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    6 Things You Should Know About Honey

    Sweet, gooey and rich; let’s take a look at what Pooh’s favourite snack has to offer us! Honey has a long history of human consumption – just take for instance how the people of ancient Egypt used it to sweeten cakes and biscuits! However, there is more to honey than being a sweet treat to our mouth and tummy. While it is sweet, yummy and pairs beautifully with tea, honey actually has a number of awesome nutrition values, as well as certain rules that come with its usage. Below are six things you should know about honey. 1. The Startling Sugar Content. The term ‘sweet as honey’ is very, very true. Typically,…

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    Procrastination-Beating Techniques

    When was the last time when you either heard this sentence, “I’ll do it later”. Chances are is that you’ve heard it more than once and perhaps, you’ve even said it yourself.  Whilst there is nothing wrong in saying that you’ll do something later, it is important that you actually see it through. Procrastination is an evil that a lot of us are unfortunately very aware of. If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone. In fact, many people procrastinate to some degree – but some are so chronically affected by procrastination that it stops them fulfilling their potential and disrupts their careers…

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    The “June” Bracelet Is One Stylish Piece Of Wearable Tech!

    Smartwatches have nothing on you June!  As arm candy takes on a more techy theme, in comes a bracelet called June by Netatmo that can measure sun exposure in a stylish manner. We do love things that have both function and fashion. Wearable technology FTW! As we know, sun exposure can cause sunburn, premature ageing and other untold damage. Thus, the June bracelet is designed to help wearer keep track of sun activity even on cloudy days. The device contains a jewel feature that has UV sensors to track UV intensity in real-time and the total sun exposure absorbed by the user’s skin. It connects wirelessly with user’s smartphone through…

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    7 Surprising Fruits & Vegs That Can Cause You To Be Gassy

    Got a case of the farts? Could these be the unsuspecting culprits? We may be told that these are healthy foods to eat but for some of us, these produces can cause gas build-up in the tummy or small intestine, leading to bloating and inflated belly. When you’re gassy, naturally you’d want to release it one way or another right? Perhaps, you might want to avoid the following food items if you want to stay clear of the gassy situation. Watermelon While we look to this fruit for its cooling effect, watermelon is actually high in fructose – a naturally occurring sugar that is normally not absorbed well by our…

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    Boost Introduces ‘The Weekend Warrior’ Flavour & Certified Halal

    All health and fitness junkies can now look forward to a new protein smoothie! If you’re a fan of Boost Juice Bars, you’re going to love this: Boost is launching “The Weekend Warrior,” a new protein smoothie specially created for Malaysian fitness enthusiasts in preparation for the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014 held from January 17 to 19, at Dataran Merdeka. ‘The Weekend Warrior’ is a combination of banana, blueberries, oats, low fat milk, honey, protein booster, chia seeds and To-Die-For (TD4) vanilla yoghurt.  Apart from being high in protein it is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, providing the necessary boost for one’s workout. ‘The Weekend Warrior’ is essentially…

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    7 New Malls Opening Up in The Klang Valley

    The shopping scene in Malaysia is set to become much robust this year with new malls in the works for the Klang Valley. With the number of malls we have in the capital alone, you’d be forgiven to think that shopping is a national pastime in this country. It is not surprising as most of us do spend our weekends in the well air-conditioned buildings sprawled with major attractions. In a report by The Star, there will be seven new malls to be built this year while five current establishments will be undergoing refurbishments. Now, should the malls be completed on time, we’d then have the following places to while…

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    CARing Project: Landslide at Jalan Mahameru

    It has been reported that a landslide has occurred on the Mahameru Highway from Putra World Trade Centre to Jalan Parlimen, causing a massive traffic jam.  The landslide which happened at 5.30pm on Tuesday (January 7) right in front of Wisma Tani was also due to heavy showers, and spilled onto the road causing one lane to be buried. Fortunately, no motorist was injured. Traffic is being diverted to Jalan Parlimen, and road users are advised to use alternative routes if possible while clean up work is underway. Source: The Star, Twitter

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    Be a Medalist in the Selfie Olympics 2014

    Ever dreamed of being in the Olympics but just never really got up from that sofa? Well, you won’t have to anymore. You don’t have to leave your house to be an Olympian. Just stretch your arm muscles, manoeuvre and hover your smartphone at the most optimum position (usually facing a mirror, or in reverse mode from a higher angle)…and press that picture button with all the agility and flexibility your fingers – or toes, can muster. After ‘Selfie’ was named the word of the year in 2013, it seemed to have validated this attention-seeking behaviour the world over..that the time has come to make a sport out of it. Behold, the Selfie Olympics 2014.…

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    Eye Want Candy: Kang Gary

    He ‘runs,’ raps and is coming to KL for LeeSsang’s first showcase in Asia – Kang Gary is in the house as our Eye Want Candy of the week! Born February 24, 1978, Kang Hee-gun, or better known by his stage name Kang Gary, is a South Korean rapper, lyricist, entertainer, television personality and restaurateur. Founder and one half of the hip-hop duo, LeeSsang, Gary is also well known for his prominent presence in the hit reality show, Running Man. 5 Reasons Why We Love Kang Gary. 5. He was a smurf! Yes, this rapper was once a smurf. But no, we don’t mean those mini blue characters that reside…

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    Major Beauty Turn-Offs in Women, As According To Men

    While we strive to perfect our make up skills, it turns out that some of us are not paying enough attention to the smaller, but equally important, beauty habits. Provided by Web Voucher Codes UK, the infographic below displays the results of a study carried out on approximately 1091 men in regards to beauty turn-offs. Conducted during October and November 2013, the results give us an interesting insight on how men actually perceive the things we do in the beauty department. According to men, beauty habits that turn them off the most include lipstick stains on teeth, facial hair and fake orange tan. As for the major beauty blunder most disliked…