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    Best 5 Artisan Ice Creams In Klang Valley

    I scream, you scream, we all want ice cream!! And in this hot weather of ours, an iced dessert will go down a treat.

    Ice cream has no age limit. Whether you’re a kid or a grandparent, chances are, you’ll find that they love ice cream. And because we know so many of you love this iced treat, we licked, slurped, scooped and spooned our way through ice creams to find some of the best in town. Such hard work, but someone’s got to do it.

    The best thing about these ice creams are that they are made by Malaysians. So, we’re doing our part to support our local economy, and in that process, we found some fabulous ice creams :

    1) Inside Scoop

    Address: No. 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel. No: 03-2202 0235

    A relative new player in the local artisan ice cream scene, these people use the best ingredients to come up with some amazing flavours. Known for their gelato style ice creams, they have made a bit of a splash since they opened their doors. Some of their best sellers are Valrhona Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Tiramisu, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pistachio and Durian. And lately, they have added a Bandung flavoured one which is pretty cool (pun intended).

    Located in Bangsar since last December, they just recently opened up another outlet in Damansara Jaya, next to the famous Jin Xuan dim sum place, on Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. So hurray for those of us residing in PJ!

    2) The Last Polka

    The Last Polka have been pioneers in the local ice cream scene. Known for their unusual flavours with a local twist, they have flavours such as Salted Gula Melaka, Horlicks, Coconut, Pandan Kaya and Teh Tarik, to name a few. They also have more whackier flavours such as Guinness Stout and Punya Colada.

    The Last Polka do not have an on-site premise but these delicious ice creams can be found at various locations around town –

    The Bee (Publika & Jaya One), Artisan Roast Kuala Lumpur (Bangsar Village 2 & Section 13), Fat Spoon Cafe (Damansara Uptown), WHISK Espresso Bar + Bake Shop (Empire Gallery), The Bearded Lady (SS15), Boska (Centrepoint), Espressolab (Pavilion & NuSentral), Table 23 (Jalan Mesui), Fierce Curry House (Bangsar), Fiercer (Publika), The Tea Republic (BSC),  and Three Little Birds Cafe (D7 Sentul). So hopefully, you’ll find one nearby.

    3) Fat Baby Ice Cream

    Fat Baby Ice Cream has been making waves since coming on board the frozen dessert route. We like their sense of fun and nostalgia when making their ice creams, coming up with flavours like Cornflakes, Coconut Candy, Peanut Butter and Fudge. We however, have a particular favourite which is their Classic Vanilla ice cream, made with Madagascar vanilla beans. That Classic Vanilla ice cream is sheer ambrosia.

    Also another one with no on-site premise, fret not because these ice creams are available at several locations –

    CAFFEine (Setia Walk, Puchong), Podgy & The Banker (Sri Hartamas), Las Vacas (Mont Kiara, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng & Kelana Kaya), Roast Factor (The Village Shops, The Club, Bandar Utama), Standing Theory (SS2), Jac’s on the 8th (Dataran Ara Damansara) and The Red Beanbag (Solaris Dutamas).

    4) The Potong Artisanal Pops

    Ais potong. Something that most of us have grown up with. It has been a staple for most Malaysians, especially for an after school snack. Quite often, you could find that ice cream man aka “ais potong man” waiting outside a school, ringing that bell. For a while, ais potong dropped in popularity and thus, it became quite difficult to find. Thankfully, these artisans at The Potong Artisanal Pops came up with some fantastic ice cream for us. We now chant this mantra, “Long live the ais potong!” because the ice cream is delectable.

    Flavours such as Musang King, Cempedak, Cherry Root Beer, Coconut Water, Watermelon Fizz and Coco Banana are some of the favourites. They’ve kept to the true nature of the ais potong and sell them from little carts (albeit much cuter and prettier ones than what we were used to).

    The Potong Artisanal Pops can be found at Publika (UG), Wondermama (Bangsar Village 1), Delectable Treats (LG-72, Paradigm Mall), Frontera (Jaya One) and the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (Setapak Jaya).

