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    6 Dresses for Day to Night

    Too lazy to go home and change into something fancy for a dinner after a long tiring day of shopping? Don’t fret, we’ve got that covered for you! A good rule for day to night wear are outfits that strike a balance between casual and formal. Here are our 6 picks on how you can get one dress and switch up from day to night in an instance.

    1. Bright Coloured Skater Dress

    With a bright-colored skater dress, you can easily go from the day: wearing a pair of cool sneakers and a crossbody bag for the night: wearing a pair of heels and changing your bag to a clutch, and there you have it! Simple and stands out!

    f block, Cut In Flippy Dress

    2. Black Bodycon Dress

    This one is really simple. Go edgy during the day: wearing a pair of Converse or Vans with a backpack and switch it up for the night: wearing heeled sandals with a clutch. Most effortless one of all.

    ASOS PETITE, Asymmetric Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

    3. Textured Shift Dress

    We admit, shift dresses aren’t the easiest style to pull off as it doesn’t fall on your curves but it sure is one of the easier ways to transition from the day: wearing platform boots and hologram sunglasses for the night: high heels, curled hair, and a fancy sling clutch!

    Maxqullo, Plain Shift Dress

    4. Floral Dress

    Wearing a floral dress can be a little bit tricky for the day to night transition but it sure works as well. Wear this during the day: with natural hair and cute flats and then switch up during the night: styled hair with curls and high heels.

    Ginger Fizz, All Over Floral Bodycon Dress With Cut Away Neck

    5. A-Line Dress

    This is best pulled off when the dress is black. The simple way to do it during the day: wear chunky platforms with a cool sling bag and then during the night: wear some pumps and add a really bold lipstick color.

    Miss Chase, Cut Out A-Line Dress

    6. Boho Style Dress

    While this style may favor only some, it is definitely one to experiment with. During the day: dress it however you want, boho always looks good during the daytime! During the night: switch it up for a good pair of wedged heels and a dazzling waist belt.

    Brave Soul, Angel Sleeve Printed Dress

    Try out all these different styles to see which suits you better and how you can easily change a dress from day to night.

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    Pink it: 5 Pink Must Haves!

    You may or may not like the color pink but every girl needs at least one pink item in their closet/make up stash. Why do you ask? Pink adds that extra touch of bright color or even femininity to your simple everyday outfit! Here are our top 5 picks for must-have pink items!

    1. Hot Pink Bodycon Dress

    ASOS, NaaNaa Cross Front Midi Bodycon Dress

    Whether it’s for an event or a night out with the girls, a hot pink bodycon dress will help you stand out. Be bold and don’t be afraid to put one on!

    2. Bold Pink Statement Necklace

    My Fame Diva, Bold Coral Gem

    Maybe you’re not a fan of the color pink and don’t want to incorporate too much of it into your outfit. A bold pink statement necklace is the right pink item for you. Just put on over a white or black outfit and bam! Your outfit is instantly more striking!

    3. Pink Statement Shoes

    ASOS, Hexagon Embellished Heeled Sandals in Pink

    May it be heels or flats, having a pair of pink statement shoes will help you stand out from the rest out of the crowd.

    4. Hot Pink Purse/Clutch

    Howstore, Korea Design Handphone Wallet Phone Pouch in Pink

    Pink purses or clutches can make a huge difference in your outfit especially if it’s for a dinner out with friends or even a formal event. Simple and bright, it’s the small touch of color that makes a big difference.

    5. Pink Lip Tint

    TonyMoly, Lip Tone Get It Tint in Pink

    Okay, we get it, maybe all you want is a tiny hint of pink. Get yourself a good bright pink lip tint (or even lipstick if you’re bold enough!) to brighten up your face.

    Get up and start getting your pink-essentials to brighten or add femininity to your outfits!

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    Melissa Launches Online Store In Malaysia

    Pioneers of colorful jelly shoe melissa have finally launched an online store in Malaysia.

    The website was launched on 1 April 2016 (yes this is not an April’s Fools joke) and will be offering free shipping in Malaysia with no minimum purchase.

    New arrivals at the MDreams online shop are currently on sales with discounts up to 60% on some designs. We double-checked this with local online shop Zalora.com.my and confirm that the new arrivals for Melissa shoes were sold at full price there.

    We’re not sure how long this promotion will last so do buy a pair before it disappears.

    In conjunction with the launch of the e-store, from April 1st to June 30th, 2016, Melissa will be running the ‘Wanna be Carioca’ contest. Open to all Malaysians, the grand prize winner will win 3 days and 2 nights stay for two-person at the 5-star Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives worth RM 10,000. Nine consolation prize winners will receive a pair of Melissa shoes work RM350 each.

    To shop the Melissa shoe collection and enter the contest, visit www.mdreams.com.my.

