you feel ‘like’ or ‘love’? Perhaps you’re just driven by lust or worst yet, obsession?!

    Matters of the heart are not exactly a walk in the garden. Take for instance how a brief crush might turn out into a full-blown love affair, or perhaps you’re so smitten by the individual that you don’t even know if it’s love or just the lust taking.

    If emotions have not always been your forte, here’s something to help you out — a nifty comparison chart of like, love, lust and even obsession.

    Though admittedly written to be taken in with a pinch of salt, it can’t be denied that the explanations are pretty on point. Without further ado and with courtesy of Thought Catalogue, read on to beat the confusion and put your emotions in perspective:

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    7 Signs You’ve Found Mr. Right

    “How would I know if I found Mr. Right?”

    Whether we admit it or not, us human beings are better off not alone. And while finding the right life partner to stick with you through thick and thin might not be that hard of a task, it can’t be denied that there would be times where questions and doubts arise — how exactly does a Mr. Right act and look like?

    We’ve previously shared with you some tell-tale signs of when he’s NOT Mr. Right, and now, here are 7 positive signs that the man you’re dating is a definite keeper.

    1. He loves you just the way you are.

    Mr. Right shouldn’t judge, compare you with others, or criticize you. In fact, he sees your beauty even in places where you don’t see it – ultimately loving you for who you are.

    2. He owns up to your relationship.

    Whether it’s a yumcha session with his homies, a change in his Facebook status or shouting from his house balcony – Mr. Right is one who is not afraid to tell the world that he’s in a relationship with you. (But just make sure he doesn’t go overboard with his antics…)

    3. You’re comfortable with each other.

    When you’re together, silence, awkwardness or weird moments should not be a concern.

    4. You find joy in bringing him joy.

    If you find yourself doing things for this man because you really love doing things for him. If you’re in the right relationship, making his day better should not be out of obligation (or in fear).

    5. You trust him.

    Mr. Right won’t make you feel anxious every time a Facebook message pops in or when he answers a call. You should have a very peaceful sense that this guy is honest, all the time.

    6. He’s met the family and friends.

    Mr. Right would at least make an effort to get to know your family and friends. And while it would be awesome for him to click perfectly with your friends and family, it is actually good enough if there’s no bad blood between them.

    7. You feel confident and happy with the relationship.

    Above all, the man is a keeper if you see yourself growing old and going through life with him. So if you’re unhappy on a regular basis, why linger on?

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    Do Opposites Attract In Love?

    Is it true that opposite personalities make better partners in love? Or are like-minded individuals more drawn together?

    Whether in terms of science (magnets), fiction (romantic comedy movies) or even in cooking, we seem to have a penchant of saying ‘opposites attract.’ Though, have you ever wondered how true the term rings; especially when it comes to the tricky question of love?

    A new study from Rutgers University aims to probe said mystery. Headed out by Dr. Helen Fisher (a biological anthropologist), a questionnaire was formulated and administered to 760 people on a dating website. Their responses and date matches were then analysed based on personality traits and how it affects the type of people they are drawn to romantically.

    Conclusively, the answer boils down to your own brain chemistry – your inclination towards similar or opposite personalities depends your own personality traits. The results illustrated three main psychobiological correlations:

    #1. Those who prove that opposites indeed attract are individuals ‘with testosterone-dominant personalities.’ Often highly analytical and competitive, these individuals are attracted to personalities that are the opposite of theirs – namely those who are more nurturing and introspective.

    #2. As for those who are more romantically drawn to similar personalities, they have ‘active dopamine systems’ – resulting in them being more impulsive, reward-driven and mentally flexible. Due to the fact that personalities as such would habitually get bored, a preference to their own type evokes a relationship filled with curiosity, energy and fewer conflicts.

    #3. Serotonin also plays a role and is linked with personality types that are less anxious and more social. These types tend to be more conscientious, religious, and are appealed to those more like themselves.

    So yes, opposites attract; but similarities attract equally as well too. Nonetheless, this is just a partial factor that affects long-term relationships. As said by Dr. Fischer herself, it all comes down to the simple ability of overlooking everything you cannot stand in another person to make a relationship work.

    Sources: LiveScience, NY Daily News

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    7 Signs He’s Not ‘The One’

    Are you dating someone but wondering whether or not he is ‘The One’?

    Being in love and in a relationship with someone is liberating, fun and gives meaning to life. However, it also means that you’d be investing majority of your time, energy and emotion into one person – and for the remaining of your life if he is the one. This is why there comes a point in a relationship where you need to decide if it has a future or if you’re wasting your time – to decide whether or not he really is the one for you.

    While we are in no position to help you determine your significant other, below are seven signs that he isn’t ‘The One.’

    1. “It’s as if I have double identities…”

    If you don’t feel comfortable and feel like you need to act differently around him than you do with your friends and family, then you’re in the wrong place. The same goes with if you constantly feel like he’s judging you when you are being yourself. Come on now, you’re going to spend your life with this dude, so shouldn’t you feel the most comfortable with him?

    2. “I don’t trust you.”

    Trust is the number one essential component of a successful relationship. If you don’t trust the guy you’re dating, and vice versa, the relationship honestly won’t be easy for either of you.

    3. “Am I footing the bill again?”

    Paying the bill once, twice or even thrice is fine, but if it comes to a point where you always find yourself in the paying end then it’s high time the two of you have a talk.

    4. “I can’t seem to communicate with him.. at all.”

    The basis of a successful relationship is communication. Just look at it this way: how can he be the one if you constantly have a hard time communicating with him regarding your feelings, problems or even just everyday events?