    5) Forty Licks

    And finally, we have Forty Licks. These ice creams are the kind of ice creams that are unique, yet playful with flavours like Popcorn, Salted Caramel and Bandung. We love these two genius flavours – The Honey with Chocolate Bits (which has no sugar by the way, so that alone is already awesome!) and The Roasted White Chocolate with Lavender.

    They also have flavours such as Thai Tea, Earl Grey and Bailey’s Irish Coffee. With the luscious combination of ice cream and alcohol, that is indeed a rocking flavour combo which gets our vote! Forty Licks can be found at Stuff Your Face Cafe (BSC).

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    Noteworthy Places To ‘Nom Nom’ At Avenue K

    Fresh, new and looking quite awesome in Fuschia – Avenue K is set to wow the crowds! But can they do so food-wise?

    The simple answer is – Yes!

    Going into details, the newest ‘It’ place in town certainly has a lot to offer; a great quality that is also easily noticeable in their food department. The reason we say this is simple – Avenue K is filled with uncommon restaurants and cafes.

    While regular joints such as Starbucks and Johnny Rockets are still around, it can’t be denied that Avenue K’s food directory is mostly made up of rarer Food and Beverage offerings not often found in other malls. And well, we think it’s pretty self-explanatory that this attractive factor of theirs will pull in foodies and mall rats near and far.

    Without further ado, here are some noteworthy and VenusBuzz.com-approved nom nom (eating) options in Avenue K that you should try.


    Believing in healthy bites, this café has taken to serve great coffee, comforting wholesome meals and beautifully moist homemade cakes. The environment is simply welcoming and Common Man coffee beans are their tools of choice. Whether it’s for a place to rest aching shopper’s feet or if you’re looking for a place to have lunch/dinner, Urbean is definitely a place to consider.

    Bankara Ramen

    Mastering the art of rich broth, springy noodles and perfectly executed side dishes, Bankara Ramen is definitely one of those ‘must try!’ restaurants for lovers of ramen or Japenese cuisine. For a more detailed review, click here (which also features the other yummy Ramen joint available in Avenue K  ).

    Samba, Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria

    What’s not to love about an all-you-can eat buffet that’s filed with meat, meat and more meat! The authentic Brazilian churrasco concept is introduced to KL with Samba. Whether it’s beef, mutton, shicken or seafood, be prepared to feast on a wide variety of barbequed delights.

    Taste Enclave

    Taking a number from the Hutong Lot 10, Taste Eclave is yet another non-halal food court. Donned with a beautiful interior, we recommend you to try their pan mee, chee cheong fan, chicken rice and Ais Kacang. Yes, they sound like usual food you can get anywhere, but trut us when we say that they are yummy!

    WonderMama X

    Brought to us by well-received Wonder Mama, this restaurant is one of the newest addition to Avenue K’s food scene. Specialising in asian fusion cuisine, this fun and quirky eatery is bound to please foodies who appreciate tantalising local delights like nasi lemak, otak otak cheese sandwich and maggie soup.

    Tokyo Pastry

    Though a restaurant that serves cafe-centric food (e.g. croissant with salmon and an assortment of pasta options), the thing we love best about Tokyo Pastry is their baked goods. You just got to love their smooth Mille Crepe, rich cheese cakes, as well as interesting variety of buns like Lavender Yam and Walnut Red Bean. In fact, their buns are so tasty and addictive that we’re willing to make the drive to Avenue K just to get them. True story!

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    Manly Meals For Father’s Day 2014

    Father’s Day is right around the corner! So have you decided on where to treat dad on this special day?

    Time sure goes by fast. It feels like it was just last week that we were counting down to the New Year’s and now, it’s already June and time for Father’s Day. Yes, Father’s Day is just next week — June 15, 2014 to be exact. Don’t worry, it almost slipped our minds too!

    So, to help you with your planning, here are a few Father’s Day meal suggestions to make dad feel like he’s the man!

    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant (1 Utama, Pavilion, Tropicana City Mall)

    Nothing screams manly more than meat — and one of the best ways to have meat is definitely barbecued! Carrying a wide selection of meat cuts and comfortable seating, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is a halal restaurant that’s perfect for the family. Apart from the main barbeque attraction, the place also has other sorts of mains and side dishes (e.g rice, salads). Additionally, since there a number of Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurants around town, you don’t have to worry much about not booking a table.

