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    Tutorial: Shu Uemura x PaperSelf for Valentine’s Day

    Add a dash of romance with these gorgeous delicate paperlashes and let your eyes do the talking 

    When you think Valentine’s Day, you typically think pink and all that girly goodness but Shu Uemura’s take on romance with the Calligraph: Ink Spring 2014 eyeshadows and PaperSelf collaboration will set you apart from the rest.

    In this romantic look done by Shu Uemura’s elite makeup artist Lisa Yap, she played with shades of tangerine and shimmery golds as the backdrop to the striking black paperlashes which evokes a feeling of a beautiful sunset or the flutter of wings from a Monarch butterfly.

    Now, Shu Uemura is famous for its Tokyo lash bar and unrivalled eyelash curlers, so let’s talk about the lastest collaboration: the Shu Uemura x PaperSelf lashes. There are two designs, Cupid Angel and Love Lasts Forever. Intricately laser cut paper designs, one features three cupids ready at the aim on a single eyelash, and the other features the word ‘Love’ on one eye and ‘Forever’ on the other eye, with rose and heart motifs.

    The important thing to note is that with all false lashes, you will need to trim them down to fit your eye shape. However, I would recommend using only 1/3 of each lash to be placed on the end of your lash line for a more wearable look. That’s not to say these lashes won’t look great used in its entirety, but it will look more theatrical.

    For this tutorial, Lisa used the Cupid Angel paperlashes on me, and let’s see how easy it is to get this Spring-fresh look:

    Step 1: Lisa first shaped my eyebrows by tweezing away stray hairs (which can be done in store for RM35), and filled it the eyebrow in a modern shape using the Hard 9 pencil in Acorn.

    Step 2: Using the Medium Brown (S 853) shade, Lisa applied this shade on the socket and half of the outer eyelid to create the illusion of bigger, deep set eyes

    Step 3: She applied Vermillion (ME 252) which is a nice warm orange eyeshadow, and dabbed that all over the remaining part of the lid starting from the inner corner. Do not apply above the eye socket.

    Step 4: Using the darkest shade which is Dark Brown (S 884) and a smaller tipped brush, she used this to shade in the outer ‘V’ shape and blended it in.

    Step 5: Using the same dark brown shade, line the outer edge of your lower lash line one third of the way from the outer corner. This will give you the illusion of wider eyes.

    Step 6: Next, use the shimmery beige (G 821) to highlight the inner corner and the rest of the lower lash line until you reach the dark brown shade.

    Step 7: Curl your lashes!

    Step 8: Using the ah-may-zing Calligraph: Ink Liquid Eye Liner (I have this at home, and it is by far the best pen liner I have used), and draw a medium line with a slight flick at the end to elongate your eye shape.

    Step 9: Apply Mascara Length and Waterproof in Jet Black.

    Step 10: Using Light Beige (S 815), apply as a highlighter under your brow bone.

    For the pièce de résistance, apply the Shu Uemura PaperSelf Valentine’s Day lashes. First, you’ll want to snip the lashes to fit onto your eyes. For this look, Lisa snapped off one third of the lash – so in this case, we will be using one Cupid on each eye.

    Next, apply a thin layer of the Shu Uemura lash glue, and using tweezers, place it as close to the lash line as possible at the outer corner of your eye. Adjust accordingly until it looks perfect, and gently press the lashes upward so you can see the pattern clearly. Et voilà! Pretty, fluttery eyes! Blink blink away!

    For the rest of the look, finish off with a Coral blusher (P 560), lipstick (M 944) and gloss ( CR 10S).

    The Calligraph: Ink collection is currently available in stores. The pressed eyeshadows are priced at RM60 each, the Liquid Eye Liner (RM130) and refills (RM65), and the Paperlashes are RM90 per pair. If you like the look, you can head on to the Shu Uemura store and have a makeup artist do the look for you for RM150 (not including eyelashes which will need to be purchased).  For more information, visit the Shu Uemura Facebook page.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat yourself extra special this Friday  <3

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    Tried and Tested: Maybelline Lip Polish Range

    Meet Maybelline New York’s latest tools of seduction – the Lip Polish range.