    5. “Am I not important to you?”

    Are you always met with rain checks on dates? Does he constantly makes plans with you and then breaks them to do something else? It’s a safe bet to start packing your bags when you constantly feel like you aren’t his priority.

    6. “Why won’t you hold me?”

    We’re not saying that you have to be all lovey-dovey and touchy-touchy when you’re together, but if you’re still treating each other like distant friends (even during private moments) after a year or so of dating, then you should take a deeper look into the relationship.

    7. “I think I love him…”

    You only think that he is the one? You guess that you do love him? Oh honey, you should not need to second-guess your feelings – if you can’t even be sure of why you’re with this person, then don’t get confused between love and the idea of love.

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    How To Seek Revenge Against Your Ex In Style!

    Did he break your heart into million pieces and stomp all over it? Chin up, all the heartbreak therapy you need is in this bag!

    Some love just isn’t meant to be – you know the usual cheating, lying scoundrel, the heartless player, the list goes on. Sometimes, love just sucks!

    Now if you’re ever caught in a ruthless break-up, there’s some truth to what they say about sweet revenge. What you need is The Her Royal Flyness Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit! This is one stylish payback he won’t see coming.

    To execute your mission of retribution, the kit consists of:

    • 1 Teal woven leather tote
    • 1 matching teal balaclava (to hide your face while looking fabulous)
    • 1 teal mini crowbar (to gain entrance in style)
    • 1 pair of soft teal leather gloves (to keep hands and surfaces clean)
    • 1 injection kit with a single dose of Amytal Sodium aka truth serum
    • 1 roll of teal bondage tape and matching teal rope (to, you know tie him up and all)
    • 1 pair of limited edition high impact resin knuckledusters (good for 1-2 punches only)

    While we think this is one stylish kit, it comes at a cost! At a $1,850 price tag and (possibly) the arms of law… the VB team would rather spend the money and time on a cruise holiday to soothe the soul. Plus..wouldn’t showing him what a good time you’re having after your break-up be the best form of revenge?

    Disclaimer: VenusBuzz.com does not condone domestic violence! 

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    The Secret To A Perfect Proposal

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a hopeless romantic or an idealist in love – proposals, when done beautifully, will still make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Here’s a little thing about me: I am not romantic. My perfect dinner date does not include candles or flowers, conventional love songs (with lyrics like ‘I will always love you’) don’t give me butterflies in my stomach and my idea of a blissful marriage is financial stability.

    However, even with such a realistic view on romance and love, I do admit that beautiful proposal videos with sincere gestures have managed to almost send a tear down my eyes. Almost.

    That is, until I watched this 27 minutes long proposal video:

    Planned, written, directed and edited by the groom himself, ‘The Proposal’ is an elaborated love proclamation of Justin Baldoni to his then girlfriend, Emily Foxler. Admittedly lengthy, the proposal video contains a failed radio request, cheesy NSYNC, Boyz II Men and ABBA spoofs, a flashmob, a faux movie trailer and a footage montage of the couple’s relationship. Yes, that’s a whole lot of things for just one video!

    But hey, it works – the over the top proposal video was honestly one of the most original and heartfelt gestures of love I’ve seen. Filled with all sorts of emotions and a newfound respect for proposals, here are certain reasons why I think this marriage proposal has got all the right qualities:

    Kept It Personal.

    Based on personal observation, there has been an increase of public proposals in very public locations. Call me conserved, but I feel that marriage proposals should be a private affair.

    While there were obviously tons of people involved in the video, it was especially nice to see how the actual proposal was an intimate event shared with the people most important to Justin and Emily.

    His Willingness and Commitment

    From coaxing his bros into doing remake of cheesy music videos to producing a cinema-worthy trailer; it takes no genius to see how much preparation went into the marriage proposal.

    Naysayers would be quick to say that if you love someone, a simple and sincere gesture would be enough. That’s true. But come on now, who wouldn’t like to see that extra effort your lover puts in just to woo you.

    Has your lady mentioned before that she likes weddings filled with pretty balloons? Go the extra mile and propose in a hot air balloon! She adores macarons? Go the extra mile and get premium Laduree macarons to win her heart! Or perhaps she’s a coffee kind of person? Got the extra mile, rent a café, show her that you especially learnt how to make her a cup of latte, and surprise her with a proposal ring atop her favourite cake.

    Key point: Be willing to go that extra mile. After all, it is for the person you love. As per a line from the video itself, ‘When there’s love, nothing is too much trouble.’

    The Heartfelt Honesty In His Words

    A quick background check revealed  that the video has actually garnered harsh comments by netizens – some dub it as over the top and dramatic, others say that it’s just plain lame and cringe-worthy. But I stand to disagree with them.

    It is undeniable that I thoroughly enjoyed (and was envious of) the entertaining theatrics. However, one thing was apparent — you could see that Justin is honest and sincere about what he’s doing and saying.

    Truth is, asking for a person’s hand in marriage should not just be like ‘I think I want to marry you’ or ‘Let’s get married.’ Sorry but, no – it’s really not that simple. One should never underestimate the power of words, especially with important life events as such.

    To put into perspective, when Justin dropped down on one knee to pop the question to his future wife, his words were: “Will you let me take care of you for the rest of your life? Will you let me be your husband? Will you start a family with me? Emily, will you marry me?” Now, doesn’t that sound way better than a poorly constructed confession?

    My point proven.

    Justin Baldoni and Emily got married on 27 July 2013. Due to the many requests by their friends (to share their joy online), the beautiful couple released the proposal video three months after the wedding.