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    How To Keep Your Jeans Smelling Fresh (No Washing!)

    Did you know you don’t have to wash your jeans?

    So, you’ve probably heard that Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh hasn’t washed his jeans for over a year now… Yes, it is the sort of care advice that is advocated by industry experts actually.

    In general, the less wash you put your denim through the better. As gross as this may sound, you can maintain a longer lasting relationship with your jeans when you don’t wash them.

    Here’s why – over-washing them can cause the material to shrink and lose its strength and durability fast.

    So, how do you keep jeans smelling fresh then? Well, here are some tips for you to try but do note that this works best with raw denim material:

    Steam shower

    This is a quick way to freshen up your jeans. Just hang them in your bathroom when you’re having a shower. The steam will help to “freshen” up your jeans and lose the creases while the aromatic smell from your bath and hair products will have your pair smelling new.

    Freeze dry

    Sounds strange but freezing your jeans overnight can kill the bacteria. Why jeans start to smell after prolong wear is because bacteria transfers from skin to denim so the low temperature in the freezer can get rid of the odour plus the cause. If you’re concerned about hygiene, put the jeans into a cloth or canvas bag, and not plastic, before popping into the freezer so the denim can breathe.

    Sun dry

    Hang your favourite pair outdoors where there’s constant air flow to give them a chance to air dry. But make sure you put it away from direct sunlight as the sun can alter the colour of your jeans faster than you’d think. Always turn it inside out first to prevent discolouration.

    Sources: Reviewed.com, Jeanswest, Apartment Therapy

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    What Is The Best Specs Frame For Your Face Shape?

    Eyewear frames can completely make or break your look — which is why picking out a new pair of specs can be quite a tough ordeal!

    While a pair of glasses is an essential tool for aiding eyesight, they are accessories all the same. Nonetheless, given the fact that we are spoilt for choices with the wide array of styles and silhouettes available out there, how does one pick the right pair?

    Truth is, there are lots of factors to base your choice on, including your personal style and colouring (eyes, skin tone, hair) — but perhaps the most universal is your face shape.

    If you’re thinking of getting new eye gear, check out this nifty guide below to work out your face shape and find that one perfect pair of glasses that’ll make you look like a million bucks.

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    What’s Your Fashion Persona?

    Each one of us has a personality of our own and this is showcased in our dressing style too. What does yours say about you?

    Like most girls, dressing up is a fun part of the day. It is where we get to display our likes and ‘up’ our fashion know-how. The most obvious is styling it according to a theme. After much thought and research through fashion sites and blogs, there are four distinctive styles that are prevalent today. Each one speaks volume about the kind of person that you carry through your clothing.

    These are four looks curated from Club21 Online.

    The Dressy Girl

    You are the ones who revel in dresses that are feminine and yet standout in design and cuts. A dressy girl enjoys being a bit ladylike without losing her edge and, colours and prints do not daunt you. Modern yet classy, that’s how you like your dressing style.

    The Preppy Chick

    You don’t conform to what is norm and you like to create your own signature style. The more diverse your clothing is the better and you sort of love experimenting with different materials, theme and accessories just for the fun of it.

    The Trendy Tomboy

    Who says only the boys can have all the fun?  You don’t subscribe to the notion that all girls must be feminine. Nothing excites you more than dressing up with attitude. The highlight of your wardrobe is to have a piece that is edgy and with street cred.

    The Punk Princess

    The coolest style influence right now is to glam it up ala punk. The movement is enjoying its moment in the fashion world. You ooze both charisma and defiance in a single look. While you can be all tough, you choose to rock to your own tune.

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    How To Walk In High Heels

    In the name of fashion, walk in your heels with pride and style!

    Besides the wearing right pair, the art of walking in heels requires strength, good posture and a bit of brainwork. How many times have you come across a woman who stumbles across the foyer of a mall with a gait that you’d not describe as flair?

    I, for one, have not been able to keep my heels on for the duration of a whole night. Guilty! of walking barefoot with heels sling over my fingers. Truth is the majority of us need help.

    In New York, a certain “stiletto whisperer” has taken upon himself to educate women on strutting their stuff the right way. The instructor, Victor Chu is a former shoe designer with Ugg and Reebok, and he has seen far too many incidences as well as accidents involving high-heeled women.