    For other Japanese BBQ suggestions, click here.

    Agape (Setiawalk, Puchong)

    If you or dad is not really keen on barbecues (with the smoke and all), then Agape would be one other great choice. Whether it’s pork, lamb chicken or even fish, the chef at Agape is a whiz at creating tasty and memorable dishes – and we’re sure your dad would approve too, because ours did! For our full review, read here. Also, you see the image of the lamb above? We’re still thinking about it…

    Mikey’s Original New York (Jalan Telawi, Bangsar)

    If you took our Mother’s Day Meal advice and brought mum out for pizza, then it’s only fair you do the same for dad too! Mikey’s Original New York Pizza at Bangsar has gotten rave reviews and long queues — and they deserve every bit of that! With a beautifully thin crust and generous amount (and variety of toppings), daddies with a penchant for pizzas will be happy. Plus, have we mentioned how huge their whole pies are?

    Kadijah’s Kitchen (No 21, Jln 11/2, Jln Bukit, 46200 Petaling Jaya)

    If dad has a penchant for local or Malay cuisine, Khadijah’s Kitchen is a good choice.

    Opened by local celebrity Khadijah Ibrahim, the restaurant has a cozy interior and an extensive menu filled with Malaysian delights — meaning there’s bound to be something for each and everyone in the family. Recommendations include ayam daun kari and nasi dagang, and the fact that the restaurant won’t burn a hole in your wallet is definitely something to be happy about!

    Watami (Pavilion, One Utama)

    For the fussier foodie, Watami’s delicious and wide range of eclectic, unique modern Japanese cuisine is a safe bet. From piping hot Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki to Kansai-style Takoyaki (Octopus), Teppan Sirloin Steak and Okinawa-style Pork Belly Stew to Spicy Miso Seafood Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot and Ebi and Tonkotsu Ramen, Watami prides itself in offering a plethora of over 100 popular Japanese dishes.

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    Wonderful Waffles To Save Your Day

    Some days, all you need is a good waffle.

    And while it’s easy to find them around town (you know, those RM3 waffles sold at kiosks), sometimes you just want something fancier to satiate those waffle cravings. Have no fear though fellow foodies, the VenusBuzz.com team is here to save the day and fill your tummies!

    Here are six places with some of the best waffles around town.

    Inside Scoop at Bangsar 

    Hidden amongst Telawi’s food splendor is an ice cream parlor that will make any hot day a lot better, but for today’s piece, let us focus on the other item on their menu – their waffles. Airy and beautifully crisp on the outside, Inside Scoop’s waffles go perfectly well with their decadent ice cream. And while some might find these waffles too light and airy to their liking, our theory is that you can just add in another scoop of ice cream or get one more plate of waffles!

    Wafflemeister at KLCC

    The waffles at Wafflemeister are rich, dense and wonderfully chewy; truly Belgian waffles at their best! You can have these tasty delights on their own or make your waffle experience even better by adding on some glorious toppings such as imported dark chocolate and fresh strawberries. For our full review of this hidden dessert gem, click here.

    Nanny’s Pavillon at Gateway@KLIA2

    Nanny’s Pavillon is a godsend for travellers and folks residing in Sepang; especially if you’re looking for quality waffles. Originating from Bandung, this quaint café offers a good variety of waffles that are chewy with just the right amount of flavor. Our review of the airport café here.

    Standing Theory at SS2 

    We don’t know about you, but just one look at Standing Theory’s waffles and we’re sold! Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, these waffles are served with Fatbaby cornflakes ice cream, bananas, and topped with crispy house-cured pork bacon – and yes, it tastes as lovely as it looks and sounds! Our only concern is that the waffles might be a bit too crispy to some.

    The Library Coffee Bar at Avenue K, Nexus Bangsar South, Uptown

    If you’re looking for the most flavorsome waffles sans toppings or syrups, then The Library Coffee Bar would be your best choice. Fragrant (you can smell them even from outside the shop!), tasty and of the softer variety, The Library has waffle dishes that range from savory (served with salmon, bacon) to sweet (served with ice cream). While we totally enjoy having waffles at this attractive coffee bar, we have to warn you that the waffles are tiny in size compared to the entire dish (as pictured above).