    All set to start a new lip revolution, the Maybelline Lip Polish is more than a lipstick and gloss. Deemed as the world’s first liquid colour balm, the revolutionary lip product is described as a stunning combination of:

    • Lip balm – The moisturising liquid balm cushions, protects, prevents the lips from feeling dry.
    • Lipstick – Pure pigment results in intense and alluring colours that never settle into lip lines.
    • Gloss – The built-in and glossy topcoat gives the Lip Polish the perfect finishing shine.

    To put it simply, the best qualities of key lip products are harnessed into one convenient little tube! This well-designed all in one concept eliminates the need to layer three separate products, but yet ensuring depth and gloss to users.

    To seal the deal for this product, Maybelline has also decided to give it a unique applicator.

    Equipped with long and short fibres that are soft to the lips, the specially designed leaf applicator enables smooth and fuss-free application. Packaged to mimic the shape of a lipstick, the Maybelline Lip Polish comes in 10 exclusive hypnotic colours:

    From sexy reds to lovely nudes, there’s a tube of Lip Polish to match every lip, mood and occasion! We managed to do a swatch of three shades, namely POP 5, GLAM 3 and GLAM 6.

    Each shades was applied with two coats and the shot was taken under natural light. As for how the Maybelline Lip Polish would fare in action, here is a before and after of the POP6:

    One can easily see that the Lip Polish stays true to its aim of delivering strong colours and high-shine. It was also easy to spread (all thanks to the unique applicator), did not have a heavy smell and was not overly sticky – which are definite plus points.

    All in all, this lip revolution of a product stayed true to its aim and effortlessly gave us hypnotizing lips with a great luxurious feel. We approve!

    With all those positive qualities, it is honestly a no-brainer to see why the Maybelline Lip Polish would become a lip essential for ladies on the go. In fact, we’re already contemplating on what shade to get for our next buy

    The Maybelline Lip Polish is now available in Malaysia with a recomended retail price of RM32.90. For more information, visit the Maybelline Malaysia Facebook page.

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    MANICyours: Nails Inc Monogram Manicure

    Start the new year with positive messages on your manicure!

    We’re loving this super simple to-do Monogram Manicure by Nails Inc which allows you to personalise your nails any how you like! Whether it’s your own initials, a cute message or a statement, one thing’s for sure – this is the ultimate in unique, customised nails.

    In the pack, you’ll find over 150 letters and characters in both black and white and an orange stick for easy application, a mini Southbank polish in cool grey, mini Mayfair Place in deep plum plus our signature Kensington Caviar 45 second Topcoat (4ml) to seal it in.

    You’ll simply have to apply two coats of nail polish and wait for it to dry completely.

    Next, use the orange stick to prise the alphabet of choice and gently place it on your nail. The Black alphabets work best on Southbank, and the White alphabets on Mayfair Place.

    Once it’s stuck on, smoothen it out so that no air bubbles are trapped. Apply a generous coat of Kensington Caviar topcoat and you’re done!

    The only negative of this kit is that there only alphabets and a few characters are provided, with no numbers. Other than that, this would be great for parties and as gifts.

    If you Instagram your monogram, make sure to hashtag #MonogramMani! Nails Inc Monogram Manicure is available at Sephora Malaysia.

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    Tried & Tested: Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set

    The most wonderful time of the year has just been made even better for lip-plumping enthusiast – thank you Stila for this awesome lip glaze set!

    Named as Color Me Glossy, this holiday collection carries nine Stila lip glazes in the brand’s iconic click pens. Be they creamy or shimmery, the lip glaze shades range from luscious red, sweet pinks and neutral nudes.

    Truth be told, this is one collection that’s especially apt for the gifting season.

    Packed in sets of three trios, it simply has ‘perfect gift idea!’ stamped all over it. Whether you’re planning to give it as a whole in the box, in sets of three; or even use them individually as stocking stuffers; the possibilities are really endless! As a matter of fact, they even readily come with their own gift tag!

    We did a swatch of this Christmas gem:

    The swatches were done with two layers each per colour. As noticed, the  Stia’s lip glazes gives will indefinitely give wearers a glossy tint on their lips – perfect for those who love to put on glistening pouts! The texture is quite sticky and thick, which may be why they’re quite long-wearing.