    “Ninety-five percent of women don’t know how to walk in high heels,” he said in an interview with New York Post.

    So, how do you walk in high heels and walk them well?

    Chu starts his class by getting the students to walk barefoot in order to get in touch with the anatomy of the foot. He points out that we should be walking heel to toe, which means when you walk your heel should hit the ground first before your toes. This is crucial to walking right.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to look like you own the street when walking with heels.

    1. First and foremost, make sure you’ve got the right fit. Ditch the pair even if they’re cute but don’t fit properly! If you’re not used to walking in this type of shoes, begin your journey with a moderately sized heel with about 1-2 inches in height. As you grow more accustomed to them, take it up a notch. If possible, try break your shoes in before wearing them.

    2. Start with your posture. Stand with your feet comfortably apart as you’d normally be in flat shoes. Make sure body is relaxed, arms are loose and at your sides, this will help you to be in balance.

    3. Next step is check your balance. Engage your stomach muscles to give yourself a steady core balance. Keep back straight and natural. This means you need to avoid arch your back or stand as stiff as a wood. Important thing to remember, when you’re wearing heels is you tend to feel the need to lean forward because of the added height but focus on staying upright.

    4. Now, the walk. Lift your foot and point toes straight ahead, with a slight upwards angle and place heel gently on the floor about a foot-length ahead of your other foot. Heel wearers tend to have shorter stride so take smaller steps.

    5. Keep your legs close together with the toes point forward and focus on placing the foot straight so that you’re walking along an invisible straight line.

    As you get more comfortable with the step motion, loosen your body and allow your hips to sway from side to side. This is supposedly your body’s natural compensation for walking on your toes. And did you know everyone’s got their own signature walk? Find yours.

    Check out this video for more information on how to walk in high heels.

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    5 Tricks To Make Your Legs Look Longer

    Legs as long as supermodels, that’s what everyone covet for, right?

    Being vertically challenged, I have always been the short end of a joke. Yes, pun intended. I’ve been called “fun size” and “shortie” among many other names.

    It’s rather annoying and cruel jibes come and go, but rather than give in to the jokes, here are some tricks to give you the illusion of longer limbs.


    No, we’re not advocating for you to parade around in your birthday suit. But the colour nude is the perfect shade to give a bit of height. It’s an optical illusion that you can’t tell where your legs begin and where your foot ends. Wear your shorts with a pair of nude pumps to create a long line of vision. Speaking of which…


    Go for the high-waisted type, either pants or shorts and it’ll appear that your waistline is actually higher than it seems. Hence, you’ve got longer legs! As the trend is going back to the 90s, you can bet that there’ll be a perfect pair of high-waisted piece to suit your body. The more legs you expose, the longer you’ll look.

    A-line skirts

    The cutting of such a bottom is made to have a slimming effect on the silhouette. They usually cinch the waist and thus it has the same result as a high-waisted design. Always tuck your top into the skirt so as to trick the eyes that your hips are actually higher than they are. Important factor is the hemline shouldn’t go below the knees.

    Empire-waisted maxis

    A lot of petite ladies believed that they can’t carry a long dress as it’ll drown their frame. But the trick is to find one that is flattering to the figure. Empire-waisted maxis sit just under the bust and create the illusion that your legs could go on and on. Pair this with wedges to add a bit more height so you’ll look taller and leaner.


    Flattering stripes are the ones that go from top to bottom rather than side to side. Remember your friend is the vertical striped or pinstriped design. The pattern, especially bold stripes in black and white, have a lengthening effect on the leg. It tricks the mind as your eyes are immediately drawn to the length of your leg.

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    Levi’s Neon Jeans 7-Day Challenge

    Either you love it or hate it, neon is a colour that sure catches the eyes. 

    I’ll admit, I’m one of those haters…well, was. Fickle, I know but I’ve a change of heart when I saw this pair of Levi’s in neon lemon yellow. When did Levi’s start getting in on the funk? Well, the answer is probably this Spring/Summer 2013. The collection dubbed “neon brights” follows in this season’s hottest trending colours and it is really gorgeous.