    A&W at PJ State 

    And when all else fails, or when you’re just lazy to go waffle hunting, just know that A&W has your back with their timeless waffles

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    Mother’s Day Meals To Make Mum Happy!

    For most of the time in the year, your mother has been preparing delicious home cooked meals for you and the family – which is exactly why it’s time for some long due payback on Mother’s Day!

    And since not everybody is a whiz in the kitchen, treating that special lady in your life to a nice dinner on this special day is the least you could do. To help you score some major brownie points with your momma, here are a few restaurant suggestions for a good Mother’s Day celebration.

    Way Modern Chinois Restaurant in Work@Clearwater 

    The great thing about Way Modern Chinois is that it is truly modern and fine Chinese cuisine at its best. The not-so-great thing about the place is that it is a bit on the pricey side – which is okay, because mum definitely deserves a pleasant and delicious treat! For an idea of the restaurant is about, just imagine having delicious Xiau Long Paus, rich waterless chicken soup and enticing Truffle Duck with a sophisticated backdrop.

    To put it lightly, dining in Way is in a class of its own and mum would definitely not expect a celebration here. For our full review of this classy eatery, click here.

    Fahrenheit 600 Café and Restaurant at Publika

    With a menu filled with scrumptious pizzas, cakes and coffee, this restaurant has got the right formula for fun-filled occasions. With brick walls and quirky poster décor, the restaurant has about 16 varieties of pizza cooked their in a large wood fire brick oven. Conventional peperoni, cheese and ham are their core ingredients, and then you have pizza variants such as Popeye the Sailor – a delivers special cream sauce, spinach, egg and Marscapone cheese pizza. Simply put, whether mum prefers traditional pies or is more adventurous in nature, dining in Fahrenheit 600 would be a treat nonetheless!

    Bijan at Changkat 

    Malaysian favorites such as rendang daging, cucur udang and ikan masak asam pedas are given a touch of sophistication! Known for their innovative ways of cooking Malay cuisine, the lush and modern restaurant would be a great treat for mothers who love local delicacies – but are looking for something a bit more. They also have an interesting selection of desserts like their popular homemade ice cream in local flavours, creamy durian cheesecake and pandan pudding. Yum!

    Bankara Ramen Malaysia at Avenue K

    If mum is a big fan of Japanese cuisine and comfort food, a tasty bowl of ramen should be something that she’d appreciate. One of the latest ramen eateries that is the talk of town is Bankara Ramen in Avenue K. Donned with a simple yet traditional interior, the Bankara Original noodles have flavourful broth, beautifully done seasoned eggs and springy homemade noodles to satisfy your mother dearest! For other ramen suggestions, click here.

    Coliseum 1921 Café and Grill Room at Jaya 33 

    For the steak and western cuisine mothers, you can always count on Coliseum 1921 restaurant to put a smile on her face (and belly)! Specializing in Western Colonial Hainanese Cuisine, Coliseum is a fine example of how West and East have come together tastefully. Who knew Hainanese English Pot Pies would look so glorious!

    The only concern is that the place sports quite a minimalistic and old school interior – but as they’ve been around since ages ago (refer to their name again), your mum might feel a sense of nostalgia from dining here. Who knows, she might even star telling you stories of her dinner dates at Coliseum

    PLOY in WORK@Clearwater

    PLOY is known for their wide array of Thai and Japanese fusion cuisine; which would settle your worries if you can’t decide on what kind of food would best suit the entire family! This Mother’s Day, the restaurant has decided to prepare a special menu (as pictured above) to cater comfortably to a family of four. Bon appetit!

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    5 Places To Get Your Udon On

    Ramen becoming too mainstream for you? Then hop on board the udon line!

    Japanese cuisine is generally well-received amongst Malaysians, and there’s no denying that the ramen craze is going strong around town (check out our list here and here). With that said and done, let us not forget about the noodle’s equally tasty sibling – udon.

    Generally a type of thick noodle made from wheat flour, udon is one comfort food not to love. So if you’re craving for something springy and chewy, here are five places around town where you can get your udon on.

