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    Nanny’s Pavillon: The Airport Cafe Within An Airport

    We’ve extensively covered the food aspect of KLIA2 (read here to find out what’s there to fill your stomach with), but one place that’s made a prominent impact on us comes in the form of a quaint cafe.

    Say hello to Nanny’s Pavillon, or you can also regard it as the airport-themed cafe within an airport!

    Originating from Bandung in Indonesia, Nanny’s Pavillon is essentially a French American restaurant that specialises in hot meals and desserts. With its first Malaysian outlet situated in the newly opened Gateway@KLIA2 (which is the commercial zone of KLIA2), the food and beverage joint takes on an interesting concept. Regarded as Nanny’s Pavillon Porte Bagage, the cafe looks like an airport.

    The furnitures are arranged in a cozy yet resourceful manner — patrons can sit at ease, but it is obvious that space is trying to be utilised. Nonetheless, these communal seats can prove to be a pretty nifty social tool for mingling with fellow travellers.

    In addition to that, it is obvious that the restaurant is trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you don’t believe us, just sit on these sofas below and try not to fall asleep!

    But if you’re really paranoid of dozing off and prefer upright chairs, try their luggage stools! Tres cute, chic, and fits perfectly inside an airport; don’t you agree?

    As the food served in the restaurant originate from traditional family recipes, each of the food carries a sort of family-oriented name, such as Mom’s Green Spaghetti, Smoked Brisket Spaghetti from My Uncle, Dad’s Fries and Aunties Sausage Baked Rice.

    We tried the Peanut Butter Caramel waffle (approx. RM16).

    The waffle itself is not overly flavoured; which makes it a great base to soak up all that glorious caramel, peanut butter and ice cream. Be warned though, while the size might look small in nature, it is actually quite filling. Also, expect to pay a higher price tab; this is after all a food and beverage joint in a world class airport.

    As mentioned, Nanny’s Pavillon also serves a good amount of other food. We wren’t able to try them, but rest assured that we will the next time we happen to stop by at this airport cafe; because they look oh so scrumptious!

    All in all, let’s just put it this way, if Nanny’s Pavillon was closer to where we live, it would definitely be one place we’d frequent a lot. In the meantime, it’s safe to say that you can plan a great farewell or welcoming breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper here for someone who’s heading out or in the country.

    Nanny’s Pavillon

    L2M-23, Mezzanine Floor,


    64000 Sepang, Malaysia

    Opening Hours: 24 hours (Monday – Sunday)

    Keep up with Nanny’s Pavillon and their latest news via their Facebook Page here.

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    Breakfast With A Side Of Jam & Kaya

    We know that peanut butter and jam go hand in hand, and so does kaya and butter… but who would’ve thought that Jam and Kaya would be a match made in café heaven!

    Nestled within the premise of PJ Palms Sports Centre is an elevated little white hut with a spacious front porch and yard. And while it looks like something one can comfortably call home (at least to us), a quick glance on the signage proves that it is actually café that goes by the name of Jam & Kaya.

    Established December 2013, the homegrown café still needs some catching up to do in the gastronomic scene here in Malaysia. Nonetheless, we think that it’ll do just fine. Below are our reasons why we’re confident about Jam & Kaya’s success, as well as what patrons can expect from the café.

    Interior and Ambiance.

    If you’re already attracted by the exterior of Jam & Kaya, just hold your breath until you see the inside. Donned with a wood and brick concept, and furbished with sofas and offbeat furniture that come together nicely; the interior of this café is simply alluring and cosy – thus explaining why we wouldn’t mind calling this place home.  

    The café is generally not that big and seats can fill up fast during busy times. Patrons can either choose to sit on plush sofas located in front of the café (you can see the pool from here), on the wooden chairs by the side or even outdoors.

    The white walls and strategically placed windows allow a generous amount of natural sunlight to fill up the café – something Instagram users, selfie-takers and photographers are bound to be thankful for.

    Generally speaking, we feel that Jam & Kaya’s interior and ambiance makes it a great place for some time alone or a catch up session with your best friends.