    Now, for one who has never own anything so bright, the challenge is to find suitable pairings. This is one marriage that is tricky to arrange. But the resulting unions are harmonious, or that’s what we’d like to believe anyway.

    Day 1: Clean & Bright

    The white over neon pairing works for every bright hue of the family, and white is the best to tone down on the shocking element of your outfit. In this case, the jeans appears less intimidating while the flirty collar design of the top gives this look a softer touch. This combo is especially good for those who have just embraced neon, like me.

    Day 2: Colour Harmony

    This, to me, is the perfect colour match. The calm seagreen top goes along very well with the neon yellow. It’s a streamlined silhouette that is fresh and won’t leave anyone with a ‘I-need-sunglasses!’ glare. Clean lines and simple accessories, this look may appeal to the classy girls who are looking to rock a bit of neon trend with minimum effort.

    Day 3: Floral Power

    A neon jeans can still be taken as a serious clothing item when paired with a fitting blazer and pumps. Generally, the aim is to appear sophisticated and refined, even with a dash of fluorescent. A feminine floral print also brings an interesting element to the mix. But when in doubt, throw on a plain solid coloured blazer; pink, neutral, navy and black work best.

    Day 4: Crazy Clash

    If you’re daring enough to go against the tide, mix up your outfit with different neon colours. Go wild and clash as you like but the rule is to make sure there’s a neutral item in there somewhere to offset the crazies. This leopard print top goes one step louder than the palm tree prints on the jeans. Add on with a striking clutch, you have a really popping outfit right there.

    Day 5: Bold Love

    Right, if wild isn’t your thing, tone it down a notch. Why stick to just one shade when you can still have fun with two neon colours? Think colour blocking – the electric blue actually enhances the bright yellow. Quick pointer – a long vest goes better with a skinny jeans than a flared pair, it also helps to draw attention away from the neon bottom.

    Day 6: Funky Hits

    The safest choice of colour to go with a pair of neon jeans is a black or dark top. As neon is a rather “young” tone, a solid dark helps to keep things in focus. We, however, decided to call out to our inner youth and pair the skinnies with a galaxy print top and creepers for a rather funky look.

    Day 7: Crop Mix

    Back to our favourite colour pairing again, this time with a boxy cropped top, inherited from mummy dearest who wore it during her heyday. The style is kept simple with nude jelly flats and a vintage watch. When dressed in a neon piece, keep your accessories to a minimum. Less is more.

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    The Art Of Wearing Alice Headbands

    Alice headbands are a great way to style up your hair if you ever get bored of hairpins, scrunchies or your usual hairstyles.

    To those who didn’t know, Alice headbands are those horse-shoe shaped plastic bands that you wear over your hair. Did you know that these wondrous accessories have the potential of spicing up one’s hairstyle and appearance? Case in point, the ever-trendy Blair Warldrof from Gossip Girls, or think back at how Alice in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland sweetly accessorised her little blue pinafore with a thick glossy headband. They’re classic and you can wear a headband in an assortment of ways and for almost any occasion!

    From delicate embellishment-cladded pieces to the conventional thick bands, here are some ways you can wear an Alice headband;

    The Middle Parters

    To those who rock a middle parting, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how sweet this look could make you look.

    We personally find this style emitting a sort of feminine and innocent radiance. Don’t think so? How about taking a look at this other way of rocking a middle-parting headband look-

    For a Prim and Proper Outlook

    For the times where you want to look extra neat and tidy, while showing confidence, try this.

    Just pick your favourite hairband and sweep all your hair (including bangs) behind with it. While looking stylish, we think this style can give people the illusion that you’re neat, classy and super comfortable with your pretty facial features!

    Or, if you’re not that comfortable showing your whole forehead, then you could wear it with some of your fringe;

    Simply adjust the amount of hair you’re comfortable with, sweep your fringe to the side and tuck it in; just like how Alice did in Alice in The Wonderland.

    You’d definitely be living up the ‘Alice Headband’ name!

    As a Statement Piece

    Headbands that are accented with embellishments or designs look great with long flowing hair or with a shorter do.

    Key is to simply let the headband do the talking! This look can give your casual attire an instant oopmh and is especially great for those fancier outfits and events (e.g. a wedding reception). Plus point is that this style will give you a stylish look without having you to further damage your hair from hair styling products! We imagine this looking especially great at wedding receptions.