    Manmaru Homemade Udon at MidValley Megamall (S-045A, Center Court, Second Floor)

    With 10 varieties of udon that range from kimchi, ‘ume’ (Japanese Plum) to cream corn soup, customers are truly spoilt for choices in Manmary. The eatery operates on a self-service concept – you basically put in your order at the counter, pay, collect your food, head over to your table and itadakimasu! The chewy udon noodles are made fresh in store and reviews were mostly positive, but what we like best is the fact that they have flavored eggs as condiments!  You can view the full menu here.

    Ori-Udon at The Gardens

    Also located within MidValley City, Ori-Udon is yet another udon restaurant that will easily satisfy cravings. Whilst the menu is compact, rest assure that quality is assured. We recommend the mentaiko udon – which can be taken as a cold noodle dish and make for a refreshing meal during hot weather. Other notable mentions go to the fact that the staff are super friendly, and that it a reasonable priced eatery in The Gardens.

    Sanuki Udon at Taman Bukit Desa (No.9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, 58100 Kuala Lumpur)

    Priced at RM5 per basic bowl, Sanuki Udon is one place to consider if you’re looking for budget eats! With a beautifully springy texture and a sizeable amount of side dishes to top up on (you can have friend vegetables, tempura prawns and mushroom skewers) – you’d definitely enjoy a meal without breaking the bank here. There is one thing to be wary of with this restaurant though – portions are small. But hey, nothing extra servings can’t solve!

    Japanese Noodle Arata (Non-halal) at Uptown (No. 72, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Uptown)

    This Japanese-run restaurant is simple, with a kitchen on the right and seats on the left – but the bowls of noodles are something your taste buds and tummy will definitely appreciate. The noodles served here are more solid then other udon restaurants, and they have a pretty interesting menu. Based on our visit here, we would recommend:

    • Signature Arata Udon – the soup was tantalizing and pork lovers would like the fatty chasiu.
    • Udon Salad – a refreshing and filling change if you don’t feel like having hot meals.

    Marufuku Udon at Jaya One (72A, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One, PJ)

    In business since years ago, Marufuku Udon can be deemed as the veteran udon joint. Menu wise is pretty extensive but basic – you can expect items such as Japanese curry udon, hotpot options and even mabo tofu topping. And while some might say that there has been a quality drop over the years, it has steadfastly withstand the test of time and remain as a satisfactory place for when you’re craving thick buckwheat noodle.

    The store also serves up a good amount of side dishes, rice bowls and desserts – meaning you can safely bring your family and friends here even if they’re not udon lovers.

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    8 Other Cafes To Try In The Klang Valley

    So you’ve mastered the veteran list of coffee joints around The Klang Valley and are itching to try out others? Can’t sleep, can’t eat and can’t concentrate on Flappy Bird (or Flappy Bert) because all you can think of is ‘there has to be other cafes out there for me to explore!’

    Well, fellow coffee addict – you are absolutely right, there are other cafes around town! With a new café or two opening up every other month, the coffee scene in Malaysia is currently at its boom. Which makes it absolutely lovely if you’re a café and coffee lover

    From the new kids on the block to those that are in a league of their own, here are 10 other coffee joints around this side of Malaysia to satiate your caffeine cravings!

    Eight Ounce Coffee at KLCC and The Gardens

    Come here for: Iced latte and apple crumble.

    What We Like: Roasting their own beans, the coffees served are smooth to the palette. However, take note that each of their drinks are served with two shots, so be sure to order according to your preference. Also, do yourself a favour and get their moist, tasty and ever so yummy Apple Crumble!

    What We Don’t Like: Residing only in shopping malls, patrons should prepare to pay a slightly more expensive tab.

    Standing Theory at Jalan SS2

    Come here for: Strong-tasting coffee, waffles with bacon and the interesting concept.

    What we like: If you like your coffee full-bodied, this is the place for you! In addition to that, their hot menu is also something to look out for as it comprises of items such as waffles with bacon and Korean + Mexican Burrito!

    What we don’t like: Regardless how many times we’ve been here, their coffees are always with a strong body and taste – so we reckon those who have a penchant for lighter tasting cuppas would not prefer it here.