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    5 Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Type

    When it comes to clothes shopping, few things give women more anxiety than finding a swimsuit. The perfect swimsuit is the right balance of functional yet flattering for our body shape and finding it is like winning a mini lottery.

    Our editorial team has waded through scores of online stores so that you don’t have to. We excluded bikinis from this list and focused on monokinis so that all swimwear address the dreaded tummy bulge. Here is our list of swimwear for common body types:

    Big Bottoms

    LASH Sexy Pin Up One Piece

    If you are blessed with voluptuous booty, high-cut swimwear can often be a bit too revealing and a tad uncomfortable. You should opt for swimwear with solid color bottoms and ample fabric so that it sits comfortably without riding up.

    Small or Flat Bottoms

    MALIBU BEACHWEAR Caviar One Piece In Cateleya

    Opting for high cut swimwear can create an illusion of a fuller bum. Also, swimwear with prints will draw attention to more flattering areas of your body.

    Tummy Pouch

    SPEEDO Twist Front U-Back 1 Piece

    A swimsuit with a ruching effect can easily hide a tummy. Pieces with a plunging neckline can also keep the focus upwards, rather than on your mid-section.

    Straight Body

    ASOS Scuba Swimsuit Peplum

    Peplums are not only great for the office but they also create an illusion of curves for your beachwear.

    Love Handles

    APRIL FOOL DAY Capsule Two-Piece Swimsuit

    While this isn’t a monokini, it has a high-waisted bottom that works wonders to cover the bulge since it extends above the belly button.

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    5 Items We Covet From Epik-Shop [Store Stalk]

    From Lego cufflinks to handmade zodiac rings, this new online store has started its journey to curate the best of Southeast Asian fashion and home items for its shoppers.

    Epik-Shop is a gem of a marketplace that quietly entered our radars at the end of 2015 and has since curated an impressive array of South East Asian labels for men and women clothing, accessories, and home items.

    Our overall impression of Epik-Shop is positive. The website is easy to use, visually appealing and carries items for both men and women.

    The prices in Epik-Shop.com seem on the high side, with women’s clothing starting at RM38 for a t-shirt to RM350 for an overcoat. However, we like that the offerings are different from other online stores available, with Common Ground from Casey Gan and handmade Obi clutches from Moniko.

    If you are looking to do some online shopping too, here are our editor’s picks from the store:

    Cork Purse by Verdez Olivia.

    Enamel 3 -Tier Tiffin Carrier – Small (Smith) by Arcadia.

    Cynara Ruffle Bustier Crop Top (Navy) by Love, Bonito.


    Fukuro Obi Clutch by Moniko.

    Cufflinks | Finley Liberty Jailbird Orange by Zoo For People.

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    6 Fashion Hacks From Instagram

    We scoured Instagram and found some easy and fun fashion hacks for you to try!


    1. Bling up your sneakers with gold studs and some glue


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    2. Stretch out tight shoes by wearing them and heating up with a hairdryer. Make sure you wear thick socks to protect your feet.


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    3. Wear your white shirt the other way round with a knot for that sexy back look!


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     4. Add some lace to your t shirt and cut off the sleeves for an easy new outfit.


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    5. Add some glam to your plain black heels with gold embroidery lace.


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     6. Ripped your jeans? Don’t throw them out yet. Hot glue some design lace over the ripped areas to give it a new look.


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    7 Things Only Spontaneous Travelers Will Understand

    As Paulo Coelho famously said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.” Are you itching to jump on a plane while you read this? No worries, we understand. Here are 7 things only last-minute spontaneous travelers like you will understand:

    1. You’re always good to go Whatever the time of day, wherever you are, you can pack up a small bag in mere minutes and have your travel gear ready to go. Your schedule always has room for flexibility and carefree ‘last-minute’ changes. That’s just the way you roll. Your friends think you have commitment issues but it’s all about experiences folks.

    2. You’re a ninja packer You have minimalist packing down pat. If your less efficient friends get stressed at the idea of packing you are enlisted, making it look like fine art. Your pals look on in awe as you ninja pack an hour before you leave without any sweat. Sarong, shorts, gadgets, done. Now, where’s that passport? Get me out of here…

    3. You have too many travel apps You have all the travel apps a person can possibly have without creating your own. WhatsApp is your buddy. You are constantly wired to travel blogs, magazines, checking booking engines and social feeds. Any hot travel deals and you’re on it. I mean, ON it. $20 flights to Bali, you got it. Hot hotel deals on the HotelQuickly app are your first priority; I mean you have to get decent digs, right?

    4. You think routine is lethal Waking up in the same country every day is far from ideal! The spontaneous traveler wants to wake up in Hong Kong and be in Seoul by lunch. Perfect. Just because they decided to go on an adventure. A life well-traveled is one well-lived. Your idea of sheer hell is being in the same place for the rest of your life. You have friends from school like this, YAWN.