    The Bed-Head Fixer

    Overslept? No time to wash or style your bed-head hair? Just put a headband over it!

    Who knew something so simple and effortless would look so chic.

    As an Add-On

    For he days when you feel like your usual tied hairdos are getting a little bit too bland, an Alice band can always serve as a good accessory;

    You can also pair with with ponytails or pigtails!

    Oh, and to my shorter-haired lovelies – these styles will look equally as great (if not better) on you pretty ladies! So go forth, remember Blair Warldrof or Alice, and snap that band on! And when you’ve already mastered the art of wearing Alice headbands, or if you’re just looking for something more eye-catching, why not try for a loud and proud Floral headpiece?

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    Instagram: 10 Tips for the Fashionista

    Picture taking on your smartphone is serious business, and we’re here to tell you how to take pictures that pop!

    When it comes to Instagram and social media, there’s nothing worse than having unattractive, grainy photos on your feed – the urge to passive agressive Tweet, “What is the point of this?!” is high – yet we choose not to unfollow because we’re..well, friends.

    So as friends, here are some of our tips to take nice looking fashion-type photos that (hopefully) won’t irk your followers too much and instead, get you new ones!

    1. Selcas/Selfies: Face the window

    Good lighting is vital for the perfect selca (self capture), and you don’t want light that is directly above you  – instead, choose diffused lighting! The easiest method is to stand facing a window and bam, blemishes be gone! If you think the natural sunlight is too harsh, pull your curtains down et voila – light filter! The one thing you want to avoid is standing underneath lighting as this causes shadows on your face, or worse still – standing with a light source behind you (unless for artistic purposes).

    2. Background’s Amazing!

    A great photo is one that’s got a lot of things to look at with something at the foreground and background. Choose bright, contrasting colours or amazing street for editorial-worthy pictures. If you do not have access to any of these things, you’d be surprised at how some mundane everyday outdoor scenes have the ability to make your Lookbook pictures absolutely pop! But we will say, stay away from the toilet-mirror selfies – ain’t nobody got time for that (unless it’s one of those fancy gold-plated ones with toilet assistants and perfumes).

    If all else fails, go minimalist chic against a plain white backdrop – your wall. Think Terry Richardson, this sort of profile shots are incredibly effective and a great way to let your personality shine because let’s face it – all eyes will be on you.

    3. The Queen of the Crop

    The best thing about Instagram is the 2 by 2 dimensions which requires you to crop your photos. So, if you have flabby arms or your roots are showing – crop, crop, crop. It’s easy to make anyone look good with Instagram – remember, you’re in control of what you want to show! The same applies to pictures of your designer handbags and clothes, it’s more artistic to see a close up of the texture or fabric than a flat picture of the entire bag. Sometimes, less really is more.

    4. Variety Show

    Contrary to popular belief, Instagramming every minute of your life is not the way to go – be selective when choosing pictures to post (even if you look crazy amazing in all 10 pictures) or else save some for another day when you might not have as many pictures to post up. Spam in any form is annoying, so choose wisely! Also try to add some variety, if your last 5 photos were selcas of yourself or the same theme – you might want to mix it up a little bit with pictures other than yourself!

    5. Get a Little Apps From My Friends

    If you don’t have a personal assistant to follow you around to take full length body shots of your #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), a full length mirror and an app like InstapicFrames is your best friend. InstapicFrames allows you to put up to 5 pictures in 1 Instagram so this makes it ideal to highlight the details on your outfit. Use the full length vertical slot for a full length selca using your mirror, and the smaller slots with accent items from your outfit that make the look so amazing!

    6. Posture, Posture, Posture!

    It’s simple things that will give you some added height in your full length shots – either cross your legs when standing up with your shoulders back (never ever hunch, and yes..the broken-doll pose is not for everyone) or stand on your toes to give you more inches and a ‘toner’ looking body with slimmer-looking legs.

     7. Filter & Go

    Thanks to Instagram’s awesome filters, our pictures look amazing and artsy (check out what your favourite filter says about you). Sometimes you need ’em, sometimes you don’t – depending on the narrative you’re going for.