    We personally find the lighter colors like Strawberry Cream and Persimmon quite sheer on their own – so we’d recommended these babies for layering purposes. As for the darker shades, such as Dazzleberry and Passion Fruit, the end result was quite opposite from the former – they are quite pigmented and pack a hefty colour punch.

    There is one thing that you should be wary of though – you would either love or hate the glazes’ scent. While we honestly love this collection to bits, we must warn you that some of them smell kind of like cough syrup. Worry not though, because the scent dissipates fairly fast.

    To sum it up, Stila made this collection with intentions for it to be loved. Whether you, or the person you aim to give it to, are looking for a statement pout or a subtle lip tint; Color Me Glossy’s creamy or shimmery tones will do the trick. What more can you ask from a Christmas collection!

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    MANICyours: Ciate Feathered Manicure

    The leaders of innovative nail textures are back, and it’s flying off the charts with ingenuity

    I was in Singapore recently for the Bolshoi Ballet performance of Swan Lake and decided we needed something equally as elegant and classy for a manicure. Ciate’s Feathered Manicure proved to be the perfect choice because it was subtle, yet was interesting enough to hold on its own that we couldn’t help but stare at it at every chance we got – who needs glitters and sparkles (well, sometimes!).

    These come in three different kits (L-R) Ruffle My Feathers, All A Flutter, and What A Hoot. We review Ruffle My Feathers with a lilac mini paint pot in Chinchilla and brown feathers.

    What You’ll Get in Every Kit:

    0.17 oz Speed Coat Pro, 0.17 Mini Paint Pot, Nail scissors, 2 x Nail file block, 40 x feathers in various sizes (although I had 42 in mine) and a booklet for instructions.

    How To:

    Step 1: Apply two coats of your Mini Paint Pot colour and allow to dry completely.

    Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Speed Coat on one nail.

    Step 3: Immediately apply the tip of the feather facing your cuticle on top of your nail with the still-wet Speed Coat. Leave some space at the cuticle so you still see the colour of the base nail polish.

    Step 4: Using the nail scissors provided, snip off the excess feather. Be careful because it’s quite sharp.

    Step 5: Gently apply the Speed Coat on top of the feather to secure it down. Follow the grain of the feather to avoid it going out of shape.

    Step 6: Once the top coat is completely dry, use the nail file block to smoothen the edges from the excess feather

    It’s slightly challenging to do this (especially on your non-primary hand), and also it felt like we were wasting a lot of precious feathers that we tried to recycle one feather for two nails. if you look closely, the ring finger was a result of using the lower part of the feather – hence, why the pattern is more obvious.

    It can work, but do take note that the spine of the feather is a little more thicker here which makes it more difficult to follow the curve of your nail. So it’s possible, but really look at the thickness of the spine – if the feather is thick enough then maybe you might be able to get away with only using the feather bits.

    All in all, it’s definitely an interesting look and we reckon the colourful kit All A Flutter will appeal to those who like bright eye-catching nails. At a mere RM82, it’s definitely worth checking out at Sephora Malaysia.

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    Tried & Tested: Shu Uemura Takashi Murakami 6 Hearts Princess Holiday/Christmas Collection

    Pink or Black, which do you like?

    Shu Uemura is known for their kawaii style collections that are artistic and challenges their fans to be creative with their applications. The latest collaboration with 6 Hearts Princess (6HP) by Takashi Murakami, experiments with the concept of duality – and how there’s two sides to every woman.

    Nice versus Naughty. Innocent versus Sexy. These are all traits that exist in any one person and so the 6HP collection dares you to find out which side speaks to you the most!

    The Holiday collection is pretty extensive; with two eyeshadow palettes, lip and cheek stains, gel pen eyeliners, eyelash curler, Tsuya YV Under Base Mousse, and even a mini brush set.

    Let’s start off with the Eyeshadow Palettes: Both come with 7 Eyeshadows, 1 Blush, and 2 double sided brushes (one with two-sized eyeshadow brushes, and the other with two sized blending brushes)

    Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette (RM250.00)

    Perfect for the girls who are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice!