    We have but two words to describe the people behind Jam & Kaya: friendly and cheery. In fact, they’ll even help hide you and your posse if you’re planning a surprise party. True story!

    Food and Drinks.

    From egg-centric items, muesli to pancake creations, this is one place that will have breakfast lovers feeling satisfied. If you don’t fancy an all-day breakfast concept, rest assure and sample their pasta, finger food, salad and notable variety of dessert treats they personally make in store. As for the beverage aspect of Jam & Kaya’s menu, they serve the usual coffee, tea and hot chocolate fares.

    We managed to try these items out:

    Chocolate Croissant. There’s a fancier name to this, but pardon our bad memory for not being able to recall it. Nonetheless, we do remember that the butter was fragrant and the amount of chocolate was just nice – a real treat to munch on before or after a main dish.

    Mocha with chocolate balls. Yes, chocolate balls. Essentially chocolate coated rice crispies, our cup of mocha was a nice change from what one would normally get. While we foresee these tasty chocolate balls being a hit among chocolate lovers and kids, we have to admit that their coffee has a heavier and fuller taste to them – something light drinkers wouldn’t really like. The good news is the chocolate balls are available for other drinks too!

    Shatshuka Feta with a side of mushrooms. We love ourselves some good poached or scrambled eggs, but our preference of how eggs should be done was shaken with the taste of this delight! Underneath that layer of glorious cheese lies a comforting and tantalising tomato paste. The presence of a watery egg, soft chunks of eggplant and mushrooms (in our case) completes the yummy dish. There is one thing we would prefer though – that more slices of bread was given so we could wipe the bowl clean!

    Hit or Miss?

    From our personal point of view, we believe that Jam & Kaya will become a regular of happy café hoppers; especially if he or she likes breakfast-worthy food. The proof is how we’re already craving for a second visit there! We’ll definitely be coming back for more, so keep an eye out on us and say ‘hi!’ if you happen to visit the café

    Jam and Kaya Café

    PJ Palms Sports Centre (next to Shah Village Hotel),

    No 1, Lorong Sultan, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

    Opening Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

    Keep up with Jam and Kaya’s latest offerings and news via their Facebook Page here.

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    Will I Feel Awesome At Awesome Canteen?

    With a name like ‘Awesome Canteen’, this new café is effortlessly calling in crowds for a visit.

    Located opposite the Giant supermarket in Taman Paramount, this fairly new restaurant has definitely gotten people near and far buzzing. In fact, we personally know a few who have already become the restaurant’s loyal patrons!

    But why such a buzz? Is Awesome Canteen really that awesome? Or more interestingly, ‘Will I feel awesome at Awesome Canteen?’ you ask. For those who have yet visited the café, we hope that this review will answer your questions and give you an idea of what to expect from the intriguingly named restaurant.

    Interior: Awesome Canteen’s interior is bright, comfortably spacious and quirky; but a canteen it is not.

    Call us simple-minded, but with a name carrying the word ‘Canteen’, we had an impression that the shop would look exactly like the kantin sekolah (primary school canteens) of our childhood. Nonetheless, we won’t deny that the place has some cool old school furniture, décor and an irresistible charm.

    Wide windows and glass doors gives way to beautiful natural lighting, and the minimalistic furniture are arranged in a neat and non-stifling manner. While there’s enough room for you to stretch your arms, the café isn’t really recommended for big gatherings.

    For those who want a more private meal, there is a cozy corner at the far end of the store.

    To sum it up, Awesome Canteen’s interior has successfully pushed the restaurant to be one of the most contemporary-looking eatery around the area.

    Food: Go for the burgers. Definitely the burgers.

    Just do a check on the café’s Instagram tag and you’d be swarmed with tons of burger images. And well, there is a simple explanation to this – Awesome Canteen’s burgers are truly yummy!

    Blue Cheese Burger – A juicy patty, soft poppy seed buns and wonderfully pungent blue cheese; this is one heck of burger if you can take blue cheese!