    WACafe at Pavilion

    Come here for: Magic, Dirty and cute baristas!

    What we like: To clear the confusion, Magic is deemed to have the perfect ratio of espresso to milk (1:4) and Dirty is cold coffee but without ice. Wondrous eh! The fact that they use premium Arabica beans, serve up matcha soft serve and have super nice (and cute) baristas are also definite plus points.

    What we don’t like: The area can become quite hot during the afternoon, so be prepared.

    Grumpy Cyclist at TTDI

    Come here for: The bike-loving concept.

    What we like: It’s a café that has cyclists on their minds – complete with showers for them! Nonetheless, even if you’re not a cyclist, we’re quite certain that their nice selection of cakes and wholesome cuppas with plaster a smile on your face.

    What we don’t like: Sadly, this is one other café that will frustrate you with parking woes; which is exactly why you should cycle!

    CAFFEine; at Setiawalk, Puchong 

    Come here for: Chai lattes, alcohol cakes and friendly service!

    What we like: There are several cafes situated in Setiawalk itself but CAFFEine; holds a special place in our hearts because their coffees are always served in the right temperature, and their Chai lattes are one of the best in town! In case you still need some more convincing, the cafe also serves up unique alcohol-laced cakes, FatBaby ice cream and their barristas never fail to make us feel at ease.

    What we no like: No matter what telco you’re using, reception is bad in Setiawalk; which is why we’re thankful for WIFI in CAFFEine;!

    Feeka at Jalan Mesui, KL

    Come here for: The hipster ambiance, flat white and homemade pastries.

    What we like: Being the big sis of Butter and Beans, be sure to expect comforting cuppas and tantalising baked goods. What we personally like best is how KL folks need not drive down to Selangor to get our fix, and the how Feeqa has a hot menu to fill up our tummies.

    What we don’t like: Parking. Trust us when we ask you to go at night or weekends.

    7 Cups at Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

    Come here for: The serene ambiance and affogato.

    What we like: Situated in a quiet area and donned with décor that’s of a Japanese-Scandinavian feel, 7 Cup is one café suited for those who just want some time to themselves or have quiet conversations with friends (or strangers). Using Singapore-based Nylon Coffee roaster’s beans, the coffees served here are suited for those who like lighter notes.

    What we no like: As far as we know, there are no ATM machines at Empire Damansara, so get your cash ready for your visit here.

    Coffee 5 Cups at Plaza Damas

    Come here for: Coffee brewed from Organic beans from Bali, coroquettes and Hokkaido Soufle Cheese Cake

    What we like: We’re playing cheat with this one, because Coffee 5 Cups is more of a café than a coffee joint. Nonetheless, their iced coffees deserve a mention because they’re served with espresso and cream cubes! Cakes are not hald bad but we would recommend the sweet potato and pumpkin coroquettes instead.

    What we don’t like: Aside for the espresso and cream cubes, the coffee is honestly nothing to shout about – unless you have an acquired taste for Balinese beans.


    Bonus Cafes To Try: VCR, Garage 51, Rekindle

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    Places To Eat In Suria KLCC

    Jalan-jalan cari makan… in iconic Suria KLCC!

    Speaking out of personal experience, there is honestly a love hate relationship between KLCC and shoppers – while shopping options are of abundant, you’d always have a hard time deciding on what to eat. Whether it’s because you can’t decide among the vast variety of choices or simply can’t keep up with the constantly growing food options, you know what we said is correct!

    In light of that manner and to answer constant ‘What is there to eat in Suria KLCC?’ questions, we’ve compiled a nifty little list of eateries you can consider during your next visit.

    Little Penang

    Dine here is: you’re looking for good ol’ Malaysian food!

    There is a reason why there’s always a line – familiar favourites, good food quality, timely orders and it won’t burn a hole in your wallet! Honestly one of the safest bets of tasty meals in KLCC, Little Penang is definitely the place to go for a simple and fuss-free lunches or dinners; especially if you’re with those who are a tad bit of fussy eaters.