    5. You’re an Instagram junkie You get inspiration for your travels from various Instagrammers. You are an adept Instagrammer yourself and have a tribe of followers due to your casual journeys around the globe. Who doesn’t want to see the stunning Borobudur temple at sunrise?

    6. Do you grimace when you hear people talking about planned travel Holiday package anyone? NOOO! This is your worst nightmare. Staying in the same place and eating at the same restaurant for two weeks? Ugh. Actually planning a holiday and looking forward to it? You get your excitement from living life on the edge. Others with kids might disagree, but you think it’s pretty awesome just getting a flight and seeing what happens. After all, that’s when the travel magic really begins.

    7. You’re booking a spontaneous weekend trip as you’re reading this
    Yes. You. Are. Stop slacking. We know you are checking cheap flights and HotelQuickly as we speak. We’ve got to admit, your weekend will probably be pretty awesome. I wish we were coming too…

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    Never Miss A Sale Again

    Ever fell in love with a dress but it is a little too expensive? Get notified when your favorite items go on sale with Off The Rack’s Sale Alert!

    Off The Rack has just launched a Sale Alert tool that enables users to save items in their free alerts list and get an email when they go on sale. Guest writer Nicole Cheah, who blogs on fashion and style takes this feature for a test drive.

    Off The Rack is an online platform that is also an online community for you to share your OOTDs with, using the hashtag #otrOOTD on Instagram. Follow your favorite fashionistas to not only see their latest outfits but also the items they are into currently. Follow brands to keep up to date with the latest products. Honestly, it’s really easy to use and easier to keep up with what’s trending in the fashion scene.

    There are so many different brands for you to follow and the search filter is crazy amazing. It really narrows down to exactly what you want. Off The Rack caters to Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK. From Nike to Zalora to Asos, Off The Rack literally combines multiple brands all onto one website for your convenience. You also get to see what your favorite fashionistas are wearing bought through Off The Rack.

    The latest sale alert has got to be my favorite feature on the website so far. It’s the latest feature on their website and I LOVE IT. Seriously, every time an item goes on sale, they send you an e-mail to inform you and bam! you get to buy the product you want for a lower price! Just sign up on Off The Rack and you’ll be able to create your own sale alert list.

    This is my current sale alert list. Go and create yours now on Off The Rack and happy shopping! Till here, I hope you’re all well! Nx

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    6 Christmas Gift Ideas From Innisfree

    Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Here are some of our favorites from Innisfree’s X-Mas collection.

    We have always been a fan of Innisfree, a skincare and fragrance brand from Korea that touts natural ingredients such as green tea seeds, soybean, and volcanic clay. Previously, we had to stock up whenever we were in Korea but since Innisfree landed in Malaysia a year ago, we are no longer deprived.

    Here are some of Venusbuzz’s team’s favorite picks as Christmas gifts:

    Innisfree X’ mas The Green Tea Seed Serum Set (RM90.00)
    The Green Tea Seed Serum contains 100% freshly squeezed Jeju green tea to deliver moisture deep into the skin, while green tea seed oil holds moisture within the skin. The set comes with The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml, Green Tea Balancing Skin 15ml, Green Tea Balancing Lotion 15ml and Green Tea Sleeping Pack 10ml.

    “I like the delicate green tea scent. The sleeping pack soothes me to sleep at night.” – Hui Ru, the Beauty Writer

    Innisfree X’mas Perfumed Hand Cream Gift Set (RM43.00/30ml x 3 tubes)
    Rich in shea butter and jojoba butter. Go with a green floral scented hand cream with Snowy Tree or fruity perfumed, Sweet Holiday or even an earthy scent from Warm Wood. Either one, it leaves your hand moisturized.

    “Travel sized hand creams are always practical gifts. I can easily pop one into my handbag and take it out whenever my skin feels dry in the office” – Hui Ru, the Beauty Writer

    Innisfree Green Christmas DIY Block Kit (RM27.00) & Warm Wood Scented Candle
    A portion from the DIY Block Kits’ sales will be donated to World Vision’s Malaysia Assistance Fund to support child-related development work in Malaysia. The Warm Scented Candle has a distinct woody smell that reminds one of Christmas trees.

    “My girlfriend likes scented candles so these are a good gift for her. I think I will keep the Christmas toy for myself” – Jazli, the Lifestyle Junkie

    Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence (RM110.00 / 70g)

    This Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence contains 73.6% of sparkling mineral water. With the help of Micro Sparkling Technology™, microsized carbonic acid bubbles that are smaller than pores are formulated to best fit onto the skin while facilitating penetration of active
    ingredients, making skin clean, clear and moist.

    “I use this on my skin after toner. I think it has a nice moisturizing effect”– Anna, the Foodie

    Have you gotten your Christmas gifts sorted?

    For more details on Innisfree, do check out their Facebook page. Stores available in Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall, and Pavilion KL.