    Two highlighters – one iridescent white and another with a hint of yellow iridescence, dark brown with rust glitters, glittery pearl light pink, iridescent baby pink, two metallics in  rose gold pink/reddish brown and melon orange, and a matte deep pink for a blush.

    Love: The metallics! These are gorgeous, shimmery and highly pigmented. You can definitely have a day and night look with this palette and the metallic rose gold and melon colours would look stunning as a standalone colour on the eye for something edgier.

    For those who want less colour on their eyes, a sweep of the baby pink and iridescent pink will give just the right amount of colour for the office or a first date! The rusty dark brown would be a brilliant shade for a muted smokey eye.

    Enchanted Black Parallel Palette (RM250.00)

    For the edgy princess who likes to play with colours and isn’t afraid to experiment!

    The eyeshadows include an iridescent old gold, iridescent silver, black with green and pink sparkles, a highlighter in cloudy white with light pink and green glitters, matte lavender, dark violet with purple and red glitters, emerald with green and yellow glitters, and a dusty pink blusher.

    Love: The colours on this one are deep, rich and luscious. We imagine Disney villains such as Maleficent and Ursula rocking these jewel-toned beauties and you can definitely accomplish many gorgeous versions of the smokey eye with this one. This would be perfect for night parties and dinners; from a black graphic eye, to a clean silver or gold eye and strong liquid liner cat eye, to either a purple or green smokey eye – this is definitely an interesting palette for the curious Princess who isn’t afraid to rebel!

    Lip & Cheek Fun-Tasy (RM78.00)

    To complement the theme of duality, the 6HP collection introduces a dual-function Lip & Cheek silky matte texture color tint in five festive colors, from cute and adorable pink to chic coquettish red.

    Heroine Rose is the perfect sophisticated neutral shade for those who want the eyes to do the talking, while Magical Red is classic and will have everyone enchanted. Fuschia Fun-tasy and Dream Pink are gorgeously striking bubblegum and candy pink shades that scream young and fun, and Princess Coral is for the girl who isn’t conventional and traditional.

    Lasting Soft Gel Pencil (RM85.00)

    We all need definition on our eyes, and the super smooth and long lasting definition with gel in sweet dark purple and sophisticated greenish black comes in a handy twist and click packaging, so no need for pesky sharpeners or blunt tips! The super fine pencil means you get precise lines and the pencil lines do not budge – we tried rubbing it after leaving in our skin for a few minutes and very little of the product had moved. Colour us impressed!

    Comes in two colours: Miraculous Purple and Black Star

    Heart and Flower by Murakami S Curler (RM60.00)

    Every girl needs a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and these new generation ones are even more awesome due to it’s shorter length – which means it’s easier to get to those difficult corners that never seemed to get curled with regular eyelash curlers! Great for those who have shorter eyelashes too, and we love the cute Heart and Flower tag!

    Shu’s Princess Fun-Tasy Mini Brush Set (RM200.00)

    Even the best makeup artists need good brushes for the perfect application and we love this cute travel size pouch!

    These gorgeous portable brushes in a stylish shimmery gold purse-like case with a festive print design contains a cheek brush, eye shadow brush and eyeliner / lip brush.

    Tsuya skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse (RM135.00)

    This light texture mousse is a lovely whip to apply on your skin as a makeup base which perfects the complexion and magically turns your skin into the ‘ideal skin.’ Switch the light on your skin with this ultra light mousse that pampers with powerful moisturizing properties and it smells just lovely too.

    Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil 450ml (RM290.00)

    The ever-popular anti-pollution cleansing oil comes in festive packaging designed by Takashi Murakami. When the spell is lifted, your skin will be enwrapped with imperial comfort.

    So there you have it! These would make lovely presents for Christmas but hurry – limited edition collections usually run out pretty quickly!

    For more information, visit the Shu Uemura website

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    Tried & Tested: Yes! Nurse – Protect Your Lovely Hands

    Say goodbye to dry, sensitive hands with Yes! Nurse

    When we first received this product to try out, the name Yes! Nurse intrigued us and upon further research we discovered that the brand and the Protect Your Lovely Hands product was was initially designed as a remedy for the nursing community to keep their hands in good condition whilst at work.

    However, savvy mums and others who suffer the same problem or simply crave for satin smooth hands have picked up on the product and are now swearing by it as their daily defense – so we thought we’d give it a try!