    Deemed as the first branch in South East Asia, Wafflemeister in KLCC is a great addition to the makan scene in KLCC. Because come on now, who wouldn’t want a good waffle! Before you go forth and say that waffles aren’t really your things, the kiosk also serve ice cream and coffee. Consider your teatime and sweet cravings satisfied! For a more detailed review of Wafflemeister, click here.

    Melur & Thyme

    Dine here if: you want a cosy place to chillax and talk.

    Known for their tapas with a local flair, Melur & Thyme will send you back with pleased tummies. Donning a chic décor that’s perfect for catch up sessions with buddies, the restaurant carries a variety of ducks delicacies (e.g. red duck curry and duck satay), western goodies (e.g. grilled lamb cutles) and local delights (e.g. sang har mien).


    With offerings that range from stuffed meatballs, pasta to risotto, Limoncello features some of the best dishes that Italy has to offer! Situated facing KLCC garden, this classy Italian restaurant’s pizzas are what we recommend – topped with ingredients such as juicy prawns and decadent truffle oil, their thin crust and wood-fire cooked pizzas are in a league of their own! Mama mia, we approve!

    And if all else fails, you know you can count on the…

    Signatures Food Court

    Dine here if: you just don’t know what you want to eat!

    Sometimes the answer to a hard question is a no-brainer. If you can’t decide on what to eat, or if all five of you have your own cravings – just head along to the food court. Based on our countless visits to this food haven, we would recommend:

    • Once Upon A Milkshake
    • Kyros Kebab
    • Hameed Nasi Kandar
    • Fuel Shack Burgers

    There’s simply something for everyone!

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    Romantic Meals Around Town For Valentine’s Day!

    Move over Choi San Yeh, lion dances and mandarin oranges; because it’s time for cupid and all things lovey-dovey to make their appearance!

    Pretty heart decorations, increased amount of romantic gestures, carefully dropped hints for gifts, and the hunt for the perfect flower bouquet – oh yes, it is once again the time of the year for Valentine’s Day! And as all things love and romance begin to fill up the air, so goes the increasing pressure to plan the perfect dinner (or lunch) date.

    If you are one of those who have things perfectly sorted out from the appetisers to the dessert platter, good for you! As for the others, fret not – we have come to the rescue! Here are a few meals and restaurant ideas perfect for lovebirds.

    Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining

    Come here if… you are looking for fine and exquisite dining with a glorious view.

    Part of a multi-concept dining experience at Troika Sky Dining, Cantaloupe is a fine dining restaurant headed by Chef Christian Bauer that is bound to impress your date! Food and beverage choices such as Foie Gras Satay and Tea-infused ice cubes with kaffir lime foam are only made better with the eatery’s ceiling to floor glass panels and a KL scenery to kill.

    For Valentine’s day, they have a special set menu.

    There is only one disadvantage: the restaurant is more suited for those who are looking to splurge.

    Artisan Roast Kuala Lumpur at TTDI (Halal)

    Come here if… satisfying brunches in quaint cafes are your kind of thing!

    This well-received coffee joint has just expanded its breakfast menu up till 3pm; making it the perfect place for hip and trendy couples who are looking for a lazy but memorable brunch celebration. We recommend the Pancake Tampal – moist and dense pancakes served with sunny side up, cheese and sour cream! Do not hesitate to wash it down with a perfect cup of latte and decadent cheesecake.

    Ichiro Sushi Bar at Eat Paradise, One Utama (Pork-Free)

    Come here if… you love fresh sashimi, great sushi and believe in a no-frills but endearing Valentine’s Day celebration.

    While the venue is a tad bit small and the menu is not expansive, Ichiro Sushi Bar is definitely one of the the Klang Valley’s best Japanese dining experiences. If you love fresh sashimi, there are a few sashimi sets that are truly value for money. For those who prefer cooked food, the nigiri, hand roll section (tip: try the volcano roll!) and udon will keep you quite pleased.

    Plus, here’s the best part – since this isn’t really a Valentine’s Day hot spot, no reservation is required!

    Amethyst Restaurant at Pubika

    Come here if… the both of you love a fusion affair.