    Mushroom Swiss Melt Beef Burger – The cheese was prominent, patty was tender and what we enjoyed best was the luscious caramelised onions and buns. This burger would best suit those who like mild flavours.

    Paleo Chicken Burger – This visually interesting dish basically substitutes the burger buns with Portobello mushrooms, and comes with a side of salad and scrambled eggs. With a tender chicken patty and an assortment of vegetables, the dish makes for a healthier, tasty and filing meal; but we do wish that the mushrooms were a bit bigger.

    Awesome Canteen also carries food items such as sandwiches, pasta and a few rice dishes.

    If you’re not a burger lover, we’d recommend you to go for their Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grill Chicken Breast Fillet because it had just the right amount of spices and tender roasted chicken. As for their homemade sandwiches, the Roast Chicken Pesto With Melted Cheese was good if you’re a small eater.

    Moving on to dessert, coffee, cakes and other sorts of baked goods are also served here.

    The Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel was beautifully moist but had a mild baking soda aftertaste to it. The coffee was not half bad, but a tad too bitter during our second visit.

    Service: The café operates on a self-service system — grab a seat, get a menu and head on over to the counter to order. While we personally had a pleasant visit, do take note that there are a few others who feel that this aspect of the café could be improved.

    On a whole, a meal at the charming and contemporary Awesome Canteen is worth a visit. We truly enjoyed their burgers and wouldn’t hesitate coming back to check out the remaining of this section.

    Awesome Canteen

    19, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya

    Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Tuesdays – Sundays)

    Keep up with Awesome Canteen’s latest offerings and news via their Facebook Page here.

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    A Kindled Coffee Affair at Rekindle, SS2

    Situated in the busiest part of SS2, Rekindle is a perfect place for those of you who need your night-time coffee fix.

    Opened for about a month, Rekindle is one cafe that had us going ‘why a cafe at this area?!’ Because come on now, who doesn’t know about SS2 Square and its many parking woes.

    Though, a quick chat with the boss made it all clear for us – Rekindle was intended for cafe-loving night owls. And since the commercial area’s parking predicaments would dissipate by 9pm, this cafe has high hopes of becoming your next go-to cafe after a tiring day of work, and when other coffee joints around the area are closed for business.

    While the strategy might seem risky, we do think that Rekindle is in very, very good hands. Below is what we absolutely adored about the cafe.

    Rustic Interior and Atmosphere

    Being a fan of all things vintage and rustic, Rekindle’s interior was love at first sight.

    Mismatched furniture, brick walls and quirky attractions here and there – we can’t help but feel that Rekindle is one of those cool places to chill with friends and family. The friendly boss and staff merely made our experience better.

    Another thing to note at this spacious and comforting café is their tables; because they were once upon a time old-school sewing machines!

    Coffees and… matcha latte!

    With a house blend sourced from Coffex, their flat was smooth and had a subsequent amount bitterness to it, while the latte had good flavour and was beautifully milky. We would say that the beans used here are perfect for those who like their coffees with medium to a mildly strong body.

    We also tried their matcha latte. Smooth and fragrant, we honestly would mind have another (or more) cups of this beverage! The fact that not many other coffee joints offer matcha latte makes us appreciate having cuppas at Rekindle even more.

    Cakes Aplenty.

    If you frown at cafes with limited choices of cakes, you’d be very happy with Rekindle – the variety is extensive! Obtaining their baked goods from two different local bakers, we noticed a total of seven kinds of cakes during our visit.

    Our recommendation would be the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake as it was rich but non-sweet, beautifully moist and had chunky peanuts in the frosting. Yummy!

    ‘Should I visit this café,’ you ask?

    Yes, yes and yes – we give it triple yesses for you to visit this newly opened café! A cosy rustic interior, noteworthy coffees, an array of other beverages for non-coffee drinkers, delectable cakes, and friendly staff; Rekindle has successfully acquired the right formula to please cafe-loving night crowds.

    To put it simply, there is honestly no reason for you to not visit Rekindle for a kindled coffee affair.