    First, let’s talk about the packaging: we’re suckers for cute, quirky packaging and Yes! Nurse – Protect Your Lovely Hands does not disappoint in this department! It comes in a faux-Royal Mail brown package box (roughly the size of a Pocky box) with loads of cute scribblings and a lovely infographic inside on what makes a super duper special nurse!

    The actual product itself comes in a no-fuss plastic packaging with a simple click to close cover which makes it easy to just throw into your handbag and not worry about the cream spilling out all over the place. It comes in a 50ml package which means it’s just the right size – not too big, not too small, and by using only a small dollop a day (pea-size with each application), you can bet this will last you a while depending on your daily usage.

    The intensive moisturising hand formula was specially designed to counteract dry, sore and cracked skin – most commonly suffered by busy nurses, mums and people with sensitive skin by using a number of naturally active ingredients such a Manuka Honey +15, White Willow Bark Extract, and Omega 3, 6 and 9! The smell is pleasant, unisex, refreshing and is not overpowering once it’s been absorbed into the skin.

    We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly it absorbed, which rang true to their claims of massaging it into your skin for at least 30 seconds. It was not sticky and had a lovely light texture which left our hands feeling nice and soft to the touch. When we say ‘we’, we really mean all of us in the office used a dollop each on our hands and with our various skin types (some sensitive, some dry and some normal) we could all feel that our skin was notably smoother.

    It’s no wonder that Yes! Nurse’s Protect Your Lovely Hands is a sought after hand moisturiser in the UK (where it is made) and thanks to The Lovely Jars which is based in Malaysia, we can now get this lovely product at the extremely reasonable price of RM29.90! Our recommendation though? Get your friends together to buy a few at one go because there’s free shipping for delivery over RM70.

    You’re welcome

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    Do You Have A Pore-blem?

    Endlessly swamped with large and visible pore-blems (pore problems), we take on Soap & Glory’s The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion to see if they make for great solutions.

    1. The Fab Pore

    What Is It: Back with an upgraded formula and new packaging, the Fab Pore by Soap & Glory is a nifty 2-in-1 facial peel and mask formulated for those that have oily and combination skin types, and are prone to clogged pores. Simply put, the product aims to serve as a cleansing facial treatment, while minimising and decloging pores at the same time.

    Promising to be a great refresher for exhausted skin, Soap & Glory shares that the secret behind this product lies in its ingredients:

    • Poreshrink-R complex, which is a double-action beta-hydroxy acid that fights spots, reduces inflammation and gently peels away pore-clogging dead skin cells.
    • Fomes Officinalis Mushroom Extract is known for their pore-tightening capabilities.
    • Kaolin Microclay to soak up excess sebum secretion.
    • Rice Microbeads effectively scrub, exfoliate and smoothens the skin, thus giving users a smoother complexion.

    Application: To apply, simply massage the 2-in-1 facial treatment onto your face (focus on your T-zone), leave it on for five minutes and rinse. If there are noticeable clogged pores, feel free to leave The Fab Pore on for 15 minutes instead for deep exfoliation. While it is recommended to use The Fab Pore once a week, it is all right to use it twice weekly to battle breakouts.

    Verdict: On days you feel lazy but want to give your face a thorough wash, this will be your best friend! Seriously now, all that is required is to slather on the clay mask, rub it around your face, leave it on while you go about whatever you want to do, rinse, and voila – a clean face!

    The product applied on nicely, smoothly, and the tiny green beads did its job in giving the skin a nice exfoliation. I left the deep cleansing mask on for 15 minutes and felt a slight tightening some time before washing it off.

    There is one complaint though, while my skin did looked healthier, I did not see any signs of my pores shrinking.

    Would I Recommend It? While honestly on the fence with this product as it lacks pore minimising properties, I do think that it can be considered as it is not that half bad as a 2-in-1 facial treatment.

