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    7 Ways To Relieve Period Cramps

    <strong>Some get by with a few sores here and there, while others find it necessary to retreat to their bed – regardless of which group you belong to, period cramps can honestly be a major pain in the abdomen.</strong>

    TOM (time of the month), Crimson Tide, Aunt Flo, the rag and bloody crime scene; oh yes, we’re talking about menstruation and the immense uncomfortable feelings it brings forth!

    While medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen are known to keep the cramps at bay, why not opt for a more natural approach. The next time these annoying and painful monthly visits strike, heed these home remedies for menstrual cramps below.

    <b>1. Soothing Tea</b>

    The heat from soothing tea will help to increase blood flow and lessen the pain. There are a number of teas that are specifically therapeutic, take for example:
    <li><b>Raspberry leaf</b> is considered to be a mild uterine tonic, as to relax the uterus. Note: look for herbal tea, not raspberry-flavoured black tea.</li>
    <li><b>Chamomile</b> is mildly sedative, which is why it helps to relax the body and ease pain.</li>
    <li>Making a brew with <b>ginger</b> is helpful as it lowers pain-causing prostaglandins (hormone-like substance). A simple tea recipe would be to add in hot water to fresh ginger, honey and cinnamon.</li>
    <b>2. Stay Away from Coffee</b>

    Coffee is high in caffeine, which is known to constrict blood levels and raise tension. This is why it is recommended to try and avoid it a week before having your period. Instead of taking coffee, take a cup of hot cocoa or hot tea (as per the point above) instead.

    <b>3. Water</b>

    This clear liquid is as important to the relief of painful cramps as it is to diet and exercise. Drinking warm or hot water helps prevent body from retaining water and also relaxes cramped muscles.

    <b>4. Use a Heating Pad</b>

    As applying heat to your abdomen and lower back effectively relieve pain, a heating pad is one of your best friends when you’re having period cramps. Using a heating pad can reduce muscle spasms and make your tummy feel warm and comfortable.

    <b>5. Sleep</b>

    During this time of the month, women tend to experience increased sensitivity when tired; which is why scheduling a little extra rest and sleep will go a long mile in reducing cramps.

    <b>6. Exercise</b>

    Getting active helps your muscles to relax a little bit and releases feel good endorphins in your brain. But of course we’re not asking you to get out there and move your body on heavy-flow days – moderate activity such as walking is sufficient enough.

    <b>7. Tumeric</b>

    Consuming turmeric at the beginning and the end of your menstrual cycle helps alleviate period pains and ensures a smoother period flow. To find out more about Tumeric and how it helps cure period problems, read our previous piece <a href=”http://www.venusbuzz.com/archives/21048/turmeric-body-odour-menstrual-cycle/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here</a>.


    <em>Sources: <a href=”http://www.theperiodvitamin.com/period-cramps.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Period Vitamin</a>, <a href=”http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/menstrual-cramp-remedies” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Healthline</a> </em>

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    MANICyours: Cherry Blossom Chinese New Year Nails

    This week, we have a really simple tutorial by Mani-Maniacs on how to get beautiful Cherry Blossoms on your nails for this special time of year using lots of Red, the colour of prosperity, and synonymous with the Chinese New Year!

    What you’ll need: Dotting tool, base coat, top coat and red, white & black polishes

    How to get the look:

    Step 1: Paint a layer of base coat to protect the nails, followed by 2 coats of Red nail polish

    Step 2: Blob a little black polish on a thick card / palette. Using a dotting tool with a tiny end, pick up the polish and create a series of mini dots until you make a line

    Step 3: Create branches with the black nail polish; it doesn’t need to be neat!

    Step 4: Dot 4 white polish on the branches to make a flower

    Happy Chinese New Year to all of our Venusians, Gong Xi Fa Cai! <3

    About Mani-Maniac 

    Mani-Maniac is a nail enthusiast who loves doing her own nails and finds it very therapeutic (except the toxic fumes from the polishes!). In her blog, she shares some ideas, designs and technique she uses to create nail art at home and her designs are kept simple so they can be replicated on the other hand  Check out her Mani-Maniac blog and Facebook for more interesting updates!

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    Yuna’s Song is in Diane von Furstenberg’s Campaign

    Yuna’s unreleased track included in Diane von Furstenberg’s International Women’s Day campaign

    In conjunction with the month-long celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, designer Diane von Furstenberg launched the ‘Proud to be a Woman’ campaign.The campaign launches woman empowerment products and a music compilation – in which Yuna’s unreleased track ‘Mermaid’ is featured.

    The eight-track compilation also features other familiar female names including Ingrid Michaelson and A Fine Frenzy. The compilation is available for download at DVF boutiques, DVF.com, and Itunes.

    Yuna is a Kedah-born Malaysian singer/songwriter whose international career is on the rise. Known for her signature hijab looks, she is based both in KL and New York. Her first international single ‘Live Your Life’ was produced by Pharell Williams. This year, she is also nominated at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards for ‘Favourite Asian Act’. The ceremony will take place on 31 March 2012.

    Yuna, you have done Malaysia proud!