    Rekindle cafe

    Jalan SS2/64,

    47300 Petaling Jaya (same row as Pelita Nasi Kandar)

    Opening Hours: 10.30am – 11.30pm (Tuesday – Thursday), 10.30am – 12:30am (Friday – Saturday), 10.30am – 11.30pm (Sunday)

    Keep up with Rekindle’s latest offerings and news via their Facebook Page here.

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    Love Your Food At Agape Restaurant

    Nestled in a quiet corner of Setiawalk Puchong lies a warm and welcoming restaurant filled with porky wonders…

    The name is Agape, and their specialty is to make European dishes so good that you’d be knocking on their door for more in no time!

    Up and running for approximately six months, Agape is headed by Chef Chester, a local with years of experience in the culinary field. Specialising in Western and European cuisine, Chef Chester’s passion for food is apparent as his dishes are superb and of premium quality. From pork crackling to a great selection of sauces, we learnt that the chef is a perfectionist in the kitchen – Chef Chester is adamant at making his dishes as perfect as possible.

    A bite into their House Salad reaffirms said stance. Not only were the green and red coral crisp and fresh, the julienne ham, bacon and crispy self-made pork crackling toppings were also enjoyable. As for the dressing, its sweet and mildy tangy taste was a good alternative to the usual vinegeratte and creamy dressings available out there, and we thoroughly enjoyed how it complemented everything well.

    If you’re not really a salad person, then opt for their Brochettes. Essentially prawns wrapped in bacon and served with pineapple chipotle dip, we wondered why this beautifully combo was so rare in the market. The prawns were juicy and bacon was tantalising; honestly no complaints here.

    Moving on to mains, we got to sample their:

    Roast Pork Belly With Bourbon Maple Glazed. One word best describe this dish: delicious! The pork belly was beautifully tender and the sides were done well. However, what we loved best was the glaze – sweet, tangy and fragrant, it was honestly unlike anything else we’ve had before. In fact, it was was so good that I ended up dipping almost any and every thing I could into the glaze!

    Crusty Snapper Fillet. One of the few non-pork dish in the menu, this dish takes a healthier direction with its sweet mash potato and lemon herb butter. A meal that would easily please any seafood lovers.

    Spiced Rubbed Pork Belly Rasher.  The pork itself was tender, but that one thing that got the whole table talking was its condiments – the cabbage, bell pepper, chickpeas, mushroom and tomato stew harmonised beautifully with its meat counterpart.

    Following the tradition of most European or German restaurants, Agape carries a few number of pork knuckle platters. Though we’re not really fans of this humongous dish, we can’t help but deem their Garlic-herb Roast Pork Knuckle one of the safest (and biggest) knuckle choices around town. To top it all off, their homemade side dishes (sour cabbage and mash potato) are just what you need to keep you munching on. A perfect dish to share amongst a group of friends and family.

    And here’s an extra treat for the upcoming Christmas season – Agape will be preparing a special Christmas Carvery Platter! This consists of:

    1. Roast Pork belly roll stuffed with sausages and mushroom. The stuffing is the star here! Fragrant, flavourful but not too overwhelming, the stuffing and gravy paired beautifully with the tender roast pork belly.

    2. Chipotle herb rub roast turkey breast. Synonymous with Christmas season, turkey can be tricky to cook – wrong techniques might cause it to be dry, solid and tasteless. But that’s not the case here. Chef Chester’s turkey breasts are tender, juicy and have the right amount of flavour and go perfectly well with the apple hash.

    3. Roast boneless leg of lamb. With an immense love for lamb, I have a high expectation of it – and this definitely did not disappoint! Never have I ate such tender and perfectly cooked lamb meat. The best part is that this tastes awesome on its own, and even more so with the given gravies. And no, I’m not exaggerating – what can I say, the roast lamb really won us over.

    Roast potatoes, brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, Madeira wine gravy and apple hash completes the beautiful banquet. Priced at RM68 (for 2pax) or RM118 (for 4 pax), the festive set will be available from 23/12/2013 – 31/12/2013. A quick call to Agape restaurant a day before to pre-order is required for this Christmas Carvery Platter.