    Opened and run by Chef Arash Farahmandi for not more than four months, Amethyst is one of Publika’s latest offerings. From mildly spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup, tender Ratatouille Steak with Saffron Rice and Yogurt Blueberry Cheesecake; Amethyst’s Western-Italian food with an interesting Mediterranean touch will easily satisfy diners with a penchant for fusion cuisine.

    As for the restaurant’s ambiance, we’d define it as minimalistic but with a touch of luxury thanks to its deep amethyst colours; perfect for those who love purple tones! You can take your pick from soaking in the artsy-fartsy Publika atmosphere by dining al-fresco, or play it sweet and cosy in the VIP table areas.

    Stratosphere at The Roof, One Utama

    Come here if… the both of you would like a sky dining experience!

    Bringing your date to Stratosphere is bound to score you some major, major brownie points! Located at The Roof, which is one of the newest dining and entertainment hub around town, this restaurant is known for their under the sky dinners with a stunning 360 degree Klang Valley view.

    Gifted with a unique and romantic advantage, the restaurant has decided to raise the bar for this year’s Valentine’s Day:

    An intimate affair with a delicious four course meal, champagne, and an ever so romantic view – if this does not woo your Valentine’s, we don’t know what will! Seats are very limited, so be sure to RSVP fast – call 0124150628 or visit here for enquiries and bookings.

  • Food,  Lifestyle,  Where To Eat

    Let The Chinese New Year 2014 Feasts Begin!

    The season of lanterns, angpaus, decadent cookies, mandarin oranges and all things oriental is back – Gong Xi, Gong Xi, it’s Chinese New Year!

    Which also means one thing – let the feasting begin! With fourteen days of celebration, the renewal of the lunar calendar is truly a time of food, food and more food. In conjunction with this prosperous season, we’ve decided to compile and share a list of restaurant and meal ideas that will keep you and your relatives’ tummies full and happy – just like a prosperous laughing Buddha!

    From the reunion dinners to Chap Goh Meh (Chinese Valentines Day) celebrations, here are some places where you can have great Chinese New Year feasts.

    Toh Yuen at Hilton PJ (Halal)

    As this year’s Chap Goh Meh and Valentines Day coincide on the same date, Toh Yuen at Hilton PJ has taken up the theme ‘East Meets West in a Tale of Love.’ The dining promotion sees enticing Cantonese dishes such as Braised Broccoli with Sea Cucumber and Flower Mushroom ‘Fatt Choy,’ Steamed Fresh Tiger Prawn with young Ginseng and exclusive Valentines Day dumpling and love letters dessert.

    You can trust our taste buds when we assure you that the dishes will have diners nodding in approval! Additionally, Toh Yuen’s Yee Sang are honestly one of the yummiest ones you can get in town.

    For a table of 10, the yummy set menus are priced from RM1088 to RM1688. Yee Sangs range from RM68 (2 – 5 persons) and above. For a true festive feel, diners will receive an RM88 voucher for a minimum spent of RM1000 in a single receipt when dining in Toh Yuen Restaurant with the Chinese New Year menus.

    Fresh Unique Seafood PJ23 (Pork-Free)

    If you’re more of a seafood kind of person, then head on over to Unique Seafood!

    Granted that they do have a pricier menu, the restaurant has maintained a steady reputation over the years – so perhaps one could splurge a bit this Chinese New Year. The choices are wide and the seafood is fresh. We recommend the steamed prawns and noodles with lobster.

    Elite Seafood Restaurant

    Delectable Chinese New Year fare with a fusion twist! Previously known as Ah Yat Abalone and under the same company as Fresh Unique Seafood 23, Elite is one restaurant that has gotten positive reviews from diners near and far. Expect dishes such as Portuguese Roast Piglet served with Hokkaido Crab Leg Avocado Salad, Fried Rice with Spinach juice and Baked Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest. Prices for Elite’s elaborate multiple course set menus are from RM698 for a table of 6 people to RM2,988 for a table of 10.


    To those that want a change from the usual Chinese cuisine, Morganfield’s is one of the safest options available.

    While the restaurant is American themed, their Chinese New Year menu carries hints of Chinese culture with the inclusion of a sinful suckling pig – which is enough to give your appetite a nice change, as well as satisfy your old-school relatives.