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    5 Beauty Trends That are Out of This World (Seriously!)

    We have so much time in the world these days to come up with the weirdest things. Some of those things are beauty trends. Some will go way beyond and do the most outrages things to stay in trend. But will you? Here are 5 beauty trends that we think areseriously out of this world. 1. Bubble Nails This may have been one of the weirdest trends to ever pop up. Who even came up with the idea to make big chunky nails? Its difficult enought to maintain a fresh manicure, what about this?? This really got us scratching our heads.This particular nail art was made for Easter, so that…

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    Meteorologists Are Wearing The Same 23 Dollar Dress

    This imgur user shared a dress that quietly went viral all over US. The user revealed that female meteorologists are wearing the same US$23 dress from Amazon. Meteorologists revealed that they are not allowed to have short hemlines, lace, or cleavage, Refinery 29 reports. Solid colors also avoid creating a busy pattern on camera. “Many stations even have consultants that come in and tell you colors you should and shouldn’t wear,” KOCO meteorologist Shelby Hays tells Tech Insider (white is bad and green would vanish with the green screen).

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    7 Malaysian Designers You Can Buy Ready-To-Wear From

    Malaysia has several talented fashion designers but not all of them have an all year ready-to-wear collection. Here are some of our favorite fashion designers that has ready products that we can purchase either through their websites or Facebook pages: 1. Commoddity Commoddity by Vincent offers menswear staples with a unique twist. Inspired by the past and design for the present and future. You can purchase shirts, tees and bottoms through through their website or Bangsar Village store. 2. Fairuz Ramdan Fairuz Ramdan offers colorful menswear through his Facebook page and Mutiara Damansara store. He sells tops only; t-shirts, casual and work shirts, but his polo tees remain the best seller from season to season.…

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    6 Style Tricks With A Bandanna

    Adding a little extra something to your outfit doesn’t always require you to use statement jewelry. The bandanna is a fabulous statement accessory that is easy to use. Bandannas as an accessory is making a comeback and has been spotted in Fall 2015 runways and recent fashion blogs. Let’s take a look at some style tips: 1. Classic Western The simplest way to accessorize with a bandanna; fold it in half so that the ends meet and form a triangle, then tie it around your neck. 2. Tucked In Take the classic style a step further by tucking in the bandanna for a neater and slicker look. 3. Headband Cute…

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    H&M x Balmain: 5 Most Ridiculously Marked Up Items On Ebay

    At the launch of the H&M x Balmain collection on 5th November 2015, fans lined up from the day before, the website  crashed shortly after going live and items started selling out within minutes. Now, hundreds of lucky shoppers have taken to eBay to sell their collection pieces at a huge mark up. Here are some of the most expensive pieces that we have found on eBay so far:   1. Beaded Velvet Jacket Retail: RM 2,397 / USD 549  eBay: RM 11,790-21,834 / USD 2,700-5,000 Mark up: 5-9x 2. Biker Jacket Retail: RM 1,740 / USD 399  eBay: RM 2,838-3,712 / USD 650-850 Mark up: 1.5-2x 3. Beaded Dress Retail: RM 2,834 / USD 649  eBay: RM 7,200 / USD 1,650 Mark up:…

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    6 Favourite Moments at Malaysia Fashion Week

    Here is a recap of our favorite fashion moments at Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 November 4-7 2015: Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 has just ended it’s three day run at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center with much pomp and circumstance; from trade exhibitions to fashion shows, showcasing over 100 local and regional fashion designers/labels. Since 100 pictures would be overkill, here are 6 fashion pieces that made the Venusbuzz team debate endlessly: 1. That Wig-Hat Combination Is it a wig? Is it a hat? Does it come in Asian black hair? So elegant, yet so quirky. We love it! From: Whee up by Whee Jin (Korea)   2. That Face Mask The Venusbuzz team had a…

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    10 Alternatives for H&M x Balmain

    Didn’t get your hands on a H&M x Balmain piece? Here are a few H&M x Balmain alternatives: H&M launched its the much awaited collection a few days ago on November 5, 2015. The fans queued and waited patiently for hours, for the doors to open to them. Some had even been waiting a day before. The H&M x Balmain collection didn’t take long to sell out. So whether you missed it or just want a piece to emulate the look, here are a few alternative pieces to check out: 1. Sequin-embroidered Dress Alternative: ASOS NIGHT Metallic Wrap Plunge Mini Bodycon Dress   2. Wool Jacket with Satin Lapels Alternative:  ZALORA Pant Suit Jacket…

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    Beauty Trends with Bobbi Brown – Spring /Summer 2016

    Fashion is more than just clothes, its style and presentation, and makeup plays a big part. New York Fashion Week saw models strutting down the runway with latest the fashion world has to offer for Spring/Summer 2016 collections. And with upcoming clothing trends being showcased, beauty trends naturally followed. Yahoo Beauty’s editor-in-chief recently appeared on with Good Morning America says that three big beauty trends stood out at Fashion Week. “The entire look for the season is all about natural, comfortable, easy and it doesn’t take a lot of work” – Bobbi Brown 1. “No Makeup” Makeup A big trend at Fashion Week was the no makeup look. Bobbi Brown…

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    The Bag That Kendall Jenner Loves

    It’s no secret that Karl Lagerfield and Kendall Jenner have been on friendly terms for a while now, as evidenced by her selfies with him and even dressing as him during Halloween. In a recent Instagram photo that Kendall posted, the model poses with the blue Robot Karl shopper, which gave a pop of color to her monochrome outfit of a leather jacket, crop top, and trousers. K/ROBOT SHOPPER KARL USD 365 / RM 1545 While not the most expensive Karl Largerfield bag out there, it is definitely on the pricey side for a graphic bag. There are other budget-friendly choices for graphic bags out there. Here are three alternatives for you: BONIA Yoyo the Owl…