    To sum up our visit to this new favourite restaurant of ours, Agape boasts of a good selection of premium and creatively prepared pork dishes. If you’re a pork lover, Agape is a sure bet to expect a satisfying premium meal!

    Agape: Love Your Food

    Block I-5, 1st floor,

    Setia Walk Mall Persiaran Wawasan,

    Pusat Bandar Puchong

    47160 Puchong New Village, Selangor

    Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

    Keep up with Agape: Love Your Food’s latest offerings and news via their Facebook Page here.

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    Waffle, Gelato and Shake Mania at Wafflemeister, KLCC!

    Apart from A&W and those kiosks in front or around shopping malls, there is now another option for you to get your waffle fix.

    Meet Wafflemeister, home of authentic and handmade Belgian Liege waffles!

    Situated at the third floor of KLCC, this cosy little dessert joint is the first South East Asian branch of UK-based waffle chain, Wafflemeister. However, do note that waffles are not their only forte as the store also sells gelato and milkshakes.

    Opened for not more than six months, business has been visibly going well, their tasty waffles have been busting diet regimes, and we’ve made Wafflemeister a ‘to-go’ eatery whenever we visit KLCC. Here are some of the reasons why:

    Their Waffles!

    It is mentioned that the dough for their waffles are made using a secret Belgian family recipe dating back to the 1950s.

    While we’re not sure of how credible that is, we’re pretty certain about one thing – Wafflemeister’s Liege waffles are chewy, dense and soft on the inside but crisp on the outside. A definite sweet and satisfying treat! Plus, they taste great on their own or with any of Wafflemeister’s wide range of toppings.

    You can pick two sizes for your waffles. If you’re looking to have it as a snack or maybe a light dessert, then we suggest getting the smaller portion (the size is about half of lady’s palm). But if you’re thinking of having it as a sweet meal, then go ahead and get the full sized piece.

    Amazing Quality Toppings!

    Ranging from natural gelato, Belgian chocolate fudge, freshly whipped cream, fresh strawberries to oreo biscuits, the topping offered are wide and of quality. If that’s are not enough, the store also carries great chocolate options. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate; Wafflemeister is definitely all set on satisfying chocolate fans! What’s best is the fact that these are not those readily liquefied chocolate in bottles – they made it a point to melt and use  chocolates chips imported from Belgium.

    Premium Galato!

    It’s honestly a good thing that customers can just opt to get Wafflemeister’s gelato, because let us tell you this – these frozen delights of theirs are to die for! Imported from France and made from an Italian recipe, their premium gelati are creamy, not overly sweet and would have you craving for more.

    A personal favourite was their pistachio ice cream. While we had it atop of our Dream Team waffle creation, we actually went and bought more of it – yes, it was that good!


    Thick and creamy, Wafflemeister’s American Milkshakes will definitely satiate your milky desires. Though, we really wished that they used their premium gelati instead of ice cream for these decadent concoctions.

    While we thoroughly enjoyed our dessert trips to Wafflemeister (we’ve been there twice!), there are certain things that didn’t get our seal of approval. Firstly, it’s the size of the store – we honestly wish it was bigger or at least had more seats. With just a few tables and a small bar, Wafflemeister is not really a place for crowds. The other thing to look out for is their above-average pricetag. With waffle creations and milkshakes starting from RM10, the dessert joint is not exactly wallet-friendly.

    But hey, if you want our honesty opinion, Wafflemeister’s premium sweet treats are definitely worth the splurge!


    Level Three, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

    Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

    Keep up with Wafflemeister’s latest offerings and news via their Facebook Page here.

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    Delicious Oishi Green Tea Now in Malaysia

    Fans of iced tea will enjoy this refreshing healthy option that’s just landed on our shores

    Love milk tea but want something that’s a little less filling and creamy? You’ll love the latest offering from F&N whom have just brought over the famous Oishi Green Tea so you no longer have to make your way to Thailand for this delicious goodness!