    Black and white pictures do well for a more dramatic effect, so the use of light and contrast is important. Use a Valencia filter to lighten dark pictures, and X Pro II to darken light photos. If your photo is perfect just the way it is with lots of  bright colours that are true to life, opt for a #nofilter hashtag and keep it au naturel

    8. Be A Specialist

    Choose your vice and do it well – be it #shoeporn, #armcandy, #manimonday – there are ways to enhance these pictures. For shoes, a side view is great to score the best snap, or one that has an interesting background contrast.

    Arm candies look lovely when juxtaposed against your pants or top to see how it works with your outfit, and manicures look nicer when fingers are curled or are holding on to something.

     9. Camera On Top

    Everything looks better from an aerial view, so hover your smartphone directly on top of your clothes/accessories (black and white backgrounds work best) and slightly off-center pictures look more interesting!

    10. Share the love

    Use hashtags such as #fashionista #ootd #style and the other ones we’ve mentioned in this article so that other fashionistas who share the same love for shoes and fashion are able to get inspired by your unique looks and coordinations. More importantly, have fun and share pictures that you love; pictures that make you happy and not what you think we’ll get you more likes

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    Fashion Friday: The Sneakers Trend

    In fashion, what was once dubbed as a fashion no-no could just be on the top of your wish list in a blink!

    After borrowing men’s tailored blazers and slacks, women’s fashion is taking yet another cue from the lads: the sneakers. As one of the season’s biggest shoe crazes (besides those ultra-sexy heeled sandals), sneakers gets a major facelift with luxe materials, sequins and the infamous wedges. The same craze has gotten street stylers don full-fledged gym shoes and not only Chuck Taylors.

    From a thing of Jay-Z and Kanye West, sneakers have officially joined the ‘it’ list.

    The trendsetters

    So who’s behind this grand fashion world takeover scheme? We highlight a few ‘sneaky suspects’.

    Who’d have thought the ones who ignite public love for sneakers were the highly-functional and rather bulky New Balance. The brand’s signature 407s, 410s and 576s are making rounds since last October with the likes of Céline’s Phoebe Philo and Lauren Conrad spotted in them. Up to date, even Jane Aldrige of Sea of Shoes fame has donned ’em mighty sneakers!

    A sneakers talk would not be legitimate without a mention of the ‘king of all sneakers’, Nike. Way before the trend took off, Nike has constantly churned out stylish sneakers besides their functional pairs. While the boys have been raving about their Air Max Infrared, their signature high tops with sleek built are still proven to be a hit among the ladies.

    Clockwise: Converse <3 Marimekko, LV sneakers, Jimmy Choo sneakers, Isabel Marant Bird Sneakers

    Nike’s long-time competitor Adidas is not showing any sign of slowing down, by tying up with Jeremy Scott. The brainchild of the collaboration are the catchy and rather controversial Adidas Originals JS Wings Silhouette. Later on, the designer teamed up with high-profile Korean girlband 2NE1 to come up with a sub-line of the JS Wings.

    If those sneakers are too sporty for your liking, then you’d be thrilled to find more whimsical pairs from Keds x Kate Spade and Converse <3 Marimekko. Otherwise, there’s always those wedge pairs made popular by Isabel Marant and have inspired Marc Jacobs and Chloé among others.

    Where to get those stylish sneakers

    In Malaysia, stylish sneakers are highly accessible and you know better that they don’t belong to the sports stores. Follow KLKix and their active community in Malaysia for the latest updates. Last month, they held a Sneaker Swap Meet at The Bee, Publika.

    Start your sneakers journey by paying a visit to one of Malaysia’s pioneer sneakers shops – Sole What. Their outlets at The Gardens (S229A, 2nd floor) and 1Utama (F364A, 1st floor) are basically a sneaker lovers’ heaven with their limited edition goodies put together in gorgeous shop displays. Their latest in-store additions include Leather Jack Purcell with Floral Insoles and New Balance 574 Varsity & 373 Classic Packs.

    If you’re an avid online shopper, then Size? is the equivalent of ASOS when it comes to stylish sneakers. From Asics to Adidas, Size? does not disappoint with its range of choices. When on the site, don’t miss out on Size? Exclusive section where you can find one-of-a-kind designs from Nike, Converse and Fred Perry among others. What we love most about the site is its free international shipping for orders over £100. Yay!