    2. The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion

    What Is It: Yet another Soap and Glory product that has been upgraded and repackaged, The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is principally a daily moisturiser for oily and combination skin that aims to make pores appear less visible. This multi-tasking daily micro-smoothing moisture lotion is equipped with:

    • Detoxyboost, which is an organic ginseng-based blend of oxygenating molecules that can help boost circulation.
    • Poreshrink -12H complex, a skin-friendly combination of slow-releasing salicylic acid.
    • Vitamin B6 and Fomes Officinalis Mushroom functions as a moisture-boosting astringent agent that helps tighten pores and reduces sebaceous gland secretion.
    • Superfruit Yuzu as a skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant
    • Nylon 12 delivers instant mattification because it is a highly porous and absorbent micro-nylon.

    Application: As per any other moisturiser, apply The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion every morning and evening onto well-cleansed skin and then follow with sunscreen or serum.

    Verdict: In all honesty, I’ve been personally using this for a while and I am quite enjoying it! The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion is a minty and lightweight cream-based moisturiser that gives just the right amount of moisture to my skin, minus making it being overtly oily. Nonetheless, I do admit that I wish it were more moisturising. Another thing I adore is the packaging – it’s so cute, convenient and practical!

    Here’s the best news though – yes, it really does minimise my pores! While not much, I can vouch that the opening of my pores were visibly smaller.

    Would I Recommend It? If you’re looking for a lightweight but effective moisturiser that helps minimises your pores, then I would be quick to give you a ‘Yes.’ However, if you have dry skin, perhaps another moisturiser would be a better choice.

    Both The Fab Pore and The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion by Soap & Glory are already available at Sephora stores around Malaysia now. 

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    Tried & Tested: Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour

    Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours promises to be your next to-go eye shadow that’s all-natural, suitable for sensitive skin and can be either matte or shimmery. Could such sorcery be true?

    What Is It?

    Originating from Malaysia, Ronasutra is a brand that has gotten good word aplenty from their avid users and makeup junkies all over. The makeup brand is 100% natural and safe to use, but what sets them apart from others is their unique formulation – Ronasutra’s entire range of products are made entirely out of 100% minerals! To learn more about this revolutionary local brand, please check out our previous piece here and our review on their foundation here.

    In their quest of spreading the goodness of mineral makeup to Malaysians, the brand has recently released a range that allows your eyes to speak volumes in a glance – say hello to the all-new Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour!

    The brilliant product comes in five palettes, each with three different shades:

    To give you an idea of how the eye shadows look like in action, we did a quick look with some of the colours from palette E2 and E4.

    The captivating and intense Mauve colour was used as a base shade, while the beautiful Purple Brown was applied from the socket to create an ombre-like Outer V for this look. While we skimped out on this part, the lighter shades such as Pearl can be used for highlighting to make the look pop more.

    What We Like About The Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours

    1. All-Natural. Made from 100% minerals, this eye shadow range is a great alternative if you have sensitive skin. Personally having combination and mildly sensitive skin, the product yielded no adverse effects on us.

    2. Intense But Usable Colours. Even at first glance, one has to admit that the colours truly pack a punch. From the velvety Soft Silver to the rich Plum Brown, the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours vibrantly reflect the warm and rich hues present in nature. Being fortunate enough to see and sample the entire collection in real life, we can safely say that the eye colours boasts of vivid and fresh colours that will natural enhance ones’ eyes.

    3. Portable. Although the packaging may seem odd to some, this is truly a blessing in disguise. The eye shadow comes in lightweight and handy stackable jars. Thus, allowing users to mix, match and stack the shades according to their heart’s fancy.

    4. Dual Matte and Shimmer Effect. Versatility is taken to a whole new level with the Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour. Depending on the method of application, the effect of the eye shadow may vary:

    • Shimmer effect: Put on a primer beforehand, or dab and apply with fingers for a brilliant gleam on your lids.
    • Matte: Smear a layer of powder before applying eye shadow with brushes to achieve a soft, matte finish.

    5. Easy To Use. Formulated to make make-up application as easy as possible, one can even opt to apply the make up on with your bare fingers (trust us, we tried)! Essentially a loose eye shadow, the product was easy to handle and application was not all that hard.

    6. Halal Formulation. Although the Halal certification for this eye shadow range is currently pending, it is good to know that this product has a 100% halal formulation. This piece of information is shared by Ms. Audri Zin, the Product and Brand Development Director of the brand.