    Oishi which means “delicious” in Japanese, combines the health benefits of green tea with enticing flavours to meet consumers varied tastes and is brewed from 100 per cent real tea leaves grown on certified organic plantations and uses all-natural ingredients.

    This delicious ready-to-drink (RTD) green tea is available in four unique Halal flavours:

    1) Oishi Green Tea Original

    2) Oishi Green Tea Honey Lemon

    3) Oishi Green Tea Genmai (Japanese rice)

    4) Oishi Black Tea Lemon

    Our favourite? The vanilla-esque Oishi Black Tea Lemon and the Green Tea Genmai which has a subtle corn flavour to it (we reckon fans of the corn tea at Bulgogi Brothers will enjoy it too)! A warning though, if it’s unsweetened bitter tea you’re looking for – this isn’t it. While it’s not overwhelmingly sweet, bear in mind that it is sweet tea that’s delicious served with lots of ice!

    However, what’s great is that there are no added artificial flavours, preservatives, or colouring which makes this a healthier and organic  option as every bottle is  brewed  from  young organic green tea leaves and made from all-natural ingredients to ensure the unique and delicate flavor of authentic, natural Japanese green tea. Only the three youngest leaves at the tip are selected from each branch.

    These young organic leaves are then, through advanced technology and the attentive care of an expert team, masterfully brewed using a refined manufacturing process according to Oishi’s signature recipes.

    With four flavours to complement any part of your day, grab yourself a bottle at any 7-Eleven or Shell, Petron, BHP, Caltex convenience stores as well as selected Guardian outlets. Oishi Green  Tea  Original, Oishi  Green  Tea  Honey Lemon, Oishi  Green  Tea  Genmai and Oishi Black Tea Lemon, are available in 380ml PET bottles priced at RM2.50 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM2.60 in Sabah and Sarawak.

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    Venus Eats: Obanhmi Shop, Damansara Uptown (Non-halal)

    What in the name is Obanhmi you asked? Well, it’s a cool place that sells banh mi aka Vietnamese sandwich. And this should be next on your ‘places to visit’ to get a taste of street food at its best. 

    Not being funny but that’s the name of the banh mi – OMG.

    For travellers everywhere, street food is where you will find the best of what the host country has to offer. Culinary adventures can be found in the skills of the locals where your taste buds get tantalised and your senses get a real good treat.

    When you think of Vietnamese cuisine, the more popular food that comes to mind would be pho and salad/spring rolls. But what about ‘bánh mì’ – a popular Vietnamese street food?

    If you’ve travelled to Vietnam before, you’d know that banh mi is curiously a sandwich with French influence, namely the baguette. Yes, the baguette is actually a popular street food there! In fact, banh mi has gotten pretty famous in many parts of the world including Australia, US, UK and etc. And now it’s Malaysia’s turn to be familiarised with the Vietnamese sandwich.

    That was simply how the idea of Obanhmi Shop came about. Started by three friends – Daniel, Chris and An, all in their 20s, the trio wanted to bring a piece of Vietnamese street food to this country. “It’s about time,” as said by Chris, who operates as the chef, baker, development manager, etc rolled into one.

    A little history lesson – the baguette was first introduced in Vietnam during the French colonial period and over the years, the Vietnamese have tweaked the bread to suit local taste. Today, it is widely served as banh mi. Unlike the baguette that we know, the Viet version is more airy in texture with a thinner crust.

    While each of the founders come from different backgrounds and had no clue how to run their own business or even how to make a good banh mi, it seems their persistence and self-belief are paying off.

    Daniel with the fresh-out-of-the-oven baguettes

    VenusBuzz.com dropped by the shop for a visit over the weekend and boy, were we glad to have found quality sandwich here that is also value for the money.

    It’s a no-frills sort of cafe where you order at the counter (go for the set!) and food will be delivered to you in a paper tray. Within the course of lunch hour, the shop was frequented with patrons strolling in for banh mi and in less than three hours, they were sold out. Impressive!

    What’s the attraction with Obanhmi? 

    To put it mildly, the rather filling sandwiches and great hosts.