    For the high fashion girls in you, head over to Net-a-Porter and rummage their rather extensive sneakers selection (stored under the ‘Shoes’ tab). Mostly made up of wedge sneakers, it is the place to go for designer sneakers.

    How to sneak sneakers into your daily outfits

    1. With skinny jeans

    Skinny jeans are the foolproof items you should start with when attempting on the sneakers look. Pick your favourite coloured denim, add on a striped tee, and insert the jeans into a high-top pair. Done!

    2. With mini dress / skirt

    Slim-built canvas sneakers would look great if paired with a mini dress / skirt as they wouldn’t ‘cut’ into your height, besides adding that whimsical bit to your overall getup.

    3. With dungarees

    Dungarees, 90s’ kid old time favourite piece of garment, is making a comeback and boy do they fit sneakers like a glove! To further accentuate the playful vibe they ooze, go for in-your-face statement sneakers. Opt out from necklaces and go for arm candies instead to let your midriff shine.

    General tips on acing the sneakers look:

    • If you are conscious about looking shorter when wearing sneakers, opt for Converse or Keds pairs as they are slimmer in built that they won’t cut off your height. Bulkier pairs like New Balance are more suitable for those with long legs.
    • For those who are game to ace the tomboy style, the principle is go big or go home. Make a statement with your sneakers like Rihanna, and go easy on the rest of your outfit.
    • To achieve an interesting juxtaposed look, put on sneakers to complement your tailored monochrome look.
    • Unless you are going for the hip-hop look, never pair a loose bottom with sneakers.

    Products info: Mango coloured denim, RM99. Bershka striped tee, RM89.90. Adidas Originals x ObyO Jeremy Scott Instinct High (via Size?), approx. RM609. Topshop cutout floral dress, RM233. H&M basic white singlet, RM27.90. Dorothy Perkins skater skirt, RM299. Converse All Star Hi Floral (via Size?), approx. RM257.80. ASOS denim dungarees, approx. RM178. Luccacal neon bracelets, RM16. Topshop leather look bralet, RM166. Marc by Marc Jacobs cutout metallic leather wedge sneakers (via Net-A-Porter), approx. RM1,216

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    Fashion Friday: Grunge With Attitude!

    The tidak-apa dressing style is back with a lot of cool attitude.

    Grunge is back y’all! This trend has actually been around circa the 90s and if you still have your get-ups from back then, time to get ‘em out of the closet! Fashion may be about recycling the trend but let’s look at it as refining the style. Not so much Avril Lavigne-ish but more Rita Ora.

    The Definite Girls of Grunge 

    The 90s was a lot about Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana when music was all riddled with teenage angsts, anti-establishment, social alienation, etc. Guilty of the first degree!

    H&M Waistcoat, RM119; Luccacal Skull Chain Bracelet, RM19; Femme Elegante Cat Print Maxi Dress, RM68, Topshop ALIVE Flatform Trainers, RM249.

    Fashion then was all about attitude and self-deco (still is actually!). The idea was to be too-cool-for-school whilst completely decked with heavy adornment and X-amount of layering. Checks, plaid prints, ripped jeans, knee socks and boots are must-haves in grunge style. Flannel is definitely a big thing!

    Topshop Sleeveless Check Shirt, RM143; H&M Jacket, RM149; H&M Appliqué Shorts, RM99.90; Dr Martens Boots, approx. RM405; A Fashion Story chunky rings, RM11 (left) & RM6 (right).

    The look today is a mix of feminine and masculine pieces. It takes on a softer silhouette without losing the grunge elements. While the grunge of yesteryear was all about dark colours, today you can incorporate a fresher look in the tone of green or maroon with a dash of prints. However, don’t go too bright, you still want to come across as a child of the movement.

    Luccacal Pearl & Spike Collar Necklace, RM20; Topshop Hat, RM139; PinkPony Skull Lace Bodycon Dress, RM86.40; Dazzling Couture Skull Head Clutch, RM32; ZARA Blucher with Lace, RM299.

    Grunge style is all about comfort and characteristic edginess. It works out best if you have old or seasoned stuff to pair with your new style.You can go all grunge glamour but in the end, it’s all about the attitude really.