    Overall, we think that this nifty new addition to the Ronasutra family is worth your time and investment. We honestly love how intense yet versatile their colours are. The fact that each palette is travel-friendly and comes in complementing shades are also major plus points in our books!

    Priced at RM38 each, all five of the palettes are now available in every Ronasutra retail outlets and counters around Malaysia. Alternatively, you can also purchase the products via their official website (p/s: shipping’s free!). For more information on the brand or product, please visit here.

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    Tried & Tested: Dior Fall 2013 Mystic Metallics (Seafoam Green Smokey Eye Tutorial)

    The latest makeup collection by Dior features metallic hues in mystical shades of grey, silver, copper, plum and aqua in an homage to Monsieur Dior’s date with destiny in 1946.

    It’s always interesting to read up on what inspired a certain collection or work of art, and in the case of the Dior Fall 2013 Mystic Metallics it seemed that on the evening Monsieur Dior was hesitating whether to give up his career as a fashion illustrator to design his own line, the couturier tripped over a metallic star pierced with a hole. He took it as a sign and the following day, decided to create his own fashion House.

    Carrying his lucky charm in his pocket from that day onwards, the Dior’s Fall Makeup collection is created based on Monsieur Dior’s chance encounter of his “lucky star” – which was an important, and deciding factor to the birth of his legacy; the House of Dior.

    5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics (Limited Edition), RM215

    Dior makeup never fails to  make us go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ with their pretty presentations, and the 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics does not disappoint. Sculpted with stars, the eye shadows shimmer with metallic shades and reflections. These come in two colour harmonies; shades of violet and silver (864 Constellation) or blue-greens and browns (384 Bonne Etoile).

    I used the green eyeshadow to cover the lid, and the blue to shade in the outer ‘V’ to create some depth. Using the middle deep khaki bronze colour, I defined my socket with a blending brush. Sweep the light taupe eyeshadow underneath your brow bone, and finally, use the deep brown colour to draw your cat-eye with an angled brush.

    Diorshow Fusion Mono, RM110

    These little pots of shimmery goodness would be perfect either as a base or as highlight for your eyes. The gel-mousse texture weightlessly illuminates the eye with multi-faceted, long lasting colour, so it can be used on its own or under a similar eyeshadow for eyes that really pop.

    It comes in eight shades (white, silver, black, blue, khaki bronze, amber, opaline pink, and purple) loaded with iridescent sparkles, and can be applied in a manner of ways according to Dior:

    Soft fusion: Applied with fingertips, the eye shadow blends into the skin to create a light veil of colour and a subtly shimmering result.
    Bold fusion: Applied using the smudging applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure and extreme colour.
    Advice from the pros: Lightly wet the eye shadow for an extreme metallic effect with a dramatic lamé finish.

    However, I decided to use the blue shade (281 Cosmos) as a base on my entire lid, and using the smudging applicator provided with some glittery sparkle (021 Etoile), I highlighted the inner V corner of the eye. This is undoubtedly the perfect highlighter.

    Diorblush, RM150

    Dior has revisited its emblematic blush, and now comes in a thinner case containing a bevelled brush, redesigned and stamped with the house logo. It comes in 13 colours which are divided into four colour spectrums (pink, red, coral and nude) and three finishes (iridescent, matte and satin).

    Instead of matching your lip colour to complement your outfit, consider the blush as the new dress code! We just love that the blushes come in almost every possible alternative for the cheeks – including this gorgeous lavender blush (226 Mauve Princess), which doesn’t actually come out purple but gives a fresh, lifted highlight to the face.

    Dior Addict Gloss, RM95

    For Dior Addict..addicts, there are four new Dior Addict glosses that capture the light and accessorize the lips. We tried a deep dusty pink with subtle silver iridescence  (684 Merveille). With great pigmentation, it’s great for those of us who don’t like an overpowering scent in our lip gloss.


    Please bear in mind that I was trying to use all the colours and products in one look, which would explain why so many different layers were used for those eyes especially. Just remember that you could use each of these products separately for simpler looks or to be used with your existing makeup ritual. If you had to choose just one item from this entire collection, make it the Diorshow Fusion Mono (and try to fit in the 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette too)!