    Over at Obanhmi, almost all the ingredients are made fresh. Chris is the man of the hour as he handled our orders.

    We decided on the O Sunny and O BBQ from the modest menu. They currently have five main choices to choose from.

    The former is made with pork pate, pickled radish & carrot, lemongrass chicken, ham, sunny side-up egg, homemade mayo and cilantro.

    The latter is served with BBQ pork, pickled radish, sunny side-up egg, homemade mayo, and cilantro topped with Vietnamese Chilli sauce.

    The pièce de résistance of course would be the baguettes which are baked fresh daily on the premise!

    My usual complain about pate is the strong taste of liver but with this one, it was nicely done and you don’t get the unpleasant aftertaste. The BBQ pork rendered a bit of spice without being overwhelming.

    And as the question of the French bread, well the baguette at Obanhmi is dense enough without having to break your tooth. It was a joy to bite into!

    We thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches that afternoon. The filing for both banh mi was generous and the combination of flavours was fantastic. Everything just works well together to give you a really satisfying meal.

    And to wash one’s meal down, the Vietnamese Coffee is not to be missed. It’s the real deal, prepared from the ‘French drip’ method. A word of caution though, order your coffee well in advance if you’re thinking of seconds as the ‘dripping’ might take a while.

    Obanhmi Shop

    No.33, Jalan SS21/56b,

    Damansara Utama,

    47400 Petaling Jaya

    Tel: 03-7732 8540

    (a few shops away from The Ship)

    Opening Hours: 

    Tues – Fri: 8am – 8.30pm

    Sat & Sun: 10am – 9pm

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    Mo.cheeks All Set To Be Your Next New Craving!

    There’s a new mochi provider in town, and boy have we fallen for them hook, line and sinker!

    Brought to you by BRC Group, Akachan no Hoppe is a great addition to the Japanese food scene in Malaysia. Established to serve up authentic Japanese delicacy pastries, the first product introduced is mochi, or preferably known as Mo.cheeks.

    Akachan no Hoppe literally translates to “baby cheeks” in Japanese. To understand the reason why they name themselves that, all you need to do is touch the mochi – it’s soft, fluffly and of so tender; just like a baby’s cheeks! As for Mo.cheeks, we were told that they were a play of words – mochi and cheeks equate to Mo.cheeks!

    Originating from the city of Itoigawa, Niigata prefecture of Japan, the kiosk at Mid Valley is Akachan no Hoppe’s first outlet in Malaysia. However, do note that the mochis sold here aren’t imported from the store in Japan; only the ingredients, recipes and traditional methods are. This is to ensure freshness to the customers and to maintain the tender, love-filled fluffiness that comes naturally in their products.

    Captivated by Akachan no Hoppe, their fabled tender Mo.cheeks, and generally being big fans of Japanese delicacies, we were immensely intrigued to try the delicacies out; to which BRC Group kindly offered us the opportunity with.

    There are a total of 10 mochi flavours available:

    1. Red Bean – The lightly sweetened and delicate taste of the adzuki beans made this traditional and classic flavour a delight.

    2. Double Chocolate – The chocolate in this mocha tasted rich, creamy and full-bodied; it’s a no-brainer why many deem this flavour top in their list.

    3. Edamame – Made from grounded, chunky Edamame beans, this intriguing mochi had a fragrant and lingering bean-y aroma. Who knew unripe soybeans would make such great confectionaries!

    4. Melty Caramel – Its Caramel crème bulee filling tasted rich, velvety, had the right amount of sweetness and is oh so addictive!

    5. Japanese Plum – This mochi has a unique mix of mainly sour and sweet from citrus pulps of the Japanese plum fruit. We can’t help but feel that this tangy piece would serve as a decent pick-me-up.

    6. Black Sesame – Although we did wish for a stronger black sesame aroma, we do admit that this mochi’s filling was dense, pleasant and went really well with its generous amount of fresh cream.

    7. Tropical Pineapple – The fruity and tropical pineapple zest in this flavour makes this sweet-and-sour delicacy refreshing and memorable

    8. Strawberry Love – The fact that this tangy and mildly sweet strawberry mochi yielded no artificial flavouring aftertaste spoke a lot for the ingredients that Akachan no Hoppe uses.

    9. Green Tea – The Japanese matcha green tea flavour in this was full-bodied but not overly intense. This flavour would please matcha lovers everywhere.

    10. Jungle Banana – Adding a tropical twist into their range, this exotic flavour was interesting but somewhat unmemorable. It is available for a limited time only.

    All in all, we recommend the Double Chocolate, Caramel, Red bean and Strawberry as they would make a safe choice for both young and old; but we personally enjoyed Edamame, Green Tea and Tropical Pineapple the most! The texture is fluffy, chewy and soft (exactly how we imagined them to be after our initial touch).

    Aside for the interesting flavours, what really surprised us was how they got most of the flavours right. Save perhaps one or two mochis, most flavours had the right amount of taste, sweetness, filling amount and simply melted in your mouth. They were fresh, tasted great and were so addictive, that we went back to the shop not long after to get ourselves another set of Mo.cheeks!

    We also like that fact that the shop offers customers options to eat now or later – ready-to-eat, chilled mochis for those who want to eat them soon, and frozen mochis for those who wish to bring them back for later.

    There is only one thing that we don’t like about Akachan no Hoppe’s Mo.cheeks – its shelf life. Although frozen mochis are available, they are best consumed within three days. Nonetheless, we understand that this only proves the lack of preservatives in them.

    If reading this post has successfully gotten you craving for some soft and chewy Mo.cheeks, head on over their kiosk at 3rd Floor, Centre Court, MidValley Megamall. The Mo.cheeks are priced at RM3.80 each. For more info on Akachan no Hoppe, please visit their official website or Facebook Page.

  • Food,  Lifestyle,  Review

    Smashies Burger, the new burgerlution of Kuala Lumpur!

    With new burger joints opening up every other month, the burger craze in the Klang Valley is far from slowing down. Nonetheless, have you realized that most of these burger harems are situated in Petaling Jaya?

    But that sad fact has come to and end. Burger fans of Kuala Lumpur, may we present to you a new burger sensation in in town – Smashies Burger!

    This new ‘burgerlution’ in Kuala Lumpur is opened by ex-investment banker, Mr. Will Soh. He shares that the inspiration for Smashies Burger came from his visit to New York, America. He had visited a shop, ordered a simple burger, took a bite, and realized that there was truly nothing like a warm, juicy and wholesome burger; that burgers can bring people together with joy.

    Going back to Smashies Burger, perhaps that is the reason the restaurant sports a fuss-free and minimalistic interior – they prefer to let their burgers do the job of bringing in customers to have a smashing good time!

    The ‘Smashies Burger’ name is derived from the method it is made from – by smashing a ball of pure ground beef on a grill to make its patty! This smashing method locks in and retains the meat’s natural flavours and juices, which gives it a definite taste. That’s not all; Smashies Burger also features coloured and flavourful buns to make your burger-eating experience more fun. Oh, and trust us on the flavourful bit; we tried and tested (tip: the orange buns had a more prominent flavour)!

    One of the safest choice for when you visit Smashies Burger would be their I am Single chicken burger. A generous piece of grilled chicken meat is served with cheese, tangy sauce and black buns.

    If you’re more of a cow person, their best-selling beef burger is the Annoying Orange. This burger comprises of and orange bun, a single Smashies beef patty, a piece of cheese, hashbrown, egg and pieces of Crispy beef bacon.

    And here’s a treat for those of you who love your mushrooms – The Shroom Bomb. The patty of this vegetarian burger is made from two big Portobello mushrooms with mozzarella and cheddar cheese sandwiched in between. Red bun, lettuce, tomatoes and tartar sauce complete the whole shroom deal.

    Mr. Soh also hinted that he might consider opening up a second outlet within the next six months. Plus, we also heard that they are in talks of opening a branch in the States itself!

    For more information on this new ‘burgelution’ in town, please visit the official Smashies Burger Facebook Page.